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00:01 Welcome back and we're going to go to our
00:03 recipe, which is a Vegetable Bulgur Stir-Fry.
00:07 Okay. It calls for:
00:47 Now. Lot of good ingredients in here,
00:49 a lot of good. Yeah.
00:50 Immune fighting properties to build that defense
00:53 team. After you start talking about all those
00:55 things that, the carotenoids family.
00:57 We've got them all represented here.
00:59 We've, we've got them here.
01:00 But I wanted to first start looking,
01:02 them looking at the bulgur.
01:03 Yes. As you would see, is actually a
01:05 cracked wheat. Okay, cracked wheat.
01:07 It's a cracked wheat. And it actually gets done
01:09 faster than regular rice would.
01:13 Oh! Okay, because it's a cracked wheat.
01:15 Okay. It has the hull still on it.
01:16 Umm! Umm! It's very, very, nutritious.
01:18 So, it's not, it's not refined, this is the.
01:20 It's not refined. Okay. It's not refined at all.
01:21 Great. And so we're gonna be using that as
01:23 a part of this recipe, which is why is called
01:25 that Stir-Fry. Okay.
01:27 And, then I'm gonna to start off with putting my
01:28 olive oil and we always talked about hot,
01:30 have your skillet first. Okay.
01:32 And then begin to put the olive oil and because it
01:34 actually goes a longer ways, alright.
01:36 Alright. And with that you're gonna be as I'm
01:38 putting the different things and I'm gonna move
01:40 some here. That's right.
01:41 To doing my scallions and then I'm gonna do my
01:44 garlic and then I'm gonna put in the sesame seeds
01:47 and the bulgur, okay. Okay.
01:49 That's gonna get itself together. We're gonna
01:51 turns up just a little bit, move it around in
01:53 this skillet. Now, you mentioned
01:54 the McKay's chicken-style seasoning,
01:56 I'm just assuming that, they maybe watching the
01:58 show for the first time. So, McKays's
02:00 chicken-style seasoning is not chicken, right.
02:04 No chicken, no chicken. And Beef style seasoning
02:06 is not beef based, but simulation.
02:10 Umm! Umm! And so, excuse me.
02:13 And go for those in your natural food stores or
02:14 you can get them also at your regular grocery
02:17 stores, your regular grocery stores are now
02:19 doing a whole lot of. That's right.
02:20 And, they've a natural food section and if it's
02:22 there as we always say, tell them we saw it on
02:25 Abundant Living. There we go.
02:27 Okay. You want all this chopped to piece.
02:29 Yes, yes this is a real nice dish and believe it
02:31 or not the bulgur is gonna swell up when we add
02:34 them everything to it. And here's the smells
02:36 starting up. And we're gonna just span that
02:38 little bit. You're gonna fan it over toward Jim.
02:42 And that's where we know that it is really
02:45 working out there. Yeah.
02:46 Okay, okay. And we're gonna go ahead on and
02:49 put in bulgur and we're gonna put in the sesame
02:57 seeds. Having good time over there.
03:00 Yes, I'm, there is a lot of chopping.
03:02 And this actually. This actually just gets brown
03:05 little bit, just enough to get the kernels, kind of
03:09 little bit of the oil on it, the olive oil on top of
03:11 that, okay. Mine is going all over the place.
03:14 And then we're gonna add to that, the carrots.
03:18 Okay. The carotenoids.
03:20 Carotenoids. Alright.
03:22 The Immune System. It's one cup of the
03:24 carotenoids and they actually go for about
03:28 at least a good minute or so. Okay.
03:30 They are cooked, they are thinly sliced
03:32 in everything. Umm! Alright. Okay.
03:34 And then we're gonna just go ahead and start pour
03:35 the other things in? So, if you would give me the
03:38 rest of that zucchini, and the crook neck, go ahead
03:40 and put those in for me, that's enough. Okay.
03:43 Let's go ahead and slice those and put those in, alright.
03:48 Going in. Going in. Coming down with the time.
03:50 Okay, and then we're gonna put in the
03:52 chicken-style seasonings and let's get that water
03:53 going, bring that water over, get me this one,
03:57 just taken out there. Water going in.
03:58 Water going in. Umm! Umm!
04:00 All around out there. Umm! Umm!
04:01 Umm! Umm! Alright, we got to put the seasoning
04:05 in. Chicken-style seasoning and we're
04:10 gonna go ahead on, you can put in your other
04:11 seasoning there. Okay.
04:13 Alright, we're gonna put those mushrooms in.
04:15 Mushrooms going in. And the last thing that
04:18 was gonna go in is gonna actually be a broccoli,
04:20 but we're gonna put in and they can see the
04:22 finish product believe or not this is gonna be
04:24 finished before this program is over, alright.
04:26 Okay. And we're gonna put the broccoli and
04:27 you can see it is four of all the things we need
04:30 to build that immune system. Okay.
04:32 So, what we want you to do is just stay by.


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