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Participants: Paula and Curtis Eakins


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Program Code: AL00164C

00:02 Well, welcome back. Okay.
00:03 We have fished. Team work. The products. The products.
00:07 Looks good, smells good, cannot wait for the
00:09 show to be over. I can't wait to taste
00:11 and see if it is good.
00:13 Now, what we did was. Okay.
00:14 We did Haystack. Haystacks, we build a Haystack.
00:19 We built t up with the... we got the
00:21 corn chips on there. Corn chips on there.
00:23 We got the onions, we got the beans.
00:24 The lettuce. And we also have the
00:27 mock burger crumbles. Okay.
00:29 Sour cream and our salsa.
00:30 And olives, tomatoes, and everything
00:32 is on there and I was looking to make sure that
00:34 you didn't take any extra, you didn't count did you,
00:37 I kind a moved the olives around so I can make sure,
00:39 I know exactly where they are supposed to be
00:41 and that's why I kind a did that.
00:42 Okay. Then on top, we did our beans
00:46 and we took the same beans, we did the beans...
00:48 Same beans. And rice combination,
00:50 right with the onions and garlic that is so good
00:53 and the special seasoning. Smells good too.
00:54 Doesn't it smell good, wonderful yeah. Serve it up with some
00:56 cornbread. Same beans. Same beans.
00:58 Alright, and then, moving on, we took
01:00 and made a soup, which was with the tomato sauce
01:04 and the, the tomato, chopped tomatoes,
01:06 the carrots, potatoes and the beans as well
01:08 and made a soup. Now, you know the thing that is so
01:11 amazing is that all of these came from this crock pot,
01:15 alright, and so you can see that, you can fix
01:18 the foods and the main thing here is that we talked
01:21 to you about how to get rid of the Flagenase.
01:25 Okay. So, hopefully by looking
01:27 at the information that we gave you on a
01:28 crock pot as well as the information we gave
01:30 you on freezing those beans would actually
01:32 help you. If it does it, all I can say, as you might
01:35 want to start with the peas first the lentils,
01:38 the black eyes peas, and the split peas
01:40 and then move toward the regular beans itself.
01:43 We got a lot of good information the first
01:45 I guess for a ten minutes of this program
01:47 about the beans, the cooking, the crock pot,
01:49 and the slow cooker sauce.
01:51 Very good program. Now, let's
01:53 let's taste some of this, it looks good,
01:54 smells good, the third as a test is,
01:57 does it taste good. I knew You're going
02:00 to go there. Alright. So.
02:02 Oh! I got the Haystack. And, so we're going to end...
02:05 It's the Haystack, I wasn't sure which one.
02:06 With the Haystack. Kind be little bit anything,
02:08 one eye is on the clock and one eye is on the Haystack.
02:11 Okay. Mouth open wide, let's insert, this is so good.
02:19 Okay, now we're going to go. We have to close,
02:20 remember okay. John 10:10 Jesus said,
02:23 I come that they might have life
02:27 and have it more abundantly.


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