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Liquid Fat

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Participants: Paula and Curtis Eakins


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Program Code: AL00159C

00:01 Okay, welcome back. Oh! Welcome back.
00:03 Finished product. Look at the finished product.
00:05 The winning weigh meal. The winning weigh meal.
00:08 Alright. The Beef Fajita.
00:11 Yes. And, Blueberries Shakes.
00:14 Have mercy. Well, I'm just thinking
00:17 that you know, when we talk about.
00:18 Low in calories. Low in calories,
00:20 it has less fat.
00:21 We've actually our sugar was,
00:23 actually just only unsweetened orange juice.
00:25 And, bananas and the Blueberries, perfect meal.
00:28 Now, somebody mentioned about the diet sodas,
00:30 diet sodas also won't have as much sugar,
00:32 but again you've the artificial sugars.
00:34 We talked about Sucanat, well not Sucanat
00:37 but the Splenda, and so also we're going to be careful
00:42 about the diet sources as well.
00:44 Now, can we maybe sample some of this honey
00:46 because the clock is running there?
00:47 I had a feeling that was going to be
00:49 one of your question so.
00:50 Okay, well John 10:10 Jesus said,
00:53 I come that they might have life
00:56 and have it more abundantly.


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