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00:02 Well, we wanna welcome you back. Okay.
00:03 And we're going to do a recipe this time that some of
00:06 you probably always do. I have done more special
00:08 the Sabbath day or afternoon. And some of
00:11 you probably never seen it before
00:12 and it is entitled Haystack. Haystack.
00:16 Let's look at the ingredients. Okay.
00:18 It calls for:
00:51 Okay. Now, that's a lot of stuff.
00:53 But this is one of the most wonderful recipes, I love.
00:57 Okay, it is easy to do. A lot of people have never heard
01:00 of the Haystack, and you, did you do a report
01:02 in college about how to build a Haystack,
01:04 is that correct? I have to tell you that.
01:07 When I was in my, doing my masters program.
01:09 I was in a English class and they had all these different
01:13 things going, and you had write a special paper.
01:14 And this was a paper of making a description of
01:16 something you put together
01:18 and so I said, I'm gonna write how to build a Haystack.
01:22 Okay. Because I know
01:24 when we thought about the word Haystack,
01:25 they were thinking about the farm and you know,
01:27 the raking and you know, getting in the pile all together,
01:28 but this was about food and I got an A on that
01:32 paper and my teacher kept it.
01:34 She kept it and didn't give it back to you.
01:35 She kept the paper but I still know how to make
01:37 as long as you got the A, that is the most important thing.
01:38 Okay, now on this recipe I am going to star off
01:40 Now, on this recipe I'm going to start off
01:41 with just putting my tomato sauce and the
01:44 Boca crumbles, so what I want them to see is the
01:47 actual Boca itself and this actually comes in,
01:50 it's the Boca company makes this.
01:52 This is ground burger, meatless alright.
01:56 Okay. And, looks just like this.
01:57 But it does and it's excellent because it's half a cup
02:01 0.5 grams of fat. Now ground beef has 10 I
02:06 mean five grams of fat, or 10 gram of fat.
02:08 And then also this is zero cholesterol half a cup.
02:12 Yes, yes. Half a cup ground beef
02:14 is 50 milligrams of cholesterol, so this is
02:17 very excellent for those who want to move into
02:18 the plant-based diet. So, we're gonna start out
02:20 by just putting in, oh, we just got us a hot
02:25 stove today, it's alright. You want it to be working,
02:29 you want to be working and yes it's working and,
02:31 and now you mentioned also about another thing
02:34 that you will probably mention later on the soy supreme,
02:37 tofutti soy cream. Yes, while I put the,
02:39 the burger in why don't you go ahead
02:42 and discuss that with them so they can see that also.
02:44 Yea, we have a shot our table here of that of the soy supreme,
02:47 tofutti sour cream.
02:48 And it's excellent for in place of regular sour cream
02:50 And it's excellent for in place of regular
02:51 sour cream and we emphasized this is dairy free
02:56 and you can get this at not only health food stores,
02:59 but now also in major grocery stores across
03:02 the nation as well. So, soy supreme
03:04 tofutti puts it out. Soy supreme. Yes.
03:07 And, also we have our. We also have a own sour cream
03:10 in our book. Yes, we sure do.
03:11 We do our sour cream, our whipped cream
03:13 and we do a different types of cheeses
03:16 all those are part of the global and also the
03:18 revised special. That's right;
03:19 you've made you supplement pack two.
03:21 Now, this does not take long because first of all
03:23 our burgers already ready to go.
03:24 Ready to go. Okay, and this is kind
03:26 a heat it up. And if you want to make
03:27 it a lot more spicy, you can add some, maybe
03:29 a little bit of chilly or something to it,
03:32 to make it hotter if you want to, alright.
03:34 What about some cayenne pepper?
03:36 No, I wouldn't put the cayenne in...
03:37 Okay, just, just question.
03:39 Now, now the next step is we are going to take our beans,
03:40 we're going to take our beans. And we talked about
03:42 the beans, we're going to be using but we have all
03:43 these wonderful things that is going to go on
03:44 this Haystack. This is gonna be our Haystack ingredients.
03:46 The object is how do you build a Haystack?
03:49 We say one vegetable at a time,
03:51 okay we got all the vegetables going.
03:52 So why don't you go ahead and start up the onions for me.
03:54 Do you want the onions diced, or what? Just cut half of it
03:57 because we're going to make a Haystack.
03:59 Okay, then. And I'm this gonna take
04:00 part of this tomato and, and do the part the
04:03 tomato too. Because I want you to see the Haystack at the end.
04:05 And I'm not quite sure that we won't get so excited
04:08 that we might want to have eaten it, before the show is over.
04:11 Oh! Baby, I'll tell you right now, I'm excited already so.
04:13 Okay, and we put the tomatoes,
04:15 on it and you could do anything, I have seen
04:17 Haystack's that actually had the brown rice on it as well.
04:20 And you can put any kind of beans on it,
04:22 that you want to put on it. And, that's enough
04:24 of that. How about getting us a green pepper?
04:25 And, want probably half of this.
04:27 Yes half of that. Okay.
04:29 And our plate going and we're going to move.
04:31 We are building a Haystack. We are building a Haystack,
04:33 we're building a Haystack.
04:35 We're gonna put that then that's enough of that
04:37 on there, just enough so they can actually just see it.
04:39 One more. One more. Okay, that's it. Okay,
04:41 and then chop that up. And, then we got our curly
04:43 leaf lettuce. Now, I talked about the lettuce.
04:45 I talked about fact that the lettuce was one of things
04:47 that give people a hard time and other one we
04:49 will called gas forming foods, but guess what?
04:51 Sometime it's the iceberg lettuce, if you just go to
04:54 something like the green leaf lettuce.
04:56 You will see that it's different it's a softer lettuce,
04:58 the romaine lettuce also as well. So, we're going
05:01 to actually slice that up as well. And it just depends
05:03 on what you want to do, let start of a little bit
05:04 chips on our plate. Okay, now
05:06 we are building our Haystack.
05:08 Building a Haystack. So, this will be our base. Yes.
05:10 Correct. Umm! Umm! And, so how about that
05:14 honey little bit more. No, put some more to be
05:15 build that Haystack. Go ahead just give me
05:17 that half of it. Now, this is Haystack
05:20 that we won't light. Umm! Umm!
05:21 No fire on this Haystack. Alright, have we got,
05:24 okay, there you go, you know, kind of pile it,
05:26 just give me little bit more baby.
05:27 Little bit more baby. And put it in there.
05:29 Okay, baby. Alright, that's okay,
05:31 that's it, alright. Now, now. Alright, okay.
05:33 The next step is, we're going to take...
05:35 Alright we got our beans it's ready to go, it's ready to go.
05:39 Next layer. Two things you can do.
05:41 One is we got our burger and tomato sauce
05:43 over here cooking. Okay.
05:45 Sometime I like to just the beans and just stir it,
05:48 right in to the mix. Oh! Okay. Okay, we're gonna put
05:51 a couple of those in. And gives us some substance
05:55 for a Haystack, alright. Okay.
05:57 We got that going and and what we're gonna do
05:59 Curtis is we're going to start up with a
06:01 Time to build a Haystack. very first one and it's very,
06:04 very easy and quick. And then we're gonna
06:06 just pour on the top. Alright.
06:10 Okay. Now, with that we're gonna go ahead
06:12 on and just start putting things on.
06:14 I'm gonna put some lettuce on.
06:15 Now, what do you want me to do.
06:17 And we put some peppers on.
06:19 Okay, I can put the olives. Then we're going to put
06:20 some onion. To make it.
06:24 And then you got the red. And you to go the
06:26 peppers on there, already.
06:27 Yeah, I'm going to put the green on.
06:29 Then I'm glint to put that on there. Okay. And then on top of
06:33 that, we're gonna put a little bit of the salsa.
06:36 Salsa. Look at this salsa.
06:40 Give it a little pizzazz. And then on top of that
06:42 we're gonna go ahead and put a little bit of.
06:44 Soy supreme, then right the on the top.
06:49 And you got a Haystack. Haystack, alright.
06:51 And at the end of the program,
06:54 you're going to see it. Okay.
06:56 So, we're gonna move to our next recipe,
06:58 which is actually of vegetable soup.
07:00 Oh! And let's look at the ingredients on that. Okay.
07:04 It calls for the cooked beans from the slow cooker.
07:21 Okay. Now, this one is just one of those quick recipes.
07:25 Alright. Is that we're going to just
07:26 take that same beans and we're gonna turned
07:27 it now into a vegetable bean soup.
07:30 Using a same beans. Same one.
07:31 Same one. So, we have our tomato sauce. Okay.
07:34 Or diced tomatoes, we have some potatoes.
07:37 Potatoes. We have our carrots.
07:39 The carrots. And then of course
07:40 The carrots. And then of course we have
07:41 our beans. Alright. So, we just going
07:43 to take our sauce first. We're going to put them
07:45 on it here. I just realized this too honey
07:47 that this is also a meal that is very inexpensive.
07:50 Very inexpensive. And the beans your dry
07:52 beans is what the, dry beans what 30, 40,
07:54 50 cents whatever. Yes, yep, yep, yep. So.
07:57 Okay, and then we're gonna go ahead
07:59 and put the potatoes in.
08:00 Alright. And we have a spoons there baby.
08:02 Okay, baby Alright, and we're gonna put
08:06 the potatoes in. Whoa, in, you want to put
08:09 the potatoes to go in. Nobody, nobody gets out.
08:11 The carrot didn't pick them on that.
08:13 Alright, and then we're gonna go ahead
08:14 and put those carrots in as well, ok put the carrots.
08:19 Okay. Alright, one, one more. There we go.
08:23 Help me out with the finger, help me out baby. Oh!
08:25 There we go, okay. Okay, now the beans
08:28 will already have some juice and from the actual
08:31 slow cooker itself. So, what we're gonna do is just
08:34 take our a pot, we are going to bring it over, and
08:37 we're gonna put our beans inside.
08:39 Oh! Okay, so you use these beans for a lot of dishes.
08:45 Yeah Yeah, Haystack, vegetarian bean soup. Yes.
08:48 And. Yes. Now, your cookbook has a lot of legume
08:50 or bean recipes in there.
08:52 Has a lot of those in there as far as. What you need.
08:56 I just gonna just take and wipe my pan little bit here.
08:58 Okay. Alright. Alright. And, we're gonna put
09:00 that back on stove. Now, I do you want
09:02 to say that when you're doing your vegetable soup,
09:04 what you want to do, is you want to add any acid.
09:07 You want to add lastly and the herbs lastly
09:10 and to the salt as well. The salt will actually
09:12 cause a problem for the beans to toughen up.
09:15 Although they are already cooked,
09:16 but they will cause a problem.
09:17 The acid will do the same things and so
09:19 will sugar so, when we're making the bean soup
09:21 same beans. We are just gonna make this up like...
09:23 Now, put in here, warm it up and at the end
09:26 of our program they're gonna see that
09:28 bean soup. And, so you want to stay by.


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