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How To Build A Strong Immunity

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00:01 Our creator God has built in a defense mechanism
00:04 called the Immune System is there to defend
00:07 virus, bacteria, fungi, and parasites on a daily
00:11 basis. And, today's program is entitled how
00:14 to build a strong immunity.
00:17 We will be right back.
00:49 Hi, welcome to Abundant Living. This is Curtis
00:51 Eakins. I'm glad you're with us today. I would
00:53 like to introduce my beautiful bride of
00:56 13 glorious wonderful years, Paula Eakins.
00:59 Hello. Hello, this is not as bird hello.
01:04 I like it. How you doing today baby.
01:07 I'm normally good and this is a good subject the
01:10 Immune System. The Immune System.
01:11 And, we're gonna be talking about this Immune
01:13 System for this program and also the next time we
01:15 meet as well. Now know in Huntsville, Alabama,
01:23 where we reside there is a brand new Clearview
01:24 Cancer Institute just been build and is there for
01:27 of course oncologists and those who are going
01:29 through cancer treatment, chemotherapy,
01:32 radiation, etc. And we had opportunity to be a part
01:35 of this Clearview Cancer Institute Education
01:39 Program. Umm! Umm!
01:41 And so lot of people are going through
01:43 chemotherapy of course at this place. And, lot of
01:46 nurses are asking questions about how can I help
01:50 the patients, who are going through
01:51 chemotherapy, the side effects and that kind of
01:54 thing. How to boost up their white blood cells?
01:57 Umm! Umm! And so this program
01:58 is gonna be entitled how to build a strong
02:01 immunity. And so we're gonna talk about some of
02:03 the things that we're gonna talk about to the
02:05 nurses there over the next. It's next month
02:08 I guess in October, this is 2007, so I'm dating
02:11 this program. So, how to build a strong immunity
02:14 and we're going to zero in on possibly cancer.
02:19 As far as protecting our cells from cancer.
02:21 How to reduce the risk and also those who made
02:25 be a cancer survivor, how to reduce the risk of
02:28 that cancer coming back and even those who are
02:30 going through chemotherapy.
02:31 Umm! Umm! So, this will gonna be
02:33 a Power Pack Program for a next 20 minutes or
02:35 so. We think about the Immune System.
02:38 Umm! Umm! Then you talk about
02:39 evidently some key players. So what,
02:42 who are the key players when we talk about the
02:44 defend system as it relates to the Immune
02:47 System itself. Okay, there is an
02:49 acronym for speakers. I've used this before an
02:53 acronym that some speaker use is KISS.
02:56 Umm! Umm! Now, you know
02:58 what that stands for right honey or you want
03:00 me to say it anyway. You can say it.
03:02 Oh! I can say it, but you know where it is.
03:03 Yes I do. Okay, what is it baby?
03:06 Keep it simple smarty. Okay, good.
03:09 I'm not gonna say smarty, it's actually keep it
03:11 simple stupid. But we chase it less as to keep
03:13 it simple smarty. And this Immune System can be
03:16 complicated, but we're gonna keep it simple KISS
03:20 smarty and so there are some key players as far
03:23 as this defense team is concerned and I want to
03:27 introduce two recruits. Okay.
03:30 On this draft that keeps our bodies in the defense
03:33 can word off any viruses,
03:36 bacteria, fungi, parasites and also cancer cells
03:40 included. Now, the first recruit I want to
03:43 is the B team. Okay.
03:46 Now, in the bone marrow manufactures the B cell.
03:50 So, we get the word B cells. B for bone marrow.
03:53 Umm! Umm! Thus one adult recruits
03:55 for to build in up a strong immunity to keep
03:58 the B cells intact, keep the numbers high,
04:02 the bone marrow. And you have another gland
04:04 that also a very prevalent as far as the Immune
04:07 System is concerned that gland is called the
04:10 thymus gland. And the thymus gland stimulates
04:13 and manufactures the T cells, several T cells,
04:18 T for thymus of course. You have the T cells;
04:21 you have the helper T cells. Sometimes known as
04:25 CD4 and you have the natural killer cells.
04:31 All those are different types of T cells.
04:32 So, you have the B team, the B cells and then you
04:35 have the T cells as well and those are the two
04:38 things that we're going to emphasize within the
04:40 next few minutes. How to build a strong
04:43 immunity. The bone marrow manufactures the B
04:45 cells and then the thymus manufactures the T cells.
04:50 Okay, we got the Bs, we got the T.
04:52 The Bs and Ts. I'm not gonna talk about.
04:53 Okay. The other thing,
04:55 but just the Bs and the Ts.
04:56 Okay, I guess my question would be then to you.
04:58 What about nutrition. How nutrition play a
05:00 part in this and does it help to strengthen the
05:02 Immune System? It must surely does
05:04 honey. The nutrition plays a very vital role.
05:08 Umm! Umm! In strengthening our
05:09 Immune System. Now, first of all this was
05:13 reported in the American Institute of
05:15 Cancer Research, Steven Barnes one of most
05:18 prolific soil researchers. We believe in entire
05:22 world he is the professor there at the University
05:24 of Alabama in Birmingham. At the International
05:27 Soy Symposium mentions that first of all,
05:31 the white blood cells has a compound that similar
05:35 to bleach. Umm! Umm!
05:37 It's called hypochloric and it spews out a poison
05:40 that kills germs, bacteria, and parasites,
05:43 alright. Now, the genistein, which is a
05:47 compound in soy. Umm!
05:49 Helps to react with the white blood cells.
05:53 Therefore, soy or the soy bean also impacts the
05:57 Immune System in a positive way. This is very
06:01 profound in this clinical research and it was also
06:04 published in this International Soy
06:06 Symposium. So, soy is one of those beans that is
06:10 very powerful to also enhance our immunity.
06:14 Now, having said that one thing we need to also
06:17 understands too. There are certain
06:19 minerals and vitamins that also would stimulate
06:21 the Immune System. One in particular is
06:26 vitamin A. Umm! Umm!
06:27 When the vitamin A is in a system, it stimulates
06:29 and strengthens our immunity. Now, have been
06:33 said that there are lot of foods that contain
06:36 vitamin A. All your fruits and vegetables,
06:39 a lot of them contain vitamin A.
06:41 Right. But this one group in particular has a high
06:45 content of vitamin A, which are known as the
06:49 carotenes or carotenoids. And what are some of
06:53 those foods honey? The carotenes or carotenoids.
06:55 Now, you're talking about the orange and the
06:57 yellows and the reds, the carrots, tomatoes,
07:01 the squash. Okay.
07:02 All your yellow, orange all even some of your
07:05 greens. Umm! Umm!
07:07 Because it camouflaged. By the chlorophyll.
07:08 That's right. Umm! Umm!
07:09 But these are the foods that are actually
07:11 excellent for building the Immune System and
07:12 high in vitamin A. Excellent, now have you
07:14 said that. Umm!
07:16 All that group, there is one food head and
07:20 shoulders above all other foods that has the
07:23 highest content a pro-vitamin A is the
07:27 carrot. That's right.
07:29 Which is the reason why they got the name
07:30 carotenoids. Umm!
07:32 Okay, that's a kind of clue there. And, so when
07:34 and this is very important because when
07:37 we juice the carrot then we get more vitamin A.
07:42 Now, this vitamin A, this is also been published in
07:46 many medical journals that when vitamin A is
07:48 increased into the system it increases the killer
07:52 cells T cells and natural killer cells by 30
07:57 percent. Vitamin A, we get from carrot also with
08:00 other foods as well. And, so therefore it's very
08:03 important to take in lot of these foods and the
08:06 richer the color of the food, the more vitamin A
08:09 the person gets into their system.
08:11 Umm! But again carrot is ahead of those while
08:14 others foods as far as vitamin A content is
08:16 concerned. Umm! Umm! So, juice in that is good
08:19 to build the immunity and this is very important
08:21 because there maybe individuals,
08:23 who are watching this today.
08:24 Umm! Who maybe going through chemotherapy
08:28 and this is very important because the vitamin A
08:31 from the carrot and other foods as well.
08:33 They also impact the epithelial cells in the
08:36 mucousal lining of the digestive system and
08:40 since chemotherapy attacks those cells in the mucousal
08:44 the lining of the GI tract, gastrointestinal tract.
08:47 Umm! You have upset stomachs and vomiting,
08:52 diarrhea with the carrot particularly with the
08:54 juice as well, it helps to form a protector barrier thereby
08:58 those who are going through that treatment.
09:01 Therefore, they have less side effects while going
09:04 through chemotherapy and also radiation as
09:06 well. We know someone who went through
09:08 chemotherapy at John Hopkins.
09:11 That's right. And, they drink a lot
09:12 of carrot juice during that treatment protocol.
09:14 Umm! Umm! And they were just
09:15 really amazed how they just readily flew through
09:17 there for the last six months of that treatment
09:20 as well. So, that's very good for building the
09:23 strong immunity particularly for those
09:25 who are going through chemotherapy.
09:26 So, nutrition is very, very key.
09:27 It's excellent. The carotenoids is
09:29 number one, when it comes to the food,
09:31 we should be consuming. Right, yeah.
09:32 Fruits and vegetables in general,
09:34 but carotenoids in particular.
09:35 Okay. Umm! Umm!
09:37 Okay, okay, now of course we just got
09:38 finished talking about those who were going
09:40 through chemoradiation. Okay.
09:41 Or any other kind of disease for that matter.
09:43 Umm! Umm! What about rest?
09:45 I mean how important is rest when it comes to
09:49 building Immune System. Yeah, now rest is very
09:52 critical. We want to strengthen the immunity.
09:56 Again, when we rest it helps to replenish the
10:01 white blood cells, the lymphocytes, alright.
10:04 To restore them when we're resting.
10:07 This does not happen while we are awake.
10:10 Umm! So, therefore we need proper rest to
10:14 fortify and to strengthen our immunity.
10:18 Now, we've a graphic. Before go through this
10:19 graphic let me first talk about the author.
10:22 We mentioned this author before, she is the most
10:27 prolific translator in United States also second
10:32 in the world. And she has written many volumes
10:35 on health. Umm! Umm!
10:36 And this author says something that's very
10:39 profound as far as strengthening the
10:42 immunity. Let's go to our graphic.
10:45 This is very profound, here it is. After Ten O'
10:47 clock. "Two Hours of good sleep before midnight
10:56 is worth more than four hours of good sleep after
11:02 midnight." Umm! Very profound. Umm! Umm!
11:06 Very profound, let me in depth tell on that.
11:08 Now, again what that saying is, simply this.
11:13 Not only sleep is very important, but when
11:17 we sleep is critical for you see, sleeping between
11:22 10 and 12 midnight Umm! Umm!
11:24 Is actually more beneficial based on that
11:26 statement. They sleep from 12 o' clock midnight
11:30 to 4 o' clock in the morning. So, therefore
11:33 the clock period about building a strong
11:35 immunity is not going to be at past 10 o' clock.
11:42 The further we go to bed after 10 o' clock then
11:44 we are weakening our immunity. So, again we
11:46 want to get in bed no later then 10 o' clock,
11:49 therefore immunity is strong and is fortified
11:52 for any disease, cancer is included.
11:56 Now, this thing about going to bed before
11:58 10 o' clock. When America stays away past that
12:01 time. Oh! My goodness.
12:03 Is really something, but it's important because
12:05 their immunity has been built in between that
12:07 timeframe. Right, yeah. So, that's key.
12:09 Yeah, it's very critical because lot of people
12:11 they stay up late. Yeah.
12:13 And, so when we talk about next program how to
12:15 weaken the immunity. So, we're gonna keep that
12:17 for our next program, but again the sooner we
12:20 go to bed and you can go to bed at night.
12:21 I mean, you don't have to wait until 9:59 to
12:23 jump in bed. I mean you can go to bed at 9
12:25 and 9:30 is fine. Yeah.
12:27 The earlier the better. Okay.
12:28 Right, so again getting that proper rest and let
12:31 me say this to when we go to bed, dovetail
12:35 this, we should also have the window open.
12:38 Particularly in the winter time, when there
12:39 is fresh air coming in. And the window should
12:41 be at the foot of the bed, where the side of the
12:43 bed, it shouldn't be at the head of the bed
12:45 otherwise we have a direct draft.
12:47 Umm! Umm! And we will get a
12:48 cold, so the fresh air coming in just a little
12:51 bit. You don't need the whole lot, it also helps
12:54 has a sound refreshing sleep for those want to
12:57 build a strong immunity.
13:00 Okay, we got to go to bed early,
13:02 but now you know, also I know another part of
13:03 that Immune System being build up is also
13:05 exercise. So, how important is exercise?
13:08 Okay, now again let me a little bit anatomy
13:12 physiology, okay. We have the blood system,
13:15 the venous system, alright where the blood flows,
13:18 okay. Umm!
13:19 And, that circulates throughout our body by a
13:23 pump known as the heart muscle.
13:25 Umm! Umm! So, every time the
13:26 heart pumps the blood flows through our
13:30 vessels. Now, the white blood cells our Immune
13:34 System the cells, it's possible for immunity.
13:37 It flows through what we call a lymphatic
13:40 system that runs parallel with the blood vessels.
13:44 Okay. Now, the lymphatic system does not
13:48 not have a pump at all. Umm! Umm!
13:51 So how does it move? How does it circulate?
13:54 Exercise particularly walking, when we walk
13:59 our muscles are contracted.
14:00 Umm! Umm! Therefore, it makes an
14:02 artificial pump and moves our immune cells
14:06 through the lymphatic system, which is four
14:08 times larger than our blood vessels that's how
14:11 we have the strong immunity by walking.
14:15 Brisk walking preferably in outdoors and this is
14:18 what you do, this what we both do on a daily
14:20 basis. Yeah.
14:22 So, walking or physical activity preferably in
14:24 outdoors helps to build a strong immunity by
14:28 circulating those immune cells through our
14:31 lymphatic system, which doesn't have a pump at
14:33 all. Umm! Umm!
14:34 So, it's left up to us to move that immune cells
14:38 through the lymphatic system.
14:40 Well, I know the people talk about also when
14:42 you're talking about the, the Immune System,
14:45 about Herbal medicine. Umm! Umm!
14:46 And using different kind of herbs can...
14:48 can herbs actually build or help to build or
14:51 maintain the Immune System.
14:54 Yes, most assuredly it does, many clinical
14:56 studies on herbal medicine, if I had to
15:00 pick one. Head and shoulders above all
15:04 others in dealing with more less in
15:07 relationship to oncology or cancer.
15:10 Umm! Umm! One is head and
15:12 shoulders above all other herbs in the herbal
15:15 kingdom. Now, that's been a lot because there
15:16 are thousands of herbs out there.
15:18 Yes, yes. And being an herbalist,
15:20 I can think of many herbs out there.
15:22 And some of you maybe thinking Echinacea.
15:25 Umm! Now, that's a good herb it builds the
15:27 immunity. There is one more better than that.
15:30 Umm! A lot better than that, that's been more
15:32 research thoroughly then echinacea as far as
15:35 oncology is concerned that herb is called
15:38 Astragalus. It's a Chinese herb and there
15:41 has been numerous clinical studies
15:43 immunopharmacology, a medical journal.
15:46 Journal of the alternative and complementary
15:48 medicine has many studies on. This herb
15:51 here Astragalus, where Chinese doctors has been
15:54 using this herb for over 2000 years and with the
15:57 patients in oncology. It does several things.
16:00 Number one, Astragalus will stimulate the bone
16:03 marrow to produce new white blood cells.
16:08 Umm! And also it would stimulate the spleen
16:12 that's responsible for the T cells. Number two,
16:14 Astragalus will also get this now; it will increase
16:20 the natural killer cells. Now, these bad boys don't
16:24 play. Yes, that's right, that's right.
16:26 Natural killer cells are like our bodies
16:28 bodyguards with the killer instinct.
16:30 Umm! And, it spews out a poison that attacks
16:34 cancer cells. And Astragalus has been
16:37 known to restore the Immune System from a
16:41 person, who may be going through chemotherapy.
16:44 And, also it boosts the immunity and also
16:47 antibodies as well. So, Astragalus is a very
16:50 powerful, a lot of Chinese doctors over there.
16:53 They do suggest Astragalus along with
16:56 other herbs to their patients over there in
16:59 and the over here. So, Astragalus is very
17:01 important. A lot of clinical research back in
17:03 that and again base on doses always let your healthcare
17:06 professional should be aware of what you are
17:08 doing because they need to be aware that you are
17:11 doing some other alternative protocols
17:14 that does not counteract the conventional
17:18 chemotherapy treatments. The better way to
17:20 to get astragulus in, we are talking now liquid,
17:22 we are talking capsule or what.
17:23 Okay, good question honey. Yeah,
17:25 we are talking about extract form.
17:27 Okay. Alcohol free liquid extract just simply
17:31 count the drops and we are looking at about
17:33 30-40 drops per day based on the chemotherapy,
17:37 if, if a person going through that treatment,
17:39 it will help keep those white blood cell count up
17:42 because one of the major problem with
17:44 chemotherapy, conventional chemotherapy
17:46 is low white blood cell count.
17:49 Umm! Umm! Going down.
17:50 Some people have to be hospitalized because of
17:52 that so, Astragalus and all those things can
17:54 work in place. So, if a person goes to bed early.
17:58 Umm! Umm! Not past 10 o' clock.
18:00 Umm! Umm! A goodnight rest,
18:02 windows open, fresh air, exercise, pumping those
18:07 muscles get that blood flow and the lymphatic
18:11 system moving, moving those immune cells, eating a
18:14 proper diet, fruits and vegetables then you will
18:17 notice that this next graphic will be profound.
18:21 This next graphic is actually natural killer
18:25 cells attacking a cancer cell that has been magnified
18:31 millions of times. Let's go to our last graphic and
18:34 let's see what's going on. There it is folks,
18:38 now the cancer cell is the top purple ball at the
18:43 top. The natural killer cells at the bottom and you
18:47 can see that, they are simply attaching
18:49 themselves to the cancer cells. Now, if you see
18:52 very closely there the purple ball has smaller
18:56 balls attached to it and breaking off.
18:58 Those are the casualties, where the natural killer
19:01 T cells are simply making that cancer cell go
19:05 away. It will stay there and attach itself into
19:08 the cancer cell simply is eliminated and this is
19:12 what we want to do to build a strong immunity.
19:15 Thank you for that graphic. So, there it is
19:17 folks. So again the key is going to bed early.
19:21 Umm! Umm! Proper rest.
19:23 Umm! Exercise, fresh air,
19:26 eat plant based diet and therefore we can have
19:29 success in building a strong immunity.
19:32 Well, we missed one part though.
19:34 Oh! And that is about the attitude.
19:37 Yes, let's talk about that.
19:38 Because I mean, you know, you can do all that,
19:40 but if you don't have a positive attitude.
19:42 I don't wanna say positive attitude,
19:43 I mean getting up in the morning have a
19:45 devotional time with the Lord, keeping yourselves
19:48 around by good spiritual type of music.
19:51 Umm! Umm! Surrounding yourself
19:52 with friends, who also think positive as well.
19:55 Amen. Because I mean I have known cases
19:57 were individual have become ill.
19:58 Umm! And then in that illness they get bitter.
20:00 Yes sure. And when you're
20:02 bitter then of course that also weakens the
20:05 Immune System. Umm! Umm!
20:06 And so, I know you would might say what else
20:08 easier said than done, but we know the word of God
20:11 and all his promises are true. Umm! Umm!
20:13 As we study God's word. Allow God to speak to
20:15 us, as we pray. Umm!
20:17 And ask him, you know, everyday we wake up is
20:18 a brand new day, everyday.
20:21 Umm! Umm! Everyday the Father
20:22 God calls us. Umm! Umm!
20:23 Okay, and so with that in mind just the
20:25 idea of waking up to a brand new day.
20:28 Good, a good positive attitude.
20:29 Keep a positive attitude. And that in itself can
20:31 also boost the Immune System.
20:33 Absolutely, absolutely. Very good point.
20:34 I'm glad you brought that point out.
20:36 Well, it's time for the kitchen, what do you
20:37 think? Yes, speaking about positive attitude.
20:39 We're positively going into the kitchen.
20:41 And we're going a fix a recipe today called a
20:43 Vegetable Bulgur Stir-Fry. So, stay by.


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