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00:01 Okay, I still have a problem.
00:03 I'm not eating past six.
00:05 I'm reading labels trying to lose weight,
00:08 I'm not consuming any liquid fat or soft drinks,
00:12 but the weight is still slowly coming off.
00:14 Today's program maybe entitled is,
00:17 "What you need walking with Paula." We'll be right back.
00:52 Hi, welcome to Abundant Living.
00:54 This is Curtis Eakins and this is my beautiful bride
00:58 of 13 glorious years, Paula Eakins.
01:01 Paula Eakins and it's called walking with Paula.
01:03 Walking with me.
01:05 Walking with Paula. Walking with me, walking with me.
01:07 Oh, walking with anybody, okay. Okay, right.
01:08 Well, physical activity. Physical activity.
01:11 'Cause you know, we don't use the word exercise anymore.
01:14 That's a lot of blood, and sweat, and tears.
01:16 And so, let's do some physical activity,
01:19 but today's program is entitled, walking with Paula.
01:22 We'll get more into that later on in today's program,
01:24 but again dealing with the winning weigh series
01:27 and this is one of the last series of this program.
01:31 And so, walking with Paula is very important
01:33 that people need to also include some type of
01:37 physical activity into their daily routine.
01:40 Speaking about walking with Paula,
01:41 I was wondering, does the Bible
01:43 have anything about walking also?
01:45 Well, about walking or exercise in general?
01:47 Yes. Well, the Bible has a lot to say about exercise,
01:50 it really does, folks.
01:51 And again, we're using God's word as the standard of truth.
01:55 And health is without exception.
01:57 Exercise is without exception.
02:01 First Timothy 4 verse 7, the Bible says that,
02:04 "We should exercise Godliness."
02:09 And if a person just exercised Godliness
02:11 and this would be great, I mean, exercise Godliness.
02:14 So doing things that are the attributes of God,
02:18 well, God is kind and He's gentle, and He's merciful.
02:22 So if we exercise Godliness,
02:24 this would be a wonderful world to live in.
02:26 What do you say, honey? Absolutely, absolutely.
02:28 Well, not only that, but Jeremiah 9:24,
02:31 the Bible also says, we should exercise
02:35 with love and kindness.
02:37 Well, now that's another good exercise we should do,
02:39 what do you think, honey? I mean, anybody can do that.
02:40 Absolutely, absolutely, probably...
02:42 So we exercise loving kindness,
02:44 that also would be a nice world to live in,
02:46 to be kind, and to be gentle with one another.
02:49 All right. Now also the Bible emphasizing
02:52 that we should also exercise Hebrews 5:14
02:56 to discern good from evil,
03:00 and it's always good to exercise that.
03:02 Definitely. So we know what's right from wrong, exercise...
03:05 So the Bible has a lot say about exercise,
03:09 but you maybe thinking about another type of exercise,
03:11 the spiritual exercise.
03:13 What about physical exercise?
03:16 Well, let's go to our first graphic
03:17 and let's see what the Bible have to say
03:19 about physical exercise. Here it is, folks.
03:22 This is God's way, Genesis 2 verse 15.
03:25 The Bible says, "The Lord God took the man
03:29 and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it
03:34 and take care of it."
03:36 Now again, as God made our first parents,
03:39 Adam and Eve, He put them in the Garden of Eden.
03:42 The Bible says, to work it and to take care of it.
03:47 So that means that we are designed by God the Creator,
03:52 to engage our bodies in some type of physical activity.
03:56 To work the Garden of Eden and to work it now,
03:59 doesn't mean that they had rototillering
04:01 and you know, the plow, 'cause they didn't have
04:03 those tools back then.
04:05 But I think one of writers said that they had to use
04:08 their physical abilities to train
04:11 the vines and the branches.
04:13 And so they really had to work the garden,
04:16 so they were engaged outdoor physical activity.
04:19 So we're designd to do that, and that's God's way.
04:22 What is the best exercise? What is the best exercise?
04:27 Well, we have a graphic, but before we go to our graphic,
04:30 let me just first preference this particular author.
04:33 And we mentioned this author before.
04:35 This author is the most translated author
04:38 in the United States,
04:40 according to the Library of Congress.
04:42 And also now the second in the world.
04:45 And this author's wrote,
04:47 written many volumes on health.
04:49 Exercise is without exception.
04:53 And here is what this author says about the best exercise.
04:57 So let's look at this next graphic,
04:59 this will be profound.
05:00 Number 1, here it is, "There is no exercise
05:06 that can take the place of, there it is, honey, walking"
05:12 Now, of course, I know there is a lot of people out there
05:16 who are the runners and the joggers.
05:19 They have, well wait a minute, now all those who swim
05:21 and those who do bicycling, okay. And that's good.
05:24 Don't forget golfing.
05:25 And golfing, okay.
05:27 Now that's if you walk the 18 holes
05:28 instead of going into the buggy, okay.
05:31 So my brother's walking the 18 holes, he loves to golf.
05:34 Right. But this inspired author says that,
05:39 there is nothing that can take the place of walking.
05:44 For those who can't walk, let's include that as well.
05:48 And why is that? When we walk,
05:51 our whole body is engaged in some type of activity
05:55 because the legs are moving,
05:57 the arms are moving as well.
05:59 And also by walking we also exercise internal organs.
06:03 Now again when we walk,
06:06 And of course, we walk as well,
06:07 we go morning to what you do with your program,
06:10 but again, speed walking is even better
06:13 than just brisk or just strolling down the parks.
06:16 So but again walking is the best exercise
06:19 according to this author.
06:20 So we're emphasizing walking for those
06:23 who can walk would be the number one exercise.
06:26 Now there is a national exercise registry out there.
06:28 And they talk about exercise as well,
06:31 talk to us a little bit about that.
06:32 Yeah, and we mentioned this before,
06:34 this called a National Weight Control Registry.
06:37 And again let's mentioned this again,
06:39 you just type in those words
06:40 and a Google search on the Internet
06:42 you'll come up with it.
06:43 And now to be a part of this registry,
06:46 you have to lose at least 30 pounds
06:50 and keeping it off for at least one year,
06:53 then you can be a member of this registry.
06:56 Now the average person have lost 70 pounds
06:59 and keep it off for six years.
07:01 But to be a member lose 30 pounds,
07:03 keep off for one year.
07:04 Now, if you lose 30 pounds
07:06 and let's say you lost 35 pounds,
07:09 you gained 5 pounds back,
07:12 you'd still be a member 'cause you still have
07:13 lost overall 30 pounds in a course of a 12 months period.
07:17 Now the people in this registry,
07:20 going with the winners now.
07:22 The number one exercise that these people
07:25 engaged in was walking.
07:28 Now some did bicycling, some did aerobic dancing,
07:32 but the number one exercise that these people
07:34 and they burned on an average 2,800 calories a week.
07:42 Wow! All right.
07:44 So this is going with the winners.
07:45 This is what people have done in this registry thereby
07:48 we want to emphasize walking would be number one.
07:51 For those who can walk that's the best exercise out there.
07:54 And why is that important in weight loss?
07:57 Well, now walking does a lot of things
07:59 for weight management, weight loss,
08:00 having to try to shink those fat cells.
08:02 Number one, walking increases ones metabolism.
08:06 Again, the faster you walk, the harder metabolism.
08:08 Well, just get out there and just start walking,
08:11 some type of walking program.
08:13 It does that. Number two,
08:14 walking also helps to aid in digestion.
08:18 This is something that a lot of people may not understand
08:21 or may not even be aware of, it also aids in digestion.
08:24 Particularly after we have eaten a meal.
08:27 Number three, walking also have to eliminate waste
08:29 in toxins from the system that also can add weight
08:32 to the body as well.
08:33 So walking, brisk walking in particular can have
08:37 some very profound effects on weight management
08:40 and to shrink those fat cells.
08:43 Well, now there are some people
08:44 out there saying Curtis.
08:45 First of all, I'm just too old too walk.
08:47 Too old to walk. And I'm too tired to walk.
08:50 Too tired to walk.
08:51 So how do you address the individual
08:53 that's sitting there thinking and watching this program
08:54 and saying, he is not talking to me.
08:56 No, he is not. No, we're not talking.
08:58 You're talking about somebody next door to you.
09:00 Yep. Now if you're too tired to walk,
09:02 that maybe an idea for you to walk.
09:05 Absolutely. Because when you walk
09:06 you're less tired, it's a catch 22,
09:08 but just stay with me on this one.
09:10 Yes, yes...
09:11 Now let me do some personal experiences here.
09:13 Now my mother, we play tennis.
09:17 Now when I say tennis, we play tennis,
09:20 we don't just hit the ball over the net one or two times,
09:22 sit down and drink ice tea.
09:24 All right, or have water, whatever the case maybe.
09:27 I mean, we workup a sweat.
09:29 That's my mother and we play tennis quite often
09:32 not more than I should, but we're pretty way
09:36 out there at least an hour or so.
09:37 Plays quite a bit and play quite about.
09:39 Yeah, now that's my mother. Yes.
09:41 Now my grandmother. Now she also has an exercise program.
09:49 Yeah. And in her garage,
09:52 she has a workout station where she has a machine
09:55 that does her ab work.
09:56 She is trying to work on a six pack.
09:58 And we're not talking about poolside,
10:00 but you know, you got three muscles
10:01 on the inside of her abdominal wall.
10:03 And she does that, and then she goes and rotates
10:06 to the treadmill, she's on that for a while.
10:09 And then she does the bicycling and then she gets
10:12 the two pound weights and lifts them up.
10:15 Yes, she does. From time to time.
10:16 Yes, she does.
10:18 And then on the outside of course,
10:19 she walks up and down the street as well.
10:21 Oh, I failed to mention, the age of my mother,
10:23 sorry mama, I will tell your age so,
10:25 you know, get over it.
10:26 But, she's 77, my grandmother according
10:31 to the time of this program is 100.
10:34 One hundred. All right.
10:36 And she is still pumping iron.
10:38 All right, so again, it's too old
10:41 and it's not just weight management
10:42 because both of these ladies, my mom and grandmother,
10:44 they're not overweight.
10:45 But the point is that, the muscles also attach
10:48 to the skeletal system.
10:50 Therefore, it strengthens the body because my,
10:52 I've a picture of my grandmother
10:53 actually having a mallet,
10:56 lifting it up and splitting logs, okay.
10:59 so therefore she does a lot of manual labor
11:02 in her area outside of her home.
11:05 Therefore it strengthens her whole total system as well.
11:08 Not just weight management,
11:09 but also to increase her independence
11:12 and her strength and also she feel less tired as well.
11:16 So again you're not too old to anything, folks.
11:19 Just get out there and start doing
11:20 something that you enjoy.
11:22 Seriously, she is quite a lady,
11:23 100th birthday and she was as, we had all that.
11:26 On her birthday party we had all the graphics
11:28 and everything to talk about what was going on with her.
11:29 And she really is the person that encourages all of us.
11:32 That's right. If you think about the fact
11:33 that she is at a 100 exercising.
11:35 We surely need to be doing something.
11:36 She showed me a box, when I was just a young guy,
11:39 I guess a few years ago
11:41 and that would be over 40, about 45 years.
11:43 She purchased a box,
11:46 a kit that had a pulley from Jack LaLanne,
11:50 now those who are probably under 30,
11:51 probably don't know who Jack LaLanne is,
11:53 but he is a exercise person, guru.
11:56 Guru. And she still has the same box
11:59 that she purchased at pottery farm.
12:01 And she still uses that pulley system,
12:04 over 45 years old. So again it's not never
12:07 too late to exercise. Now what about you?
12:09 Let's do some personal experiences with you,
12:11 honey, about exercise program.
12:12 And you're on a unique program,
12:15 that you've been part of for 7 or 8 years.
12:17 Isn't that right, honey?
12:18 Yes, as a matter of fact I've been always a walker.
12:21 But this particular program I enjoyed because,
12:23 I was on a airplane and USA Today had put a big
12:26 article out there, the whole front page
12:27 had a woman walking, it was talking about
12:30 the obesity factor in America
12:31 and how we, the exercise was not going on.
12:34 And I got to reading it and it very,
12:36 very small caption at bottom of the paper was a website.
12:40 Okay. americaonthemove.org
12:44 So let's do that again, americaonthemove.org. Okay.
12:51 And I said, when I get home,
12:53 I'm gonna actually go to the website
12:54 and see if anything is there.
12:55 Sure enough it was a website, an active website.
12:58 Okay. And on there it actually talked about walking.
13:01 All right. And the importance of walking
13:03 and it has stuff on it about calorie density
13:05 and weight loss, everything was on there.
13:08 And my thing is about the walking
13:09 is I just love to walk. I love to walk.
13:12 And so I said, well, why don't I get on there.
13:13 Because what can happen is as you get on the site itself,
13:16 you get your password in there.
13:18 And then you have a big calendar
13:19 and you put your name in and then you actually
13:22 chart on a journal. You actually have a journal
13:24 and you chart your speed, your speed and your steps.
13:28 Okay. Now in order to be able to do that,
13:30 I had to have a pedometer,
13:32 and so I got me a pedometer and my pedometer I like,
13:35 because this pedometer was one,
13:36 it's one that actually does distance, steps and calories.
13:40 All right. It talks to you.
13:41 And so it's very exciting to me,
13:43 because it gives me a challenge.
13:44 So I will actually go about a whole week
13:46 by putting my numbers in my journal
13:47 and at the end of week I'll go on the site
13:49 and I'll put my numbers in.
13:51 Now, guess what? If I miss a couple days,
13:54 it will let me know, because there will be
13:55 a big old blank spot on that calendar day. All right.
13:58 You have to walk more to... You've to walk more.
14:00 Make up the difference. Because I'm on a program.
14:01 That right. The first program was a six week program.
14:04 Okay. The second program was a six month program.
14:07 And now I'm on a continuously six week programs.
14:11 And Curtis, there is, people are always
14:13 asking me question. How many steps do you have to take?
14:16 Yeah. Now... To be active or...
14:18 In order to be considered as an active person.
14:20 Yeah. So..
14:21 Now this pedometer will count your steps...
14:23 It counts your steps. You program it.
14:24 Right. You put it right on your waist.
14:25 It has to be right in front of your knee.
14:27 Right in front of your knee. Right there.
14:28 All right, direct line right. Okay, and just walking out.
14:30 And you just start walking.
14:31 Okay, let's look at, I think we have a graphic
14:33 about the steps and based on one's activity level.
14:35 Let's go to that graphic at this time.
14:37 Here it is folks, our steps now.
14:39 At least less than 5,000 steps,
14:41 you're basically inactive.
14:43 And if you're just walking around the house whatever,
14:46 you'd probably get about two, three,
14:47 four thousand whatever.
14:49 Five thousand steps to 7,499 is slightly active,
14:54 7,500 to 9,999 moderately active.
14:58 Now 10,000 steps to 12,499 is active.
15:04 And then the very active is over 12,500 steps.
15:09 Now your goal is, on your program,
15:13 you've several...you've been on several programs.
15:15 I've each one, when you on the site
15:17 you can pick your trails.
15:19 Okay. And so on this site,
15:20 I tried to do 10,000 and above. Okay.
15:22 All right, and ten thousand above steps a day.
15:24 Now, in order be able to do that,
15:26 you really have to get out there and walk.
15:29 You have to walk. Yeah.
15:30 Many people say I can be around in my house,
15:32 and I'm gonna get those steps in.
15:33 But unless you really, really commit yourself to walking.
15:36 That's how the steps begin.
15:37 So I tried in the beginning of my day
15:39 as we go out in morning to walk,
15:41 I tried to start then by getting in at least
15:43 five or six thousand in the morning
15:45 before I even begin my whole day.
15:47 Like this morning before the taping of this program,
15:49 we did a walk. We did a walk.
15:51 And we took in I think over 3,000 steps already.
15:54 We actually... Before they taping this...
15:56 We are actually almost close to 5,000.
15:57 Oh, five thousand, just by walking around the studio
15:59 we got another 2,000 steps, yeah.
16:01 and I think my wife puts it on in the morning folks.
16:04 And I tell you, I tell you this that,
16:07 if she is, let's say her goal is 10,000 steps a day,
16:10 if she is like a 9,000 steps at night,
16:13 she would actually walk aside her bed...
16:17 Right next to the bed. Right next to the bed.
16:18 Walking around the bed until she gets her 10,000 steps
16:21 and then she gets in bed.
16:23 Now the thing... It's a motivator.
16:24 Is so exciting, is that we had camp meetings in Huntsville,
16:26 and at those camp meetings we had a program called
16:29 'Walk It Out with Paula.' That's right.
16:30 So early in the morning 5:30,
16:32 the campers came to a specific site
16:34 and we actually walked it out.
16:36 Now, everybody came.
16:37 We said, don't make a difference.
16:39 You know, if you slow if you're whatever
16:41 is going on with you, this is an ideal time
16:43 to socialize with individuals
16:45 and get it in and all we asked them to do was 2,500 steps
16:49 to go to their destination
16:51 and then 2,500 steps to come back.
16:53 So we walked 2,500 together as they were talking.
16:56 Two thousand five back which meant
16:58 they got their 5,000 steps in.
17:00 That's right. All right.
17:01 Now I think we have a picture,
17:02 this is a South Central Conference
17:05 of Seventh-day Adventist in Huntsville,
17:07 that covers five states.
17:08 I think we've a picture of that,
17:10 let's go to our last graphic
17:11 about this picture those walkers out there.
17:13 And there you are.
17:14 And there was quite a few them that actually were there,
17:16 and this is our very first walk
17:17 that was so early in the morning.
17:18 And all of them came and not only that,
17:20 at the end of the four days they were walking.
17:22 They wind up getting certificates
17:23 and also their own pedometer.
17:27 Oh, I like that lady in the front of the picture
17:29 on one knee, who's her?
17:31 She looks pretty good to me. All right.
17:32 And so that graphic is finished now and we'll be...
17:35 You could just say. Thank you very much.
17:37 Thank you very much.
17:38 Okay, you're welcome very much, okay.
17:39 Now the other thing is at the end of a time frame
17:41 on a program that I'm on,
17:42 you wind up getting a certificate.
17:44 Oh! Let's show that.
17:46 If you stay faithful, okay.
17:47 And so that certificate actually shows up online,
17:49 you can actually copy it and when you, you know,
17:52 I mean, otherwise download it, print it.
17:54 And you get, how many steps you've actually done?
17:57 How many miles you actually walk?
17:59 And a big old congratulations and everything
18:00 from 'America on the move.' All right.
18:02 Now, honey, and you have what about may be...
18:04 This is about... May be 8 or 9 certificates?
18:06 I'm coming up to my 9th one.
18:07 Ninth one, and you've walked
18:08 around the United States about 3 or 4 times?
18:11 Yes. Yeah and so...
18:12 I have done a walk around America.
18:14 When you're putting your steps, folks,
18:15 each day there's a boot or shoe,
18:17 that will walk around United States,
18:19 and go all the way around as you put in your steps
18:22 from your pedometers.
18:23 So it's a good motivator, this is six weeks
18:25 there is a six month and this is excellent for that.
18:28 What do you have there, honey?
18:29 Now they also have on that site too.
18:31 One hundred ways to get 2,000 steps in,
18:32 and so you actually
18:34 get lot of material on this site as well.
18:35 But you know, the name of the game is to really
18:38 just get out there and walk.
18:40 Sometime when we made a comment
18:41 about I may feel like I'm too old
18:42 or I'm too tired or I'm too sick.
18:44 But the name of the game is to get that body moving.
18:47 You got to move the body
18:48 and we are so hooked on walking until when I get up
18:51 and start my day and I haven't got my walk in.
18:53 Oh, I'm like, I got to get outside,
18:55 I got to get outside, it's calling me.
18:56 Plus the Creator God is there outdoors,
18:59 nature, flowers, butterflies,
19:02 everything is available to us and you know...
19:04 Now one thing, that I need to mention before
19:06 we go into that kitchen that, when do you walk, folks,
19:08 God also blesses us as well.
19:10 Absolutely. Now lets just mention one blessing,
19:14 one blessing, in addition to the walking benefits,
19:16 or the weight management and circulation blood pressure
19:19 and diabetes, blood sugar... Good attitude.
19:21 I mean all the kind of things
19:22 but now some of other things
19:24 that are going to face when you walk.
19:26 You are not going to believe this
19:28 and but what happened to me is when I go walking,
19:31 Curtis and I walk together.
19:32 The Lord blesses me with money.
19:33 I mean I've found money in the street.
19:36 Pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters,
19:38 nickels but wait a minute. A dollar.
19:40 I found ten dollars? Ten dollars.
19:43 I found one day twenty dollars rolled up
19:45 in a ball across the street, I could not believe it,
19:47 I saw something green, I said, Curtis,
19:49 there is something green across the street.
19:50 That day I got a twenty dollar bill.
19:53 And it was nice and crispy. I always say God...
19:56 Thank you, Jesus. God pays me to walk.
19:57 Let's go out and walk. 'Walk It Out with Paula."
20:00 So you on the website,
20:01 and I think they can even sign up,
20:03 you get a code name. It's a good motivator.
20:06 It's not just weight management folks
20:08 but walking is again as that one author said,
20:11 is the number one exercise. Absolutely.
20:14 And lot of times and sometimes, you know,
20:16 some people are joggers out there.
20:18 I know there is one of us out there that they are listening.
20:20 But also running it also impacts the skeleton system.
20:26 And so you are compromising that,
20:27 but walking you can walk all day long without
20:30 compromising the skeletal system.
20:32 I can really walk faster than mostly people jog.
20:36 Because I do speed walking,
20:37 the goal is to walk one mile in fifteen minutes.
20:41 That's your goal, so you may not do that at first,
20:43 but that will be your goal
20:45 to walk one mile in fifty minutes.
20:47 We'll walk about five miles per hour.
20:50 Four to five miles per hour,
20:52 and that's a pretty good clip.
20:53 So you wanna build up to that,
20:54 or just walk it out with Paula you'll be just fine.
20:56 And talk about walking out with Paula.
20:58 We're gonna walk into the kitchen. All right.
21:00 We're gonna actually do a Fruity Brown Rice Pilaf.
21:03 So get your paper and pencil and meet us in the kitchen.


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