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How To Weaken Your Immunity

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Participants: Paula and Curtis Eakins


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00:02 Well it's been accomplished.
00:04 Yes welcome back. We got the fresh fruit on there.
00:06 Fresh fruit, blueberries, And it does have to sit
00:10 once again for at least a couple of hours
00:12 in refrigerator to firm up. Okay.
00:15 And then it's ready. Now I don't know if this will
00:17 as a couple of hours in our home.
00:18 It will not last couple of... Well I'm going to actually
00:20 when the program is over, I'm going to run off with it.
00:23 So that I can make sure that we hold on till the last minute.
00:25 I'm going to run off with you.
00:27 But it has once again oats and dates as the crust. yes.
00:31 It also has the Mori-Nu silken tofu along with
00:35 the Vanilla Mate Mix and then it has the blueberries,
00:38 the kiwi and mandarin oranges.
00:40 Hmm wonderful now we covered both programs
00:42 how to build strong immunity and how to weaken
00:46 your immunity of course you want to build a
00:48 strong immunity and that's what it is all about, so again
00:51 this is wonderful now. I guess it's not set yet you say
00:55 two hours before it's ready to eat. Did not say that.
00:59 Oh, I was just checking, just checking alright.
01:03 Well as always John 10:10 Jesus said
01:06 I come that day might have life
01:09 and have it more abundantly, see you next time.


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