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00:01 Well, welcome back and we're gonna go to the actual
00:05 recipe a Mock Chicken Cacciatore.
00:07 Oh! This sounds good, honey.
00:08 It calls for;
00:30 Okay. Now Curtis, I. Chicken
00:32 Cacciatore. Mock, this is mock.
00:35 I want you to know that when I was really
00:38 into the meats and stuff before I got into
00:39 vegetarianism. Okay.
00:41 Chicken cacciatore was one of my favorite foods.
00:44 Umm! Was it really?
00:46 And I, when I got involved in cooking
00:48 vegetarian I could try and figure out
00:50 what can I exchange, you know,
00:51 we always talk about how you can make exchanges,
00:52 right. So in that making of exchange
00:55 I say wait a minute, wait a minute we need
00:57 something that is like white chicken breast.
00:59 Okay. Okay, and of course,
01:01 I came up with the extra firm tofu,
01:04 oh! okay, and now it's soft and everything
01:08 when it first get started, but guess what?
01:10 There is a way to actually go to have a texture
01:12 of white chicken breast. Okay, now, you
01:13 are telling audience that you taking
01:15 an Mori-Nu tofu that comes in a box. Yes, Yes.
01:17 Alright, and this is the, what extra firm is it.
01:20 The extra firm Okay, extra firm and you gonna
01:23 make chicken cacciatore out of
01:25 this tofu that comes in a box. Yeah, yeah,
01:29 because what's we have in chicken cacciatore is,
01:32 of course, chicken breast and then also
01:34 tomato sauce. Okay, And then bell peppers
01:37 and onions. And so we are gonna do the assimilation,
01:40 but now in order to do that, that the actual tofu
01:43 and change it over to that texture like a chicken
01:45 breast is a certain process that
01:47 you have to go through. And that is you actually
01:49 take the extra firm tofu and I'm gonna turn it
01:53 over because I'm gonna open it up,
01:55 and we got to get it out of here,
01:57 so that it stays in a square block
02:00 that is already in, okay. Now we take this off.
02:03 I already did the top one and then you cut through
02:07 and we are gonna get a little bit of liquid,
02:08 so let's just do this.
02:10 So, now this is one of your favorite dishes.
02:12 Yeah. We never had chicken cacciatore coming out.
02:15 Really. Never in my life. Okay, well.
02:18 Your going to have it on the show today,
02:20 I love that. I had it at home too.
02:22 Okay, now, okay, put that away for me.
02:26 Alright. Alright,
02:28 now you can do this a couple ways one.
02:31 You can actually just slice straight down,
02:33 okay, which you will see in a minute,
02:34 okay, or you just gonna make three slices.
02:36 You gonna go straight down in the middle,
02:37 umm! umm! with your knife.
02:40 And you gonna do it second time.
02:43 Nice and silky. Nice and silky.
02:45 And you get three pieces now.
02:47 With these three pieces, Curtis,
02:49 what we are gonna do is we are gonna take
02:52 our Saran Wrap and we are going to put each one
02:58 of those squares inside of the Saran Wrap okay,
03:03 just move it up here
03:05 and can you take that off it here.
03:09 Okay, no, no, honey what are you doing
03:11 is you will crack it. Oh! Cracking it, okay.
03:14 Let me just do that please.
03:15 Okay, I will do that way, Okay,
03:16 you gonna sitting in there.
03:18 I was trying to help out. It's okay.
03:19 That's alright baby. Then seal them
03:22 and then you are going to just fold it over like so.
03:28 Then you gonna put your next piece on
03:32 and you are gonna fold that one over
03:35 like so, and you are gonna wrap it up like that.
03:40 And we will do that last one and that's actually
03:42 gonna go in the freezer now,
03:43 it does take a while for it too get ready,
03:46 so it does... we say several days
03:49 about at least three days. Umm! Umm!
03:51 Three days, now, what I usually do is
03:53 I make this up and I know I'm gonna have chicken
03:54 cacciatore that week, so I will make it up on the
03:56 weekend and that way it's ready on this time,
03:59 okay, and it actually goes into the freezer.
04:01 Just like that. Just like this, okay.
04:04 Now you use extra firm. This is the extra firm.
04:07 Now so the soft
04:09 No extra firm. Or the firm is not going to
04:10 No, no, we got to get the chicken cacciatore.
04:12 Now let me show you something though
04:13 when it gets ready this is what it looks like.
04:16 Now, I just did it the long way and looks just like this
04:18 and let's just say, we took it out, okay,
04:22 and once you are ready for you unwrap it.
04:27 Now this has been in a freezer for three days,
04:29 for three days, Umm! Umm!
04:31 Okay and you take
04:33 unwrap it, Perhaps simulation of the meat
04:35 type texture. Yes, okay,
04:37 now you are gonna take a paper towel
04:38 because the excess water is still there
04:41 and what I usually do is just take a paper towel
04:43 and I just lean it on top. Umm! Okay.
04:46 To get the water out, so there is not so much
04:48 liquid there. It actually dried up
04:49 just like an actual chicken recipes.
04:53 Okay. You have not a whole lot, you are just
04:56 trying to get some of the moisture off of it, okay.
04:58 Umm! Umm! All ready. See the difference how it looks.
05:02 It's okay. Okay, and you do the same thing on
05:04 the back of that also and they are not gonna turn it right
05:05 the second. Now in the skillet, we've got the
05:09 oil. We've got the canola oil, 1 tablespoon of
05:11 canola oil and you are going to get those
05:13 peppers and stuff ready from me. Okay.
05:15 If you would just go ahead and start
05:17 chopping those up because it calls for a half
05:19 a cup of chopped green peppers and it calls
05:22 for a half a cup of onions alright chop.
05:24 And this spaghetti sauce is actually any
05:26 spaghetti sauce you can use. I just happened
05:30 to be using a spaghetti sauce that has garlic
05:31 and herbs already in it, okay. I'm gonna put
05:34 the oil in. It's again reminding the audience
05:38 that if you want to use less oil just turn the
05:41 skillet on and then let it be oil going in there
05:45 and you are getting that ready for me and I move
05:46 this all out the way, okay. And how did you prepare
05:50 chicken cacciatore, I mean, the regular way?
05:53 Well, the original chicken cacciatore is
05:54 actually, is fry, you fry the chicken, fry it
05:58 first, okay. And then once you fry the
06:01 chicken then you do the same thing you just
06:03 have your oil. You've got your peppers, your
06:05 onions, you can have garlic and you actually
06:08 put that altogether and sauté it and then you
06:10 pour your spaghetti sauce over top it.
06:12 You can bake it in the oven or leave on top
06:14 of the stove. In this case, we are gonna leave it on top
06:16 of the stove, okay. And so if you would
06:18 The onions too. The onions, umm! umm!
06:20 with onions and the peppers and that would
06:22 actually gives us that cacciatore flavor, okay.
06:29 Move these that your way because I'm going
06:30 to have these just go ahead on and put those
06:32 straight in here, okay.
06:36 Okay, just you wait for onions I am just waiting for you if
06:38 you finish that up, so I can put that and
06:41 everything out of your way. And you are just
06:42 gonna deliver straight over here to me.
06:46 Okay, there we go. Alright, right in here.
06:48 Get a little bit of faster on this. Yeah.
06:50 Because that's about few years doing this,
06:52 okay, here we go. Now, I know you're trying
07:00 probably wondering to yourself, okay, how
07:02 long, how long is that sit, when you bring
07:05 out of the freezer it has to sit for an hour or so,
07:08 so it can begin to thaw out. Okay, okay.
07:11 Otherwise you know, you're not gonna do a
07:12 frozen, so once you pat it down it's going to
07:15 because it's already has toured out like and
07:17 then you gonna to sauté your onions and your peppers.
07:21 Umm! Umm! Okay. This gives a nice smell
07:24 once again. We will start fanning that out so
07:27 that we let the camera crew. All the camera crew.
07:31 Smell it yeah Work it, baby, work it.
07:32 Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, okay, okay, and
07:35 after this sautés for few minutes, Curtis, then we
07:38 are gonna take the tomato sauce and we are
07:41 gonna put the tomato sauce. Okay.
07:43 Little bit of tomato sauce on top of that.
07:47 Any type of tomato sauce. Well, this one here is a
07:49 garlic and an herb type of a sauce.
07:53 This is all type out there. But, this one has garlic
07:55 already in it and it has extra herbs in it, so
07:58 I like that flavor it gives also, okay.
08:00 That's why I'm gonna use that on here.
08:01 Let me just move this around little bit more,
08:04 see that smell this coming up alike, umm! umm!
08:07 and I only use about half of the sauce to start off with,
08:16 Okay. And let that cacciatore just bask.
08:20 Oh! Yeah, get it ready for the pieces that
08:23 go on top of that, alright, and this also can
08:28 bake in the oven. If you put this in the oven
08:29 you will put it, you know, in your 9x13 glass
08:33 dish, you want to lie flat, it has to lie flat,
08:35 it can't sit on top of each other because you
08:37 know, once again you are dealing with the
08:38 delicate product, which is the tofu.
08:40 Alright, and now what we are gonna do is
08:43 we are gonna take the tofu and if you give me
08:45 that spatula right there, right here, this one,
08:47 and then we are just going to take each one of
08:49 these and we are just gonna lay them on top,
08:53 turn that down. So, now no seasoning has to
08:56 be added to this tofu, I mean it will pick up
09:00 the seasonings in that. It will pick up the seasoning
09:02 because of the tomato, because of tomato.
09:06 And you get smell good, is this smell good,
09:07 umm! umm! Now this is in one of your
09:12 first cookbook. This is in the first cookbook.
09:15 Your first cookbook. Umm! Okay
09:19 Okay, and it's gonna pick up the flavor of
09:22 this sauce itself, okay, then we take and just
09:25 pour the rest of the sauce on top.
09:26 Umm! Umm! Chicken cacciatore.
09:30 Mock chicken cacciatore. Serve this up with
09:33 the noodles or brown rice, okay, and what
09:37 we are gonna do, how does that look, this is going,
09:41 that's pretty good, in that special.
09:42 Oh! Here I got, I got, okay, get all the goodies out.
09:46 Yes. All the goodies, Mock Chicken Cacciatore.
09:51 And of course we just talked about the
09:54 inflammation process. One way to measure
09:56 that is the CRP, but one way to get that CRP
09:59 down inflammation process, of course,
10:01 is soy, the soy bean can lower that
10:06 inflammation process along with cholesterol
10:08 as well, so this is the way to go. Chicken cacciatore.
10:11 Alright. So, we want you to
10:13 stay by to see the finished product.


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