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00:02 Welcome back. We're going to go to this recipe,
00:04 which is a Fresh Fruit Tart you're going to need:
00:40 We're all this is all the things you were talking about?
00:43 Yes. We gonna to have some real good ones
00:45 the Fresh Fruit Tart it just so pretty and it's delicious
00:47 using all natural sugars. No refined sugars.
00:50 No, I'm going to really start off with putting
00:52 in that things to make Tart crust which cause
00:54 for the dates and the walnuts and then I'm going to put
00:59 in the vanilla and I'm going to end with the oats, okay.
01:02 But when date. Thank you. Your welcome. Okay. Okay.
01:07 And I'm going to put this that in this dates in.
01:10 Oh that dates not you. And I'm going to put
01:12 in these walnuts. Hmm. Okay,
01:17 Okay, and then I'm gonna put in vanilla.
01:21 Now that's alcohol free? Yes. Just checking.
01:24 Alright, and then we're going to end up with the oats.
01:28 Did you, have you made this for me anytime?
01:31 Hmm, I've had this a couple of times.
01:33 Oh yes, okay. I'm not sure where you were
01:35 when the all start eating it. I mean was I at home
01:39 yes you were. Oh okay. Alright
01:48 and one of the dates are wet so they help to it grind
01:52 like a crumble okay. That's the now this
01:54 is going to be crust. Hmm this is the crust.
02:06 Normally I put this in a food processor.
02:09 Food processor. Because it responds a lot better...
02:12 You want to put it in here. I might have to if...
02:14 Let's go one more time. Okay. Okay and ready
02:18 let's see what happens. Okay let's move it over
02:26 to number 2 place aha Plan 2
02:30 Plan 2 when in doubt always have all because
02:34 we look at this covering like there look at that.
02:36 Yes okay. Okay. Let's move it over now
02:39 I was suppose you use this for my...
02:41 And you know it's not going to be a problem
02:43 you know why because that same... the filling
02:45 your going to do when that's gonna to go
02:47 in the same thing also. And that put everything
02:48 in here together it. No, no, no not in this.
02:50 Oh, I'm making the crust first.
02:51 Oh okay. Okay, and make sure I get all of the goodies.
02:54 All of the goodies, it's going to be a nice crust
02:58 Okay nice crust Okay. Okay now what you want to do is
03:00 to put that top on and lets spin
03:02 around in your container, okay let's see
03:07 well that so much better. So much better, use
03:30 a food processer folks. And, okay we are going to put
03:34 a little bit of spray... Spray the Tart Pan okay.
03:40 Okay. And let's open that up. And that's the cookie spray.
03:42 Should we go one more time or is that enough?
03:46 You think I mean look into my texture.
03:47 Alright. What do you think honey? I think it's fine.
03:50 Okay. Okay perfect you'll get it at the end, okay let's go
03:55 ahead on and right here you go.
03:57 Put in there little top Open little top
04:03 Nice crust here Yes and you just take
04:05 that out there and get all the goodies all the goodies
04:08 all the goodies. Yes. Okay. Here we go
04:11 And I want some of this. Oh, okay.
04:13 Okay, and you can use that same food processor
04:16 because your going to make the topping for that.
04:17 Oh that's right It's not a problem at all, okay
04:22 I got everything off of there, you got it? Yeah! Is it locked?
04:28 This is not our processor
04:30 so I'm kind of... Here baby.
04:35 Oh I'm so glad you with me today.
04:37 That goes on top and then we need to clean up
04:40 a little bit here. Clean a little bit okay
04:42 then you gonna go ahead on I'm gonna go to start
04:43 of what I'm gonna to do is I'm gonna to stop
04:45 flattening down, making my Tart that ooh, this a so good.
04:50 Okay. It's so good. Fruit Tart. And while
04:51 I'm doing this want to made around the sides while
04:54 I'm doing this you can start putting that tofu.
04:56 Okay. And everything into... The reason I can't turn this
05:00 side ways... the Mori- Nu tofu this is the extra firm.
05:03 Extra firm hmm. Mori- Nu tofu, put this
05:05 in first honey? Yeah. Oh, okay there we go
05:10 and then we'll talk just a little bit about the next
05:13 ingredient is the pudding mate mix.
05:16 Talk a little bit about that.
05:17 Yeah, this is the more new made, pudding mate mix again
05:21 by the same company and they have vanilla and also lemon,
05:25 we have another flavor too that we are not going
05:27 to discuss on Abundant Living, so don't ask.
05:29 This is the low fat and dairy free, and it's very good,
05:34 no refined sugars too by the way.
05:35 No refined sugars. So, this is going in.
05:37 As a matter of fact it's vegan.
05:38 Yes, it's vegan. Yeah.
05:40 Okay and now put all the fruit in,
05:46 no, no, no, we're gonna put the lid on that, just,
05:48 put the lid on, that fruits for something
05:50 totally different. Let us begin.
06:15 Let's do the sides a little bit. Hmm.
06:17 Do you want to make it smooth, that's why you
06:19 want to make it smooth, nice and smooth. Okay.
06:25 Spin one more time.
06:50 Now, how is it looking? I think they have been
06:52 pretty good baby. Let's see.
06:54 Do you, now you, do you want to taste this?
06:56 Not right now. Oh, not right now.
06:58 Because it's not right now. Yeah.
07:00 Okay, that has spinning on high honey, yes it is,
07:26 it is alright, look at that for consistency, see okay.
07:28 Now those who want
07:30 to purchase the Mori-NU and the Lemon Mate
07:32 and the Vanilla Mate mix now at your regular grocery stores
07:36 and so you can also purchase them on line the Mori-Nu website
07:41 Absolutely. Website too. Absolutely yes.
07:43 They are now available your location.
07:45 If you give me a spoon a larger spoon right over here
07:46 Okay. And we're going to just take this and we're going
07:49 to put this inside of our Tart shell. Hmm.
07:54 And you know Tart are very, very thin and not real thick
07:56 Yes. They have a nice thin layer because we're going to
07:58 put on top of this stuff fresh fruit and I want you to show
08:01 the net fresh fruit we have over there.
08:03 Well can we this remove just out the way first.
08:05 Thank you. So we have here I believe
08:17 these are blueberries correct. Yes.
08:20 Okay very good these this fruit here is kiwi,
08:24 Kiwi. Kiwi that's correct and mandarin oranges.
08:29 Yes is it part of the orange family? Yes it is.
08:31 Okay, I think that's it. That's what we're going to put on top.
08:34 Okay. You can actually put any kind of your
08:36 favorite fruits on top of this fresh fruits on top of this
08:40 and our time is moving is it not. Not
08:44 shall I take that out so you can get all the goodies out.
08:47 If I take this out Curtis are you going actually
08:49 be kind and give me that top like you are supposed to?
08:51 I would be kind. Okay. Okay.
08:54 And we'll get all of this Absolutely.
08:56 Absolutely. We'll get the all the goodies out folks
09:00 we want to not weakened the immune system
09:05 although that's the topic of today's program
09:07 we want to really strengthen so. And
09:08 give me that one and this. Let me just get this
09:10 last part out here. Okay.
09:12 Alright, okay we're going to put this the last part
09:18 of this in and we're going to take our spoon
09:22 and we're going to move it around in this dish.
09:31 Now do you have to bake this or...
09:33 No this actually believe it or not it's ready to go.
09:35 Oh! Once you put the fruit sauce on top of it.
09:38 Yes okay. We're going to put fruit on it.
09:40 So now just put the fruit or and what chill it for
09:43 For about at least an hour at least an hour
09:45 at least chill it for about hour. Hmm.
09:47 Okay. Okay this is easy. Very easy very very simple.
09:52 Right it does need to harden like I said
09:54 it will all because Vanilla Mate mix
09:55 if we do that alright. Hmm. And we're going to
09:58 actually take our break again and we're going to bring this
10:02 back at the end of the program with the fresh fruit
10:06 all on top of it. So we put in now or...
10:09 No, no But to we Bow I want to surprise
10:12 them at the end. So you stay there
10:14 So stay by.


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