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Participants: Paula and Curtis Eakins


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00:01 Welcome back. We have finished the chicken cacciatore.
00:05 Chicken cacciatore. Okay. This is the 3ABN kitchen.
00:09 Now, of course, we fast for three days of freezing
00:12 and throw it out so. Three days to freeze it.
00:14 All that took place for the last few seconds.
00:17 I know the people ask the question, can I use
00:19 the tofu in a water pack. It's going to be, it's got a,
00:23 it's got a thicker texture it is gritty and so this has a
00:27 smoother texture on the mouth, you know, on the
00:29 tongue just like, you know, chicken breast,
00:32 right, where the other one is going to be more gritty
00:34 and it's not gonna be the same simulation.
00:36 Okay. So you really want to use something that's
00:37 gonna have that same kind of personality and
00:40 like I said before, if you think three days is a long
00:42 time all you have to do is just think about the fact
00:44 that if you put it in, and you know, you gonna be
00:46 using that week wrap it up, put it in a freezer and
00:49 then go ahead and use later on that week.
00:50 Now, we will make sure that you put the towel
00:52 over the Mori-Nu tofu so otherwise
00:55 the water still be there. Yeah, well you know not
00:58 was that much liquid in it, Curtis, but there is some
01:00 water that is also in that container. I remember
01:02 now once that, once it freezes, automatically
01:05 it's gonna cause it to shrink the tofu, okay, for
01:07 the excess water, which is actually in the tofu.
01:10 Oh! Is what you actually gonna have there, so
01:12 between the crystals and all that you just want to pat it
01:14 with the paper towel. Okay, that's a good, good recipe.
01:16 Also in your cookbook, yup, okay, serve with
01:19 noodles, just an issue, made this dish for me.
01:21 It's been a while. Alright, yeah.
01:23 Well, I have to do so much cooking, you know,
01:25 I just can't try to remember what recipes
01:27 you know which work. Yeah, I understand, yeah
01:28 you are doing a good job. Okay, I know. I'm
01:30 glad I married you. I know my
01:31 bread and water sure so. Absolutely. Absolutely
01:34 okay, now this is not absolutely done or can
01:38 I just take maybe a little piece of this at the corner
01:40 or what do you think. I think that you want
01:42 wait until everything is finished; I didn't bring any
01:43 fork with me this time. Well anyway. John 10:10,
01:46 Jesus said, I come that they might
01:48 have life and have it more abundantly.


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