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00:01 Welcome back. Okay.
00:02 We're gonna go to our very first recipe
00:04 which is a Blueberry Banana shake.
00:07 Oh! Okay, interesting.
00:08 It calls for, ½ -1 cup of orange juice, unsweetened.
00:12 1 banana, frozen and 1 cup of blueberries,
00:16 fresh or frozen. Okay. I'm gonna take.
00:19 And this is. You're talking about all of liquid fats.
00:21 Liquid fats. I was thinking about
00:22 while we make a something up that's really nutritious
00:24 and don't have a lot of extra sugars
00:27 and stuff in this. That's right
00:28 and that's interesting. This is a very good one.
00:30 So, we're gonna pour in a 1 cup,
00:31 a 1 cup of orange juice. You said 1-½ to 1 cup,
00:34 yeah, so it just depends on how thick you want.
00:36 If you want a thick shake
00:37 it would be half a cup.
00:39 Well, it would be a half cup, but the reason
00:40 why I did one cup is because I'm going to
00:42 share my milk shake with you.
00:43 Oh! You are so nice.
00:46 So, half to you and half for me,
00:47 it's the same thing with my banana.
00:49 So, I get one half to banana too.
00:50 A half a banana for me and half banana for you.
00:52 Oh! Let's share half, as well, you're alright baby.
00:55 I'm keeping you. And, when it comes to the blueberries.
00:58 And we get half of that. Which is my favorite,
01:00 I minus well eat one first. Okay, how about me?
01:07 Good. Yup, good.
01:08 Okay, now, that's good, okay we are here.
01:10 Alright. Okay.
01:11 Now, those frozen or, it's frozen,
01:13 okay, frozen berries.
01:15 Cause know the fast food restaurants,
01:17 they have milk shakes too, I'm not going to mention any
01:19 names but, yes, but I did do some counting on that,
01:22 oh you did some figures on that,
01:23 and my calculation was this milk shake here is
01:26 under 170 calories, okay, where the other milk shakes
01:29 that you get at your fast food restaurants
01:30 can be as high as 500 to 600. Have mercy.
01:36 For the same amount, let's turn this on, okay.
01:52 Look like it's done. Let's do one more time.
02:01 Now, if the bananas, they were frozen.
02:03 The bananas were frozen.
02:04 And more frozen they are the more thicker the shake.
02:07 Oh yeah. Well you know, a shake,
02:08 a shake is different from a smoothie. Right.
02:11 A smoothie is thicker. Okay. So, the shakes are gonna
02:12 be little bit more like this more liquid.
02:14 Okay, this is the shake, yeah.
02:16 And, what we're gonna do is we're gonna
02:17 put this pours into our glass.
02:18 Okay, very good.
02:25 Some for you and some, this is not liquid fat that
02:30 was banana one in that one,
02:33 okay, okay it might be a blueberry.
02:34 Maybe blueberry, alright, okay.
02:36 Now, before we start to drink that up,
02:37 I guess we better go to our next recipe.
02:39 Yeah. Which is going to be a Beef Fajitas.
02:42 And, so we want to make this Beef Fajitas
02:43 of also that kind of go along with that.
02:45 Okay. So, let's look at the recipe.
02:47 It calls for:
03:15 This is a really a very easy quick recipe. Beef Fajitas.
03:18 And a cut back the amount of fat
03:19 and stuff we were talking about earlier.
03:21 Always remember to heat your skillet first before as you
03:23 put your oil and that way you can use a lot less oil.
03:26 Okay, very good point.
03:27 Okay, and then on top of that we have our chopped garlic,
03:32 I like to chop, but I used to mince it,
03:33 but like to chop it. Okay.
03:35 And the green peppers the red peppers and the onions
03:37 and all of those are going to go inside on this skillet.
03:39 Now, you have the Boca vegan burger. Yes.
03:43 While you show that to them and then you're gonna slice
03:45 in thin strips because we're making this Beef Fajitas.
03:48 Okay, I'm just gonna point to this Boca burger.
03:51 You see it's a close up, you see the lines there,
03:54 it's always been to somebody's grill,
03:56 but it hasn't, but again we eat with our eyes.
03:59 So, this has a good flavor and we like this more than
04:07 the other types of meat like textures out there.
04:12 This is soy base, cholesterol free,
04:16 and simply saturated fat free, and far less fat
04:24 than of course your ground beef
04:25 and that's what we want, cut it into strips.
04:30 Now, That pretty good.
04:32 I would like to actually, when people talk to me
04:33 about that, I would like to take that also and just get
04:36 it cold first and then you can slice a lot easier.
04:38 It's easy to slice when it is cold, okay.
04:40 Yeah, yeah, yeah. Alright.
04:42 All I am doing is actually getting peppers
04:45 and onions and garlic smelling real good.
04:48 Yes, it is.
04:49 So, that the camera crew can get real hungry
04:52 and so we like to fan, we need to fan it baby,
04:53 pan, pan, there you go, okay, make e'm mad. Make e'm mad.
04:58 Now, you know, you get four rows in a box,
05:00 that's vegan and its called vegan because the fact
05:03 has no egg products and whatsoever.
05:05 Okay. Alright.
05:06 All plant based. Yeah.
05:08 And, the fat gram amount is considerably
05:11 lower than of course ground beef.
05:12 Yes, yes, yes. The calories that I've on this one,
05:15 okay, when you finish making this Fajita up is less than 250
05:17 calories and only five of those calories,
05:19 five of them fat itself. Only five in fat, that's good.
05:22 The sodium level for of to Fajita or for the actual
05:25 Boca burger is 250 milligrams of sodium per burger
05:29 per. Now, you eat one, one per serving.
05:31 Okay. No, cholesterol. No, cholesterol.
05:34 Okay. At a fast food place if we were
05:36 trying to do the same Fajita.
05:37 Well, what would happen is
05:38 it would actually come up to be to 525 calories,
05:41 25 grams of fat, 11 of saturated fat,
05:45 and then I also has 72 grams of, oh! 72 milligrams of
05:49 cholesterol and 1450 milligrams of sodium.
05:56 Oh! My goodness. Alright.
05:58 This is just the way to go.
05:59 Okay, want to go ahead and put those in for me.
06:00 Okay, I will do, just while I'll be sulk them,
06:02 put them in there. Okay.
06:04 And because they're already been cooking everything,
06:06 we just going to just move it around,
06:07 I would like to way it looks just very,
06:08 very pretty in texture and color.
06:10 Beef Fajitas. Beef Fajitas, Beef Fajitas.
06:13 Plant based. Now, if you will or you can show them the
06:15 Beef Fajita. I'm sorry, you can show them the
06:19 tortilla shell. Tortilla shell.
06:20 Alright. I will just put this counter right here.
06:23 And this is a whole wheat Tortilla shell, alright.
06:25 And, so with the whole wheat Tortilla shell,
06:27 what I would like to do is sometime just take a little
06:28 bit of the actual. This is the soya cream.
06:31 Okay. Okay,
06:33 this is a little bit of soya cream, isn't it?
06:34 You put it right down in middle.
06:36 Put down the middle area,
06:39 okay and, okay, let's make sure we get all that on there,
06:43 okay, and then we are just going to take
06:45 some of this Fajita. Yes.
06:48 And, we're going to put it right in the middle.
06:51 Oh! There we go. Isn't that beautiful?
06:53 Yes, this is the way to go.
06:56 Now, this is the, way to go.
06:57 This is the winning way, weigh the winning way.
07:01 That, look at that. This is way to eat.
07:03 And, what's gonna happen because I know,
07:05 Curtis might want to eat this.
07:06 Well, we're gonna do is we're gonna just take us a break
07:08 You could see everything at the end
07:10 of the program so, stay by.


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