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00:01 Welcome to Abundant Living.
00:03 On our show today nothing, but cooking.
00:06 It's entitled Pastabilities.
00:09 So you want to get your paper and your pencil.
00:11 Call someone on the phone and tell them
00:13 Abundant Living is on.
00:46 Well, hello and welcome to the Abundant Living.
00:48 My name is Paula Eakins
00:49 and this is my husband Cutis Eakins.
00:53 Thank you very much. Welcome Pastabilities,
00:56 Pastabilities. So, we are gonna be cooking,
00:59 what, maybe, fruit, Pasta.
01:00 Oh! Pasta. Oh! Okay.
01:02 As a matter of fact, I kind of want to start
01:04 the program off with just talking about
01:06 some of the wonderful Pastas out in the market
01:08 right now. Okay.
01:09 Because you know there was a lot of hype
01:11 that went on, not too long ago,
01:13 where people were getting off the pasta,
01:14 getting off potatoes and all that kind of stuff,
01:16 yeah the low carb and all that kind of stuff, wind down,
01:18 and, but the pastas are back.
01:19 They are back, and here to stay.
01:21 And you know there are not just enriched
01:22 pastas out there in the market. They are all
01:24 types of pastas out there and I want just kind
01:25 a show you a few of them, okay, that I am
01:27 really loving. Okay,
01:28 we use on our program Abundant Living.
01:30 I'm thinking it's just Macaroni/Spaghetti but,
01:32 I mean there is more than just that, no, no, nope, nope, nope.
01:34 For instance, okay, we have, this is a
01:35 whole wheat stuffed shell, oh whole wheat,
01:39 pasta, pasta whole wheat. We cook for few
01:42 minutes and then you can stuff them wherever
01:44 you want to stuff them away, oh okay,
01:45 and I want to show you another one.
01:47 How about Soy Lasagna?
01:50 Now, I might have known because
01:51 you are a tofu lady. Soy Lasagna
01:53 Soy Lasagna noodles. Okay.
01:55 For those individuals who have a problem
01:57 with celiac disease, and can't use that and we are going to
01:59 talk about that too, we actually use that right,
02:00 and wait a minute, you definitely have to see
02:02 this one here. How about
02:04 Organic Spinach Spiral Pasta? How about that?
02:10 Turn it around. Well, look at that.
02:11 That's nice. Okay. That's really nice.
02:13 It's nice. Now some of these you can get,
02:15 I've see some at the regular grocery store.
02:17 All of these are nice, really Curtis all,
02:18 these were all there; yes they are all there. Okay.
02:21 And of course we can't forget our Lasagna
02:24 whole wheat, whole wheat,
02:26 Lasagna, Lasagna, alright, okay.
02:28 These pasta noodles as well. And I've got a
02:31 couple of them that I am going to be using today.
02:32 One of, it's going to be the whole wheat. Okay.
02:34 And the other is going to be, one is actually
02:36 my favorite, which is Orzo, and these Orzo,
02:41 these are actually call or they call it
02:43 a pumpkin seed or seed it Lasagna noodles,
02:47 very, very small in texture.
02:48 Now will these swell up or, they are gonna swell up.
02:51 We gonna make a recipe out of this today
02:53 as well, alright. I see one down here too.
02:55 What you see, what you see. I see always,
02:57 Oh! Yeah. Oh! Yeah.
02:58 The bows and so this is there, rice,
03:01 Rice. Rice. Yes, Spaghetti Style Pasta.
03:04 Good, for those who may have Celiac
03:06 and then last for not least, I hope
03:08 I got to show this one. Okay.
03:09 And that is, Oh! This is rainbow.
03:12 Wow, look at that, a rainbow.
03:13 This is an Organic Rainbow Pasta.
03:14 Yes, okay, and this is very, very good.
03:16 Now, you know, people always ask the question,
03:18 how do you know what Pasta's to fix
03:20 with what foods? Good question.
03:22 And basically when the pasta's come out
03:23 and you are buying them, let's say,
03:25 you know, not in bulk but you are buying
03:26 already in boxes, you really want to pay
03:28 attention to the instructions, alright. Okay.
03:30 There is a word called Al Dente
03:32 and Al Dente means you don't cook that pasta
03:35 and cook it and cook becomes real wimpy
03:37 and you can't use or it breaks up. Okay.
03:39 But, Al Dente means just to taste.
03:42 Oh! It's not quite real soggy. It's nice.
03:45 It's kind of crisp, texture. Okay.
03:47 It is done all, and you will see on the box,
03:50 it will say anywhere from maybe 5 to 7 minutes,
03:52 remember, do exactly what the box says.
03:55 Keep that water high boiled. You want to stir
03:57 it very, you know, a little bit not a lot.
04:00 I don't use metal when I do pastas because
04:02 you can very easy break the pasta as you are
04:04 trying to store it around, oh, okay,
04:06 as it's getting itself together, okay.
04:07 But, these are really good and I want to go
04:09 to our first recipe, Curtis. Talking about
04:12 Pastabilities. Yes, Pastabilities
04:15 And that is a Mock Ricotta Lasagna Rolls.
04:18 Oh! That sounds good, honey.
04:20 Let's look at the ingredients. Okay.
04:22 It calls for, 1 can of spaghetti sauce at 26oz
04:26 1/2 cup of water
04:27 1 tablespoon of Italian seasoning
04:30 1 package of lasagna, cooked and drained
04:33 2 packages of Mori-Nu tofu, firm
04:36 1/4 cup of parsley, chopped
04:40 1 tablespoon of McKay's chicken-style seasoning
04:42 1 tablespoon of nutritional yeast
04:45 and 1/4 cup of Vegan parmesan alternative.
04:51 Now, I like this recipe. First of all
04:54 it's very quick. Very quick and easy.
04:55 And because of the sake of TV,
04:58 we've already got our spaghetti sauce
04:59 warming up and I've actually added to it the
05:01 Italian seasoning that is required in there. Okay.
05:04 Just a kind to give it a nice flavor
05:05 and also has that 1 cup of water in it as well. Okay.
05:08 You know, spaghetti sauce, okay.
05:09 Now well, I made a comment about the actual Mori-Nu.
05:15 I didn't say it was the Mori-Nu tofu.
05:17 That's what we are using, the Mori-Nu tofu
05:18 and this is a firm, box, that comes in a box.
05:20 Okay. Good.
05:22 And we are gonna just take a fork
05:23 and we going to mash, just gonna mash it up
05:27 because we have to give it the assimilation
05:28 of, the resemblance of the Ricotta cheese.
05:31 Okay, now the Mori-Nu, they have different
05:33 textures you have soft, firm and extra firm,
05:36 so makes it different.
05:37 This is a firm. This is a firm.
05:38 And it's good, you know, what I think is
05:40 whenever I'm doing these different cheeses
05:42 or doing different recipes I want to make
05:43 sure that it looks like the assimilation
05:46 of something that somebody is used to.
05:47 Okay. And we got a make this,
05:48 we gonna make this look like the actual
05:50 Ricotta cheese and by simply mashing
05:52 it with your fork. When I first used this
05:54 particular one, Curtis, I used to put in a
05:56 blender, or food processor and mash it down.
05:59 I said I don't look like Ricotta cheese to me.
06:01 So, I found if I just take and take my fork
06:03 and mash it. Look at that texture.
06:05 Okay. See that.
06:07 And in the texture. Yep, what you can do
06:08 is go ahead and start adding in.
06:10 We have our parsley. Okay.
06:13 We are gonna put the parsley in, alright,
06:15 and in that parsley we are gonna also add to that
06:18 the Chicken style seasoning.
06:21 Right here. Ah! Go ahead. Okay.
06:23 That end and we are gonna also add,
06:25 and this is again McKay's,
06:26 we talked about that, our nutritional yeast
06:28 that's the next one here, put that in also.
06:29 Alright. Okay. Okay. Alright.
06:32 then we're gonna stir it up and yes we are
06:34 and Chicken style seasoning has no chicken.
06:36 No chicken. McKay's Beef style seasoning has no beef.
06:38 That's right. So, this is Mock.
06:41 This is Mock. It has the flavor
06:43 of seasoning in that. Yeah.
06:44 It has the flavor of the seasoning and the
06:47 thing is lot of time people get into vegetarian
06:48 cooking, the first thing they do is they forget
06:50 that they have to put the seasoning in
06:52 because the blood and the fats and all that
06:55 is now gone, alright. So, you got to put that
06:56 good seasoning in it. Now our sauce is
06:58 basically ready. Now we mentioned
07:00 one thing about in the ingredient list
07:02 the Vegan parmesan alternative and so those
07:05 may be watching for the first time,
07:07 what is that? The Vegan Parmesan
07:10 is a substitute cheese that we use in the place
07:13 of regular cheese, okay and it smells like,
07:16 taste like, acts like to me regular cheese,
07:20 okay. Okay.
07:21 Like your assimilation once again of cheese,
07:22 our whole program is always about trying
07:24 to give people something better,
07:26 Umh! Okay, and on top of that not taking the way
07:28 foods that they are used to, and why did
07:31 cheese called Cheese, we did a program
07:32 on cheese several years ago. Cheese one
07:35 of the worst foods for your kidneys.
07:38 Cheese and a egg yolk, right. Cheese has lot
07:40 of cholesterol as well. So, again we want to
07:42 have something place of that egg yolk
07:45 and the cheese, so, therefore, this is a Mock.
07:47 Therefore, it's excellent for kidneys and
07:49 get the blood pressure going down
07:50 And many people still eat cheese
07:52 and so they are looking for options. Right.
07:54 Right. And so that Vegan parmesan
07:55 and some of your, something better,
07:57 soy cheeses, something better,
07:58 something better, and we know
08:00 you guys are still watching.
08:01 Keep watching the show because we are
08:02 actually gonna do a melting cheese
08:04 or we call it Cheese Melting.
08:05 Oh! On this program, as well okay.
08:07 Cheese melting, okay.
08:08 Now we talked about those Lasagna noodles
08:09 and basically this Lasagna noodle
08:11 is actually a whole wheat noodle,
08:12 that we find okay, we've already cooked it
08:14 and we are gonna see, I actually put on wax
08:17 papers, so it doesn't get stick, doesn't stick
08:20 to anything, okay, and so once it gets cold
08:23 it's easier to handle this well. And what I am
08:25 gonna do is I'm gonna take my assimilation,
08:28 of course, once again of my Ricotta cheese
08:30 and I'm gonna put in the very middle,
08:33 okay. I'm going to do one of these two.
08:34 Aha, as a matter of fact, I know being on the
08:37 along the side of you. You can share over.
08:39 I can share, okay. Everything is over,
08:40 okay. Okay, And I will put this in the middle,
08:42 in the middle. Okay, they won't be able
08:43 to see it that way, so put it that way like that,
08:45 but this didn't come down, okay,
08:47 do it that way. And then we just
08:48 and you don't put a lot. You just actually
08:50 want to make, you want to push it down so
08:52 that it's not real thick because we have to,
08:56 it's called Rolls, so we are gonna roll it up
09:00 Roll it up. Same kind of filling that would go
09:01 into regular Lasagna except for the fact that
09:03 we are making individual Lasagna rolls.
09:07 Okay. I'm sorry I could have given you a spoon.
09:09 That would help you a lot better,
09:10 that help you, I am working a little bit
09:12 harder, but that's okay. Umm! Umm! Okay.
09:14 We still love you anyway.
09:17 Alright and put that in here.
09:20 And one roll is one serving or one roll
09:23 is considered as a serving. Okay
09:25 or you know, you can do two of them,
09:28 but usually one roll is a serving. And what
09:30 we are gonna do now is just, let me first
09:32 all go ahead and get my sauce,
09:35 little bit of sauce into the dish.
09:38 Now was the Vegan parmesan in, with the
09:42 No, I don't put that in this is the last
09:44 Oh! That's later. It is last, on to last.
09:46 Okay. Okay.
09:47 And put a little bit sauce on here.
09:49 Move it round the dish, okay.
09:52 Okay, we are ready to roll.
09:54 I will put here and what we are gonna do is
09:55 very lightly. Very lightly.
09:58 We are gonna start rolling it up.
09:59 This is a high tech folks, high tech.
10:01 Roll it up. Very lightly.
10:03 And you wanna make sure that you keep
10:06 the Ricotta on the inside. Keep it only inside.
10:10 Beautiful presentation as you can already
10:11 see, yes it is, how that looks.
10:13 Okay. Alright and then we are just going to
10:14 lay it in the dish seam side down.
10:18 Seam side down. Alright. Okay.
10:22 There you have it? Alright. Okay.
10:25 Yes, okay. Let's do another one because
10:28 we are gonna do, we gonna do it four of these
10:29 all together, okay. Alright.
10:31 Get me that. Here's your spoon, okay,
10:32 and then you got spoon right there.
10:35 Now I made a comment about the parsley
10:38 you can use fresh parsley or you can use
10:41 parsley that's already grounded and if you do that
10:44 you gonna use less. Our recipe actually calls for
10:47 when we look at the parsley itself. In this recipe
10:51 it's calling for 1/4 of a cup. Well, you would
10:53 use 1/4 of a cup of parsley that's dry.
10:58 You would use that if it is fresh. Alright,
11:00 probably just about may be two tablespoons
11:03 if you going to use it, if it's ground, okay. And
11:07 we are gonna just once again put some at the
11:10 bottom here, umm! umm! Alright, very easy
11:14 recipe, yes it is, very good recipe. Everybody
11:17 gets the own individual one.
11:18 I think this pasta is possible, Pastabilities.
11:22 Okay, let's go ahead and roll it out.
11:24 It's time to roll. Alright. We are gonna roll.
11:26 Take it very slow and roll it,
11:29 roll it, Because there is lot of stuff
11:30 as much as you should want, have a bigger.
11:33 Well, you can, but what's gonna happen is
11:34 gonna come out of there when you get ready to
11:37 bake it in the oven, it will squeeze out on you.
11:39 Oh! Okay. And it's very important
11:40 for presentation that has a nice, very important
11:43 for presentation, presentation.
11:44 And then we are gonna end with just putting a little bit
11:46 of the sauce. Over top, and Curtis, you know,
11:49 what, I really didn't bring my Vegan parmesan
11:51 cheese with me, so it's over there if you go get it.
11:54 Okay. Over the table. On a table.
11:56 And I'm gonna pour the sauce over the top.
12:02 And it's gonna bake in the oven, covered,
12:07 325 degrees at first and then I'll take the cover
12:11 off and let it finish up. Is that a beautiful
12:15 presentation or what? Wonderful, wonderful.
12:17 Now this is that Vegan parmesan.
12:19 Want to show that to them.
12:20 This is the Vegan parmesan. I am gonna just
12:21 keep it still here if I can, alright and you can get
12:24 this at any. I got it at health food store.
12:27 Health food store. But now a lot your
12:28 supermarkets are bringing in a whole line.
12:30 Umm! Of all the natural foods. Okay.
12:32 So I always say if you don't see it,
12:35 tell them about it. Okay. Alright.
12:36 Let we mention also that this has just changed
12:39 colors within the last month and so.
12:41 It was green and yellow. It was green.
12:43 Yeah. So, now it's purple.
12:44 Yeah, over the last month.
12:46 And has the word Vegan written over top of it.
12:47 Yeah, Vegan parmesan alternative, okay,
12:48 and okay seen. Let me just turn this
12:50 around like this here. We don't want to put too
12:52 much on there. Okay.
12:53 Just a little bit of it. Just a little bit on the top.
12:55 Just little bit. Okay.
12:57 Get that assimilation. And you will get chance
12:58 to see that at the end of the program and we are
13:01 going to and I want to just before I did that,
13:02 that one there. I want to show them this.
13:05 This is my other noodles. Well, lot of times
13:07 people asks me questions about noodles,
13:09 you know, how do you know, which noodles
13:10 are right noodles you use, one of the things that
13:12 we always say is that when you see a noodle
13:14 like this, it's a noodle that will hold sauce.
13:16 Okay. Because you see all the holes in it.
13:18 But now you don't have to do your noodles on
13:20 the exact same day, which you are gonna be
13:22 using it. Oh!
13:23 What you can actually do is make up your
13:25 noodles, rinse them off in cold water put them
13:28 in the plastic bag, a little bit of spray,
13:31 and cooking spray on top of it, and you can put
13:34 it in your freezer and freeze it until it's the
13:35 time for you to use it. Freeze it.
13:37 And because of the fact you have this spray
13:39 over top of it. The noodles will not stick,
13:41 it still separate when they come out. Woh!
13:43 Or if you are gonna be using that week
13:44 and let's say you are doing your cooking on
13:46 Sunday. Sometime, I cook on Sunday for the
13:47 whole week then you can actually do this again,
13:50 put it in the plastic bag, put it in your
13:51 refrigerator. And it will lasted for over a week.
13:54 Already ready to go when it is time, all you have
13:57 to do keep the spaghetti sauce ready.
13:59 Get your noodles already, warm them a little bit,
14:00 and while you have your meal ready to go.
14:02 You have been doing your homework.
14:05 Yes, I have been doing my homework and we
14:07 are going to be doing another recipe that you
14:09 are gonna really love. Umm! Sounds good.
14:11 And so with that in mind this new recipe we are
14:14 going to do and I want them just to stay by.


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