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00:01 Well, welcome back. Okay.
00:03 And we're gonna go to our recipe,
00:04 which is a Fruity Brown Rice Pilaf.
00:31 Okay, Fruity Brown Rice Pilaf.
00:34 Yes, this is a good recipe.
00:35 Now, I need to mention now of course,
00:37 I have to assume that maybe people are watching us
00:39 for the first time and we get always new viewers.
00:42 So you mentioned McKay's chicken-style seasoning.
00:45 Now this is a plant based vegan vegetarian program.
00:48 So let's explain maybe the
00:50 McKay's chicken-style seasoning.
00:51 Which really is not chicken at all.
00:54 No chicken, no meat. It's just a mock chicken.
00:55 It is just a mock chicken.
00:57 It is... chicken style and a beef style on the market.
01:00 Both McKay's has it with no MSG and also Bills Best has it.
01:04 They're in your health food stores
01:06 or in sometimes in your
01:07 regular grocery stores as well. Okay.
01:08 They have a McKay's beef style season as well.
01:10 Absolutely, absolutely, no beef. Okay.
01:12 No beef, okay. All right.
01:14 For experiencing sake, I've already got the rice going
01:16 because you're gonna cook the rice with the water
01:18 and also the chicken style seasoning together.
01:21 So it's already warm and ready to go.
01:22 And this is the part that really
01:24 makes it very, very nice.
01:25 Because it's called a fruity.
01:26 A fruity, okay brown rice fruity in here
01:29 Okay, we're using the brown rice once again, all right.
01:31 So we got our margarine started up here already
01:33 and what we're gonna do is,
01:34 I'm gonna just start adding in my cashews.
01:36 Okay. And we're gonna do the cashews
01:38 until the cashews actually get kind of a brown color.
01:41 All right. So we're gonna put them
01:42 into our soy margarine get them going.
01:44 All right and we gonna turn it up a little bit. And...
01:47 That's gonna be new for a lot of people,
01:49 you know, rice with fruit.
01:50 Yeah, yep, yep. Fruity brown rice pilaf.
01:53 This recipe is actually a part
01:54 of one of my supplemental pack of the recipe cookbook.
01:57 Okay. All right.
01:59 The global has its own recipes to it
02:02 and we've now add it to the global recipe the new series.
02:04 A lot of people who have that global book.
02:05 So the global has a 140 recipes.
02:07 And the new, the new inserts of the new recipe
02:10 is everywhere from 84-86 new recipes. All right.
02:13 That will be added to that book.
02:14 To be added to that book.
02:16 Okay, it all on the website. All right. That's right.
02:17 And so we gonna put those in
02:19 and as those move around a little bit.
02:20 We're gonna turn up a little bit higher
02:21 and then we're gonna add to the raisins.
02:25 All right. All right.
02:26 And I love raisins, so we're gonna put our raisins in.
02:29 Just brown rice of course we can get the ten minute.
02:32 No, well, you know, I like to just get regular brown rice
02:36 you know it cooks like in 45 minutes,
02:38 always use long grain. Okay.
02:39 All right, if you don't want to you can get
02:41 some of the other rices as the par boils as well.
02:42 But we're using the Mahattan brown rice for that one. Okay.
02:46 Okay. Now this is very, very attractive, Curtis.
02:48 I'm gonna now put in the apricots. Okay. Okay.
02:53 This is gonna be low calorie dense type food.
02:56 Which got the fruit, has a lot of water content.
02:59 Yes. And outside of the cashews,
03:02 but again everything here is low calorie dates.
03:05 Low calories and the last part
03:06 I'm gonna do is put in the dates. Okay.
03:08 And these dates actually were given to us
03:10 from our friend of ours, who, these are the Turkish dates.
03:13 They're very, very good, very, very large
03:15 and we cut them up to go in this recipe as well.
03:18 Okay. Okay.
03:20 All right. Okay everything in...
03:21 All the goodies. All the goodies.
03:23 We're gonna just stir those all around there.
03:27 And we gonna actually put this into that brown rice.
03:33 Oh! I thought you're gonna put the rice in there.
03:35 That goes into the rice.
03:36 Oh, well, yeah. Either way, huh.
03:38 Either way, is that pretty? Yes, it is.
03:40 Is that pretty? Okay.
03:41 I'm ready to eat that just like it
03:43 is right there without the rice.
03:44 It smells good, it smells good. Okay.
03:46 We're gonna go ahead and pour it into the rice.
03:48 The rice is gonna be warm.
03:49 So the rice is already cooked. Rice is already cooked.
03:52 It's got the chicken style seasoning in it
03:54 and everything, and now we gonna add in the Pilaf.
03:58 This is actually what makes it a pilaf.
04:00 Yes. Now, we're gonna just stir it up.
04:03 Fruity brown rice pilaf. Brown rice pilaf.
04:08 Now this will be well I guess you need a
04:10 vegetable with this.
04:11 Yes, I actually serve this up with
04:13 believe or not Shish kabobs. Okay.
04:16 So we'll show them the Shish Kabobs
04:18 at the end of the program along with this. All right.
04:21 Oh, we got some Shish Kabobs. Yes, indeed.
04:23 So why don't we just stay by.


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