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Participants: Paula and Curtis Eakins


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Program Code: AL00161C

00:01 Well. Okay. We have finished. Team work.
00:04 We have finished a team work.
00:06 Team work. And we did a
00:08 fantastic meal for today. Alright.
00:10 We did our Mock Ricotta Lasagna Rolls
00:15 Roll up. Roll ups.
00:18 Okay. I did two. You did two.
00:19 And it's two and two, and inside of it we had
00:22 that tofu. From tofu, we have mixed with the
00:25 parsley and everything and it has a wonderful
00:27 flavor. An individual and it's really nice
00:29 because you can give a person just one of those
00:33 roll ups or two of those roll ups and it becomes
00:35 a serving. Wonderful.
00:36 And little bit of extra sauce on the side.
00:38 Okay. Okay, I like this dish.
00:40 And then also we did our sausage skillet supper.
00:43 Okay, it has everything in it. It's got the
00:46 broccoli and the tomatoes and the sausage
00:49 and it's got the Orzo the noodles this actually
00:52 they melon seed noodle we call it, you know.
00:54 One just meal here One dish
00:56 Only veggies in there as well.
00:58 Serve it up with the salad. Okay. Sounds good.
01:00 Alright and your bread, you got to going on
01:02 and then we do our cheese melting, umm!
01:04 And cheese melting you just stir up,
01:06 stir up and it gets very, very thick and then you
01:09 pour into a bowl or you can actually use it
01:12 to pour on top of your noodles and make a
01:14 macaroni and cheese.
01:16 Oh! I was going to ask you about that so, anything that
01:19 you can use with cheese. You can use this. Yes.
01:22 For your macaroni, the macaroni, what about
01:23 your pizza, pizza. Okay same word there.
01:26 Yeah. Pizza, you can take your pizza
01:27 and you can actually put that on also, if you put
01:30 on top your sauce, even you can put on your
01:32 pizza, your cheese on top of that and well it
01:35 makes a wonderful pizza.
01:36 Now, if it gets very hard, you can slice it.
01:39 And if it will get hard you can slice it,
01:41 not a lot like you would what you actually add
01:43 some of the gelatins to it, but, Right.
01:44 This one is little bit. It still be a soft.
01:46 Once it gets cold, once it gets cold it is
01:48 sliceable, but not is sliceable
01:49 to the soft cheese, alright, okay. Yeah!
01:51 It sounds good now. Oh! Okay. I tell you
01:53 what let's go with the Skillet Sausage Supper
01:55 what you talked that.
01:57 I had a feeling you gonna ask that question,
01:58 so I wanna, oh okay, so you had the spoon right
02:00 there, I have only; I have only got that much
02:01 stuff here. Okay.
02:02 Let's just put here on that, I am telling you
02:04 right now. This is nice and hot honey.
02:05 Okay, now but I also too need that.
02:07 Can you get it for me too?
02:13 As always John 10:10, Jesus said
02:16 I come that they might have life
02:19 and have it more abundantly.


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