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Participants: Paula and Curtis Eakins


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00:01 Well, we want to go the recipe for this very
00:03 next item we gonna prepare, which is called a
00:05 Sausage Skillet Supper. Umm! Sounds good, honey.
00:09 It calls for, 2 tablespoons of olive oil
00:12 1 onion, chopped
00:13 2 cups of mock sausage, crumbled
00:15 2 cups of water
00:17 3 tablespoons of McKay's chicken-style seasoning
00:22 1 cup of melon seed pasta, uncooked
00:25 1 can of Italian diced tomatoes, 14oz
00:28 1 can of black beans, rinsed and drained, 15oz
00:33 2 cups of broccoli flowerets
00:37 2 tablespoons of parsley, chopped
00:39 And 3 tablespoons of Vegan parmesan alternative
00:43 Alright. Now I like this because
00:45 what happened is we have the mock sausage.
00:47 We've already done because we are gonna use
00:49 the same skillet. Okay.
00:50 In this particular program and this mock
00:52 sausage is basically a company that I would like
00:55 to use and I saw light life they do. A sausage,
00:57 mock sausage and we've already sauté it in the
01:00 oil with the onions. See at them, see what that
01:02 actually look like, okay. So this is the Gimme Lean
01:04 That's the Gimme Lean. Okay. In the place of
01:06 Gimme Lean, alright. Alright. This has a
01:09 good flavor. Has a very good flavor, taste it like
01:12 sausage. No seasoning need to be added.
01:13 So it's ready to go. Okay. Okay, great.
01:14 And what I'm gonna be doing is I'm gonna take
01:16 my chicken style seasoning and I'm gonna pour
01:17 into the water, alright. Alright.
01:20 That's not the chicken, but this is my chicken seasoning.
01:22 That's right, that's right. We are gonna just stir
01:24 it up and then we are gonna pour it into our
01:25 skillet and unless it should be nice and hot.
01:28 See what happens. Alright. Oh! Yeah.
01:31 That's what I am talking about. Okay, we are gonna put that in
01:34 and then we gonna take the Orzo noodles or we
01:37 call them melon seed noodle, it's a pasta.
01:40 Now it has, so it will have two different names
01:43 Orzo or melon seed.
01:44 Yes, either called Orzo or called
01:46 Either way. Melon seed pasta.
01:47 Okay. Alright and it looks like melon seed
01:49 we talked about, okay.
01:50 Right, okay, very small. And I'm gonna take
01:52 that and I'm gonna go ahead and pour it in as well.
01:53 Umm! And now you can find those at regular
01:55 grocery store. It's in a regular grocery store
01:57 wanna do is you wanna bring this up to a high
02:01 boil and it's gonna take all the liquid right here.
02:05 These noodles alone is gonna take all the
02:07 liquids that's gonna absorb the liquid.
02:08 Absorb the liquid. Alright.
02:10 It will swell up, okay.
02:11 I usually put my lid on top for just a few
02:13 minutes, so we can get started, okay.
02:15 Now we have these other items. We are gonna be
02:17 putting in here and this recipe is good, but I
02:19 wanted to tell you that often time we do recipes
02:22 people might call us on the phone and they will
02:23 say things like well I can't find that. Okay, now
02:25 the Orzo noodle is sometime under that name
02:27 and sometime under melon seed pasta. If you
02:31 can't either one of those you need to use the
02:34 pasta that's very, very, very tiny. The alphabet
02:37 pasta is a matter of fact might be one that you
02:39 can use in a place of that. And then sometime
02:41 regular Spaghetti noodles are very, very fine as well
02:44 You can use that as well. But you want to
02:45 be conscious at that because this recipe has
02:48 a lot of stuff in it and you don't want the
02:49 Spaghetti to take over. Okay.
02:51 Alright, of the noodle if the pasta itself take
02:53 over and so we gonna, let that semi for few
02:56 minutes and we are gonna be adding to that our
02:58 diced tomatoes it's Italian diced tomatoes. Umm!
03:01 The black beans have been already drained,
03:04 you can get the can black beans. Okay.
03:05 Rinse the water off of it and you can use the
03:08 black beans as well. Now the reason for
03:10 rinsing with the water is the sodium.
03:12 The sodium level and plus I don't want to add
03:13 anymore extra liquid to this particular recipe,
03:15 Oh! I see, alright, okay. And then, of course,
03:17 we have our fresh broccoli, okay, we add to two
03:20 it's like a one piece meal, you know I'm saying.
03:23 Yes, okay. And so, we gonna go ahead on
03:25 and put our stuff in and we are gonna add in and it's
03:29 gonna soak up. You can see, it's already started
03:30 to do that, you can see the water is being boiled,
03:32 already started to soak up the pasta itself, umm!
03:34 Okay. And then with that in mind, I'm gonna go
03:37 ahead on and put in our tomatoes, our stewed
03:39 tomatoes because all this is actually a one dish
03:41 and liquid is gonna help all this out as well.
03:44 Sausage skillet supper. Alright.
03:46 Now this can be a supper, I mean a one dish.
03:50 Oh! It can be a supper all you have to do is just
03:51 add vegetable salad with it, and some bread or
03:53 whatever. And have some more and you got to
03:55 going on okay. Let's go ahead into pasta.
03:56 Let's do the sausage next Curtis, sausage okay.
03:58 Now you have what onions in here.
04:00 The onions already in. Okay.
04:02 And we are gonna do that.
04:04 Umm! Umm! It's best to have this frozen little
04:09 bit, it easier to cut.
04:11 No, Oh! What, not like this. It comes, when you
04:13 buy in a store it is, sometime it's frozen, but I
04:16 like to freeze it like you said because if you
04:18 freeze it. If you want slices for sausage
04:20 like in the morning.
04:21 But for dish like this you just take and put into
04:23 a skillet with a little bit of olive oil. Okay.
04:25 Mash it down with the fork and it will actually
04:26 do exact same thing as regular sausage does,
04:28 okay. It has a nice mouth feel and texture, taste and
04:30 everything. Yes, indeed it goes very good
04:32 with waffles and all that kind of stuff.
04:33 And this is soy base zero cholesterol and zero
04:36 saturated fat, That's right, that's right
04:38 very low fat Now let's go ahead on it
04:39 and put in the black beans. Black beans, okay.
04:42 Black beans. It's very, very attractive
04:46 looking, and then we are gonna add in the
04:48 broccoli and the broccoli, of course, is going to,
04:53 it's raw right now, a fresh right now.
04:55 And give it some color. Let's go and
04:57 it a color, it needs to have as well. Alright,
05:00 and I know you are saying if all these are
05:01 going to get in this pan. You better believe it.
05:03 Where is all in there now? You better believe,
05:05 Other than the parsley All we got left over
05:07 is that parsley and I would like to put that
05:08 sometime in last because you always want to
05:10 add your seasonings at the end of the recipe
05:13 itself so it does not take over.
05:15 Now why is that because. If you put into soon it
05:17 actually takes over the recipe itself. It becomes
05:20 more of a parsley taste, real strong. Yeah.
05:23 Okay. She has to change the name of the recipe
05:25 Yes, well. So parsley at last.
05:27 Yes. That's very pretty, very pretty.
05:29 Umm! Very colorful. What we are gonna do,
05:31 we gonna put the lid on okay and that's gonna
05:32 actually simmer and they are going to be able to
05:33 see at the end of the program, now that's gonna
05:35 simmer then we put in the parsley next.
05:38 At the end.
05:39 And then we sprinkle on the Vegan parmesan, alright.
05:41 Okay. And so with that in mind
05:43 they might want to look at our very next recipe.
05:46 Oh! Why not let's do it.
05:48 Okay, our next recipe is actually called
05:50 Cheese Melting. It calls for
06:19 Okay. Well, this is also very exciting recipe
06:22 is called Cheese Melting.
06:24 Not melting cheese Not melting cheese.
06:26 Okay, okay.
06:27 Although, all the cheese that can melt. Okay.
06:29 What I'm gonna do is I already got my hot
06:30 water ready to go and I am gonna add
06:32 in the cashews, alright. These are raw cashews.
06:34 These are raw cashews, okay. Hot water.
06:36 And we gonna put them in a hot water and we
06:39 are gonna start blending that up.
06:40 Where can a person get raw cashews,
06:42 first warming. All is once again,
06:45 any store has bulk items.
06:46 Oh! And even some of your regular
06:48 supermarkets now have all these items there
06:50 because they have already started doing a lot
06:52 the natural foods. Okay.
06:53 In there sections of the store.
06:55 For now salted cashews just won't work.
06:57 No, no, no, no, no It should be raw.
06:58 That's right. Okay.
07:11 Now I let this blend for a while and it's going to
07:14 get real, you know, the actual cashews will blend
07:16 into the water and it will become thick, okay. Umm!
07:19 We are gonna blend it again, but this time
07:20 I'm gonna blend, I'm gonna start adding in
07:22 the lemon juice and that I'm gonna add in my
07:24 nutritional yeast. I am gonna add the oats in.
07:27 I am gonna add the cornstarch in. Just gonna
07:30 go online then I'm gonna put the, Pimentos
07:33 Pimentos in because that's gonna give us that
07:35 color like cheese. Okay.
07:36 And then we are gonna add the last one,
07:38 which is the onion and also the salt.
07:39 Did you want me to help you out with this?
07:41 Absolutely, let me just turn it back on first.
07:42 I am turning low this time, so you can begin to add.
08:46 Now we got it all in there, so we gonna do one
08:48 more switch and then it's ready to go. Alright,
08:50 we are gonna put on high and let's move it.
09:09 You will find that when you are making this up
09:11 that the cashews have not blended well.
09:14 This is not a problem, just put the lid back on
09:16 and let it go once again until it gets very, very
09:18 soft. It would actually blend in like it should
09:20 and we are now gonna take and pour,
09:22 it smells good don't it. Yes.
09:24 We gonna pour. The Pimentos turns today
09:25 more of a, turns kind of a yellowish color,
09:27 it looks like cheese, I like these some of the
09:29 pimentos pieces and those are like
09:30 a little bit of redness.
09:32 So we could blend it little bit more,
09:33 but for time sake. No, it's fine.
09:35 Oh! It's fine. All the cashews are all in their
09:36 and everything is there. Umm! Okay.
09:38 Okay and with that in mind what we are gonna
09:40 do now is we just gonna go ahead on and just
09:42 start stir it and you will stir it until it actually
09:44 becomes thick, alright. Oh! Okay.
09:46 And so of course, you want to see the end
09:49 product of this and so you gonna have
09:51 to stay by, so you can see
09:53 everything as it finishes up, so stay by.


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