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How To Weaken Your Immunity

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00:01 Our immune system is fortified with a good defense team.
00:05 B team and T cells and, but sometimes TB crews
00:09 go AWAL that means Absence Without Authorized Leaves.
00:13 How can they leave the defense team?
00:15 Well, today's program is entitled how to weaken
00:19 your immunity, so stay by.
00:53 Hi, welcome to abundant living, this is Curtis Eakins
00:55 and I like you introduce my beautiful wife Paula Eakins.
00:59 You doing alright today honey?
01:01 I'm doing wonderful. You are looking mighty good too?
01:03 Thank you. Praise the lord.
01:05 Now this is a part two. Part two. To part one.
01:07 Yes. We talk before kind of about immune system.
01:12 Okay. And I guess the ones that might have missed that,
01:15 you might want talk a little bit about,
01:16 give me little bit review. Okay, just a review, now
01:19 of course last time we met, just how to build a
01:22 strong immunity? And in our program we talk about
01:25 a first nutrition therapy and particularly your fruits
01:29 and vegetables they have a high antioxidant content,
01:33 high anticancer content as well. We talked about
01:37 the immune system and relationship to oncology,
01:40 cancer in particular, but in particular beside the
01:44 Carotenoids or Carotenes, what are those carotenes, honey?
01:47 Well, we talked about the carrots in this, well the all
01:50 the yellow and orange carotenoids, carrots orange,
01:53 and we talked about the squash and we talked
01:55 about the, the scallions, and all the tomato family.
02:00 Everything is yellow and orange and reds
02:02 and even sometimes camouflaged in dark leafy green.
02:06 That's right. Okay, so you got the pumpkin,
02:08 yellow squash and all those things.
02:10 Those are provitamin A foods that will strengthen
02:13 the immune system, carrot is number one
02:16 in that category. Also, we talked about going to bed
02:19 at a descent hour and what time is that honey?
02:23 Before 10. Not past, before 10 yeah because after 10 it
02:25 starts going downhill so, that goes your interest,
02:27 yeah, we need that rest folks because when we rest
02:30 of course it builds immune system have to fortify it
02:33 as well. Then also we talked about exercise, walking
02:37 because the lymphatic system does not have
02:40 a pumping action. The heart pumps the blood
02:44 through the vessels but the lymphatic system
02:46 which also cares the immune cells does not have
02:49 a pumping action so of course we have to do that
02:51 ourselves through walking. Brisk walking preferably in
02:56 open air. Also we talked about
02:58 the stress factor having a good positive attitude
03:03 and so again a lot of people going through different
03:06 changes when it comes to cancer oncology
03:08 and hear the news and then sometimes the fear of it
03:11 coming back to recur, so again we want to rely on
03:14 the Lord that He has our case. So, whatever happens,
03:19 he is in control, let him have it and then just
03:22 let it stay there with him and he will safeguard us
03:26 and he will keep us at a calm, peace state of mind.
03:31 We also talked about herb medicine and you called,
03:33 yes, that a special herb. Yes a special herb is
03:36 Chinese herb called astragalus and lot of Chinese
03:39 doctors, Chinese oncologists over there
03:41 in China uses these herbs quite, although it's heavily
03:46 as far as to a cancer patients are concerned
03:49 and so they usually conjunction with other herb
03:52 particularly those who have been going through
03:54 chemotherapy. They have to restore the immune system
03:57 due to that conventional type of treatment.
04:00 So, again natural remedies are the way to go over medicine,
04:05 astragalus, so lot of these that we can do to strengthen
04:08 the immune system, but today's program is how to weaken,
04:11 hmmm, the immune system. Of course, now to weaken
04:15 it, just don't do the things we just mentioned.
04:17 We can go into the kitchen. Well, I think
04:19 the main thing is to just go ahead on once again
04:22 and talk about what foods will actually weaken
04:26 the immune system. Okay, so this is what
04:28 you don't need to do folks, how to weaken
04:31 the immunity? Now of course there has been lot of
04:34 clinical studies on how the immunity can be suppressed
04:37 or the depressed. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
04:41 had article on as far as certain foods that
04:45 will simply depress the immune system.
04:48 Now you have the fatty foods, the fried foods,
04:52 fried foods will cause few radicals and few radicals
04:55 is not good to, it has the immune system,
04:59 it simply weakens the immune system.
05:01 So, fried foods, fatty foods also foods
05:03 that come from the animal kingdom has arachidonic acid
05:06 and saturated fat and cholesterol all those type
05:09 of properties simply suppress the immune system.
05:13 So I'm going to go to a plant based source,
05:14 so that's how to weakened the immune system,
05:17 but one more thing I want to zero in
05:19 and when it comes to nutritional therapy
05:21 and that is SUGAR, Sugar.
05:27 Sugar, now I know just hurt someone's feeling
05:30 with that but folks truth must be told sugar depresses
05:35 the immune system. Let's go to our first graphic
05:38 and see how sugar can depress the immune system.
05:43 Now sugar 0 tsp where are germs can be eaten 14 germs
05:49 can be eaten if one does not take any refines sugars
05:53 at all alright, consumed, but now if we take in 6 tsp of sugar
06:00 that's about 1 can of Coke or 1 brownie then only
06:04 10 germs can be eaten or engulfed by the
06:09 white blood cells within 30 minutes. Hmm.
06:11 Now, let's drop down to 12 tsp that's about 2 cans
06:17 of Coke or 2 brownies then immune system
06:20 can only engulf only 5 germs in 30 minutes.
06:27 16 tsp 3 brownie or 3 Cokes they can only engulf
06:32 2 germs within 30 minutes, but now 24 tsp of sugar
06:38 which is about approximately 4 cans of coke
06:41 and these are 12 ounces just or 4 brownie approximately
06:46 the white blood cells the macrophage, the big eaters
06:48 can only engulf in 30 minutes 1 germ just by the sugar
06:55 intake so therefore thank you for the graphic,
06:58 therefore to weaken our immunity we must increase
07:05 our sugar content refined sugars that's how
07:08 we can weakened our immunity. I know that people have
07:13 to me things like I got to cold or I've got to flu
07:17 and we've also told them that let's kind to go back
07:20 and figure out what it was that might have
07:22 caused you to have to cold Okay. Not just the cold air
07:25 outside and one of things they will say
07:27 to me is that I ate too much sweets. Hmm.
07:30 And so that's incredible and when you talk about the
07:33 germ factor and the fact that the macrophage
07:36 actually they can only eat up so many germs so then
07:39 In 30 minutes. The more sugar we have the less germs,
07:43 it can eat which means it winds up making us sick.
07:45 Right so the immune system is now suppressed
07:48 therefore that's how we can weaken our immune system,
07:52 very profound. And sugar, sugar is everywhere.
07:55 Now of course you don't have to drink a Coke
07:56 or eat a brownie. Of course, sugar like you said before
07:59 we find sugars in lot of your fast food baked
08:04 goods and those kind of things so again that's why
08:07 on Abundant Living programs on 3ABN
08:11 not using and we not using lot of refined sugars
08:13 but sugars naturally come into the plant kingdom
08:17 in the form of fruit. And we had on a show.
08:21 Okay. We talking about sugars and once again
08:24 I love to go to stores and read those labels
08:26 and that was a an apple crisp in the store. Okay.
08:30 In the apple crisp why looked at on label
08:31 it had on there fructose, corn syrup solids,
08:37 corn syrup, dextrose, maltose, Galactose.
08:44 Galactose and then he said corn syrup solids.
08:50 Now that one fructose. Okay.
08:52 Because people call on the phone
08:54 and who ask me I know do you use fructose
08:56 or Florida Crystals on the program exactly... you know
08:59 when he say high fructose corn syrup isn't that
09:02 the same thing, fructose is a fruit sugar. Hmm.
09:06 Okay, derived form fruit. Okay. But when you see
09:08 the word high fructose corn syrup that's actually
09:12 fruit sugar with regular sugar added.
09:16 Now you talking about impounding on the problem.
09:19 Okay. And so in one item you can have about 5 to 6
09:22 different sugars and they just move them around
09:25 because they don't want you to know, you know what
09:27 is it the higher of the amount of whatever you using.
09:29 Right. That's be the first ingredient.
09:31 So they don't want you using all that sugar
09:32 so they spread it out with all different kind of names.
09:34 So by the time you put and collect them
09:36 altogether basically the entire item
09:39 is more sugar. And the immune system
09:41 is weakened by that. Yes. So that's how they can do it.
09:44 Yes, yes, yes, yes. So this today's program
09:46 is what you don't need to do. What you don't need to do.
09:49 What you don't need to do. What you don't need to do.
09:50 And you made a comment about that rest
09:52 so what if a person doesn't really want to go
09:54 bed at 10'0 clock. Well now there is problem
09:57 with that and I think we have a Bible text.
09:58 Let's look at the Bible text we're gonna talk about
10:01 that Bible text. Let's go to our next graphic at this time.
10:05 Stay up late this is how we can again weakened
10:08 our immunity Psalms 127 verse 2 NIV so simply
10:12 put folks here it is " In vain you rise early
10:18 and stay up late". I just simply put rise up early
10:24 and stay up late, now we talked about how to strengthen
10:29 the immunity by going to bed not past 10 o'clock
10:33 preferably before that. But now to weaken
10:36 the immunity of course it just opposite staying up late
10:39 and we said before when you stay up late
10:41 then of course the immune system
10:43 doesn't have a chance to regenerate itself.
10:47 It has to have proper sleep the body, otherwise is going to
10:52 be behind the game and of course the immune system
10:55 will be compromised. So staying up late...
10:58 and they did a study and this is interesting,
11:00 this is in the medical journey called
11:02 psychosomatic medicine where they took some
11:05 volunteers and they deprived him of one half
11:09 of there time sleeping time was deprive so they slept
11:14 8 hours they only gave them 4 hours of sleep
11:17 for one single night, the next day they check their blood
11:22 the natural killer cells had decreased by 30 percent.
11:28 Hmm. In one single night of not getting proper sleep
11:33 just one half and those natural killer cells
11:35 did not come up to is normalcy until they had a peaceful
11:40 restful sleep. One nights sleep, half to time
11:45 that you normally sleep... Natural killer cells and those
11:47 are powerful cells that were simply attack cancer cells
11:50 dropped 30 percent. So, again how to weakened
11:53 your immunity stay up late. Watch TV
11:57 and eat sugary foods. While we're on the subject
12:01 the sweet stuff how about drinking?
12:06 Oh well now drinking of course there is study done
12:10 several studies done or alcohol and when
12:12 one in just alcohol, alcohol also suppresses
12:17 and decreases the natural killer cells and
12:21 also the white blood cells, so again it drops drastically
12:25 by alcohol consumption, so again we want to be careful
12:28 as far as alcohol consumption. Now of course on
12:30 Abundant Living and 3ABN, we're not even talking moderation
12:33 of that's folks zero, zip, nota, that means nothing
12:38 alright, because we don't need that and what we need
12:42 is the fresh juice of the grape, unfermented,
12:45 that's fine but not fermented kind so...
12:47 But now we have one more graphic
12:48 we're going to the kitchen honey it's talking about
12:51 God's Word, God's Word had something say about how to also
12:55 weaken our immunity, this is profound let's go to our
12:57 last graphic at this time.
12:58 Get depressed try to weaken our immunity
13:03 Proverbs 17:22 excuse me, it says this
13:07 "A cheerful heart is good medicine, but
13:11 here is the flip side, a crushed Spirit dries up the bones."
13:18 Thank you for the graphic now this is interesting.
13:20 Let's look at Anatomy & Physiology.
13:22 while just about the save that a Crushed Spirit
13:27 dries up the bones? If we said before in our last program
13:31 white blood cells, the B cells are manufactured
13:35 in the bones, the bone marrow produces a lot
13:39 of fluid, if we are depressed and therefore we have
13:45 a negative pessimistic attitude it decreases
13:50 our white blood cells it says white blood cells
13:53 has a lot of fluid then our bones literally dry up.
13:59 So that text is scientifically sound,
14:02 therefore to have a weakened immunity
14:05 get depressed and stay that way.
14:08 Hmm, alright, have a bad attitude and that
14:11 will also weaken our immunity.
14:14 There was study done in Lancet Magazine
14:17 where they even checked the blood of those who were just
14:20 lost their mates either husband or wives or just
14:23 passed away and their white blood cells and
14:26 natural killer cells was decreased drastically because
14:29 of that event of the lost loved one. So again to weaken
14:33 immunity, get depressed, get stressed out.
14:37 But, now we don't want to do that but so therefore
14:40 it is like a catch 22, so anything we say
14:43 in this program don't do it.
14:48 Well, what you want to do then is catch the first program,
14:50 yeah, the first program, I mean if you get,
14:51 so both programs, yeah, really
14:53 go hand in hand. You go hand in hand.
14:54 They go hand in hand. But the recipe is different
14:56 on this program. That's right.
14:58 Because on this program we're actually gonna to do
14:59 a Fresh Fruit Tart get your paper and your pencil
15:04 and meet us in the kitchen.


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