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How To Build A Strong Immunity

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Participants: Paula and Curtis Eakins


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00:02 Welcome back, welcome back. Okay.
00:04 We got our Vegetable Bulgur Stir-Fry, ready
00:06 to go. Umm! Umm!
00:08 And it is delicious everything is there,
00:09 Curtis. Looks good. We got the carrots,
00:11 the squash, the zucchini and the garlic all the
00:14 things you were kind of talking to and eluding to,
00:16 we're talking about nutrition and defense
00:18 system. This is an immune boosting meal.
00:21 Umm! Umm! Alright. Umm! Umm!
00:23 Again the better the colors, the more
00:24 carotenoids the more vitamin A you've so again.
00:27 And also failed to mention that when these foods
00:31 are litely cook or steam, it increases the vitamin
00:35 A and also antioxidant properties and anti-
00:38 cancer properties in this food as well. So, again
00:41 this is very good. Now, so the sampling part of
00:46 that comes in around about this time.
00:48 Once when we finished the program then we
00:51 get a chance to sample the food.
00:52 I thought we were fininshing now.
00:53 Because right now it is very hot. And, you
00:56 remember one time before when we dealt with that was
00:58 something was very hot. Yeah, there we see that.
01:00 Now, of course you know. Yeah, you know,
01:02 That was off camera. Okay.
01:03 Okay, well as always John 10:10 Jesus said,
01:05 I come that they might have life
01:07 and have it more abundantly.


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