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00:01 Now, I've cut back on the high calorie dense
00:03 foods that are the fatty foods.
00:05 I'm not eating past six, but I'm still not
00:09 losing weight. What's the problem?
00:10 Well, today's program maybe just for you entitled
00:13 Liquid Fat. We'll be right back.
00:46 Hi, welcome to Abundant Living.
00:48 I'm glad you're with us today in our living room.
00:50 My name is Curtis Eakins and this is my beautiful
00:53 bride of 13 glorious years, Paula Eakins.
00:58 Hi. Hi.
00:59 I thought you gonna have me say something.
01:02 Yeah, you did. You said hi, that, that was something,
01:04 okay. Yeah, you want to say more?
01:06 No, no, I don't. Oh! Okay,
01:07 that's do it for right now.
01:08 For right now. Okay, you're looking good today.
01:10 Thank you. You are welcome.
01:11 Okay. Okay.
01:13 We're talking about, We're talking about,
01:16 Liquid fat. Liquid fat.
01:18 We've been through, we've got,
01:19 we've been through quite of things already.
01:21 Yeah, living large, living large, and emphasizing,
01:24 of course the plant-based diet
01:27 and also portion control and the volume of foods
01:31 that is low in calorie dense, which is the fruits
01:34 and vegetables has a lot of water the content.
01:37 Yes. So, have the volume there,
01:38 but not the calories and also reading those labels.
01:41 And message tells me gave to people, read those labels.
01:45 So, now if you reading labels and that's good.
01:47 Now, if you're reading labels
01:49 too long in a grocery store
01:50 that means you're in the wrong area because fruits
01:52 and vegetables do not have labels, it's like catch-22.
01:56 Then we talked about the snack attacks
01:57 and what about that honey?
01:58 Well, snack attack was making sure we get the
02:00 appropriate meals and breakfast and lunch,
02:03 and we didn't really sip, but also a light supper.
02:05 Yes. And that in between eating is bad news.
02:08 Yes, yes. Okay.
02:09 I think that's where a lot of people are failing
02:11 thus eating between meals and also eating late at night.
02:16 And also the snack attacks, yes, go on honey.
02:18 Now, I was going to say, so we are to close the kitchen,
02:21 At six. At six.
02:22 Close to kitchen at six. That's right, that's right.
02:24 Okay, that means the bedroom does not open up,
02:27 because some people have little refrigerators
02:28 in their bedroom, so, Okay.
02:30 kitchen and bedroom closed at six,
02:31 the eating part any way.
02:33 Well, this is called liquid fats.
02:34 So, my first question to you is,
02:36 what exactly is considered as liquid fat?
02:39 They are wind up to cause a person to gain weight
02:41 or not loose that weight.
02:43 Okay, well of course we know what solid fat is,
02:46 the fat that you can visibly see like the
02:49 let's say on bacon. We could see the fat on bacon.
02:52 The fat on chicken or meat, the skin,
02:56 the fat that's marbled within ground beef,
02:58 we could see that fat, but some fat is visibly
03:02 seen on those products, but now when we look
03:05 at liquid fat, and of course oil could be
03:08 liquid fat too, but liquid fat is something
03:11 different from those type of fats that can also add
03:14 calories to the body as well.
03:17 So, now let's go to our first graphic and let's see
03:20 exactly what is liquid fat. There you have it folks!
03:26 Gallons per person per year and at the bottom of this
03:29 graphic here, of course you have bottled water
03:31 and that's going up, that's a good sign,
03:33 there is no calories and water, we will talk about
03:35 that later on the program. Fruit juice has more or
03:38 less stabilized over the last 30 years or so.
03:41 Beer has climbed up just gradually and milk as well.
03:45 Coffee has gone down somewhat,
03:47 but look at the top of this graphic, honey, soda.
03:51 Now, of course you know, south is cold drink
03:55 and in the north is pop or soda pop, soft drinks,
03:59 whatever you prefer, but soda is off the chart.
04:02 It is the highest fluid consumed in this country,
04:07 soft drinks. Thank you, for that graphic.
04:09 So, now why do we call soft drinks, liquid fat,
04:13 here it is? Number one, as you look on a container,
04:17 there is no fat gram amount on the soft drink container,
04:21 however, soft drinks contain a lots amounts of sugar,
04:25 8 teaspoons etc. Now, sugar contains calories.
04:32 Calories adds weight to the body. Every 3000,
04:36 500 calories equals 1 pound.
04:40 Therefore pounds as weight as fats,
04:42 that we call soft drinks, liquid fat.
04:46 You don't see the fat on the soft drink,
04:49 but you see it in a calorie amount based on the
04:51 sugar content. And, we've gone to grocery stores,
04:54 honey, as well those who are listening, yeah, yeah,
04:57 you see people go through carts and you see
05:00 people are not buying maybe one liter of a soft drink
05:03 or a can of soft drink. They buy now case, cases,
05:08 and is lying in the bottom of the grocery cart
05:10 and sometimes they are on the side of the grocery cart
05:13 itself, the liquid fat.
05:14 I used to think when I saw the case, but they were
05:17 actually taking a case home to have a party.
05:20 Yeah, to have a party. But, I found out
05:22 that the case was actually for them.
05:23 Yeah, because they can't be having party everyday,
05:25 no, because we see them everyday.
05:26 And, sometimes it's more than one case.
05:28 Yeah, you know, there's different types of soft drinks
05:31 out there so again liquid fat and sometimes
05:34 when we do away with these liquid fats,
05:37 particularly the soft drinks,
05:38 then we see that way come down
05:40 because the calories are not there,
05:42 because the high sugar content has been removed.
05:44 So, liquid fat, sometimes it's,
05:46 sometimes referred to as liquid sugar.
05:50 I know that, a liquid candy.
05:52 I also know that I've had some weight programs
05:54 with people when we were talking about weight
05:56 management and they were saying that they had gotten
05:58 to a plateau and the weight was not dropping
06:00 anymore, they had dropped it at first. And then, I said okay
06:03 let me ask you a question, are you doing any sodas?
06:05 They said no, no, no I'm, I'm actually just doing
06:07 maybe a grape juice or orange juice or apple juice
06:10 instead and I said okay I want you off of all liquids
06:14 except water. Nothing for the next couple of weeks,
06:17 believe or not, the weight begins to go back down,
06:20 so it's true.
06:22 That is sugar regardless to whether it's a soda
06:24 or whether it's actually grape juice or apple juice,
06:27 it's just the amount, so we're talking about now
06:29 that's going to really cause some problems...
06:30 So now this also includes ice tea. Oh! I don't drink
06:33 soft drinks. True, that's true. Not soda, but ice teas.
06:36 So, fruit juices doesn't have as much calories
06:39 as soft drinks, but again soft drinks is liquid fat.
06:43 What about the research? Is there any research out
06:45 there for those who say where is the research?
06:47 Okay, there is a lot of research out there,
06:49 Lancet Medical Journal out of UK, England are the most
06:54 prestigious medical journals in the entire world.
06:56 They study on children consuming soft drinks
07:00 and they said for every soft drink a child can more
07:05 or less have a high risk of becoming obese,
07:09 not overweight, but obese in adulthood.
07:13 And, so that's Lancet Medical Journal
07:16 and let me talk about obesity and the Body Mass Index.
07:21 We didn't talk about this.
07:22 So, let's insert this right now.
07:24 The way to determine what is weight status is
07:27 what we call the Body Mass Index.
07:30 And you can go to the Google source or internet
07:32 and just type in Body Mass Index
07:35 and you'll have a chart there.
07:36 This is the weight status of where a person stands
07:39 based on their height and their weight and this go up
07:43 to your weight, go across to your height and then
07:46 you've your BMI
07:48 Now, the parameters are 18 to 24 your normal weight,
07:56 18 or 24 BMI, 25 to 29 your overweight
08:04 and that's usually or approximately about
08:05 30 pounds overweight, but 25 to 29 is overweight,
08:09 the BMI. Now, 30 and above you consider it obese.
08:18 40 and above you're a candidate
08:21 for Bariatric surgery. And National Institute of Health
08:26 are now considering even lowering that down lower
08:29 for the surgery for those who want to have that
08:32 stomach stapling. So, again that's the BMI.
08:35 Now, the Boston Children's Hospital did a study
08:39 and this is interesting research there of children
08:42 because we did it with children too are obese.
08:44 They did a study at the Boston Children's Hospital
08:46 and discovered that if a child drinks 1 soda per day,
08:52 we're talking about 12 ounces folks, alright,
08:55 their BMI will be added to point of scale 0.18,
09:01 just 1 soda per day, 0.18 points to your BMI.
09:06 Now, if you drink 6 sodas a day,
09:13 then your BMI goes up 1 point. Alright,
09:16 so you can see how that is effective of obesity.
09:19 Now, guess what? People are now drinking,
09:24 let me just turn this around, this is a 32 ounce.
09:28 Now, just do the math folks.
09:31 A lot of people drink more than one of these, per day.
09:36 So, you can see how the fat just simply increases
09:39 just by fluids alone particularly the soft drinks.
09:44 That's why we call this Liquid Fat.
09:46 So, again Sixty percent of chance of people becoming
09:49 obese if they just drink the sodas one per day;
09:53 Sixty percent chance of becoming obese in adulthood.
09:56 I was just thinking about when you said that if you
09:58 think about when you go to a gas station to get gas
10:01 and you watch the people going in, you will notice
10:03 that they have all the signs up like you can get
10:06 32 ounces, 42, 42. 64, yeah, and you can actually buy
10:12 the container go back and freely fill it back up again.
10:16 Refills. Refills.
10:17 Yes, so it encourages person to go ahead and fill it up
10:19 and that's where a lot of people, you know,
10:23 they deal with, they read the labels,
10:26 not eating past six, watch the fatty foods,
10:29 but this liquid fat is a thing that sometimes
10:33 is the thing that prevents us from dropping those pounds
10:36 and that's why we zero in on this topic today, liquid fat.
10:39 What then would be the best liquid for us, Curtis?
10:43 Well, other than the best liquid before we go there,
10:47 let's talk about some other liquid fats too.
10:49 Because there are other things that can add pounds
10:52 to the body other than just soft drinks.
10:54 You know, we've the lactase you know, of 32 ounce,
10:57 That's right, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, 32 ounces,
10:59 lactase is folks, it's a big thing, 800 calories,
11:03 800, 32 ounce, alright. That's a whole meal.
11:06 That's whole meal, really. And also now just as of late
11:09 for the last few years, now we have in these convenient
11:12 stores the energy drinks and these energy drinks
11:16 are usually 20 ounces. Now, these energy drinks
11:19 are like a triple whammy. Okay. Number one,
11:22 it has liquid fat because it has the sugar,
11:24 high fructose corn syrup that's one,
11:27 also the energy drinks also have caffeine.
11:32 Now, you read on a container,
11:34 it has the word Gorana, Gorana.
11:38 There is a mention of the caffeine but that
11:40 something that has caffeine in it.
11:42 You read it, that's what it has. It has the caffeine,
11:45 it has the sugar, high sugar content and also 20% of
11:49 these energy drinks now contain alcohol. I see.
11:54 So, it's a triple whammy, yeah, yeah, with these
11:56 energy drinks and they have climbed drastically
12:01 within the last several years in these convenience
12:04 stores, energy drinks. So, liquid fat,
12:06 the coffee, the lactase, the soft drinks
12:09 all of these combined adds weight to the system.
12:13 I thought about the word where you've been
12:15 saying high fructose. Somebody, high fructose,
12:19 high fructose, yeah, somebody called one time
12:21 and asked the question about what's the difference
12:23 between a fructose that we're using
12:25 and high fructose we see on the label?
12:27 Right. Okay, but when you see the word high fructose
12:31 on a label, they're not just talking about
12:34 high fructose syrup; they're talking now about fructose,
12:37 which is a fruit sugar plus regular sugar. Right.
12:42 That's why it is called high fructose, alright.
12:44 Okay. Or high fructose corn syrup. So now,
12:46 you got the extra sugar is being added. I remember
12:49 reading some stuff, you'll see,
12:50 remember we said before when you see the word sugar,
12:53 in order for them not to surprise you,
12:55 with how much sugars in the item.
12:56 They would change the names of the sugar.
12:59 Okay. So, they will have high fructose corn syrup,
13:01 corn syrup solids, dextrose, maltose,
13:04 all those are on that same labels.
13:06 So, sometimes when you got to read those labels
13:08 and see what's going on, yeah, that's why the sugar
13:10 has been here. Yeah, anything that has OSE,
13:12 glucose, fructose, sucrose, yeah, yep, okay,
13:16 so all of those you know, OSE, yes, okay.
13:18 So, we need something to switch from that, oh yes,
13:20 oh yes, liquid fat to something else.
13:24 So, what do you think, you got?
13:27 I my thinking has always been Eve's Ale.
13:31 Eve's Ale. Well, Adam's ale too.
13:33 Okay, let's go to our next graphic because I don't know
13:35 you've read my notes, but let's to our next graphic
13:38 and let's talk about Eve's Ale. Now, I had these
13:40 Adam's Ale last night that I told about you, honey.
13:43 Eve's Ale. The Bible says, Genesis 2:10,
14:00 This is NIV version. So, therefore God situated our
14:04 parents, our first parents in the Garden of Eden.
14:09 And, no doubt He put a river smack dab in the middle
14:14 of the garden. No doubt to water the garden,
14:17 but also we have to assume to give them water as well
14:22 because our body is not made up of orange juice
14:25 or apple juice or soft drinks or energy drinks.
14:30 Our bodies, our bones, our blood, our muscles
14:35 is made up of water 67 percent water.
14:38 Therefore God made that convenient
14:40 for our first parents and that gives us the idea
14:43 of Eve's Ale and if you are a man of course
14:47 it's Adam's Ale water.
14:49 Thank you very much for saying. Oh! You are welcome.
14:51 The word Eve's Ale. But, I will always think about
14:53 the fact that when you look at water itself
14:55 and how important it is, it does so much for a
14:58 body functions. Right. And so, when you talk about
15:01 that weight management, water is the
15:03 name of the game. Name of the game.
15:05 Alright. Name of the game.
15:06 You go to get in 6 to 8 ounces glasses of water a day.
15:09 I know, people say things according to your weight,
15:11 don't get yourself so worked up,
15:13 all you've to do is think of 6 to 8, 8 ounce glasses
15:16 of water. That's a very good way,
15:18 and of course in the summertime you might want to
15:19 drink a little more, but every now and then you
15:22 meet people who say they will do like 60,
15:23 they will do like a gallon of water a day,
15:25 you don't have to go a gallon.
15:26 You don't have to go a gallon because when you start
15:28 talking about on over-abundance of water,
15:31 now you're talking about messing with the electrolyte
15:33 system in the body, you're messing with the system
15:36 as far as how the water should flow through and give us
15:40 what we need to have in order to lose that way.
15:42 Excellent, that's right.
15:43 So, with that in mind one of the things that I would
15:46 like to do is to fill up my container with my water,
15:49 first thing in the morning. Okay.
15:52 And, this is a 32 ounce of water, 32, and what I do is,
15:55 I drink two of these a day. And when I do two of these
15:57 a day that really helps me to get the amount of water
16:01 I need in appropriately for that day.
16:04 That's right. You know.
16:05 Very good. What about you?
16:07 What about me? I do the same thing.
16:09 Yes, you've a container just like this except mine,
16:11 it's pink for ladies? Yes, for ladies.
16:13 Okay. But I want to answer;
16:15 we need to answer another question though because
16:17 why is it that water helps us to loose weight?
16:20 Right. It just chews those fat cells
16:22 because that's what we are dealing with the winning
16:24 weight, alright. A number of things, number one,
16:28 water helps to metabolize fat and that's what we need to
16:33 know now, water helps to metabolize fat, number one.
16:38 Number two, water also helps to eliminate waste
16:42 and toxins from the system. Our colon is five feet.
16:46 So, now if you drink water, it flushes out of the system,
16:49 that's a lot of weight, now away from the system
16:53 and we loose weight just by the flushing of the water
16:57 into our bodies. Then number three, if we drink water,
17:02 it also reduces the calorie content of other fluids because
17:07 water is calorie-free. So, for those uses alone
17:14 water can help us loose weight and for those,
17:16 now here is the challenge, here is the challenge folks.
17:18 Okay. For the next two weeks,
17:22 if you want to shrink those fat cells, drink nothing,
17:27 but water for the next two weeks. No juice, no pop,
17:36 no ice tea, nothing but water for the next two weeks.
17:42 Now, this is the challenge.
17:44 And, we're going to hold you to that and you may have
17:45 also seen how things are going
17:47 because this is what we do, we like to practice
17:49 what we preach and this is your water container,
17:51 you do that at least about fill it up, two, twice,
17:53 two in a day, okay I will mine as well.
17:55 So, the water is good, you see the weight coming off
17:58 just like that in addition to other things
18:00 that we mention over the last several weeks as well.
18:03 Well, I think it's time we go into kitchen,
18:05 what do you think? Okay.
18:06 I think it's time to go into kitchen and we're gonna
18:09 do a Blueberry Banana shake and we're also going to do
18:12 Beef Fajitas. So, we're going to talk about that weight
18:15 and while we get ready and go into the kitchen,
18:16 get your paper and pencil and meet us in the kitchen
18:18 because I'm going to drink me some water.


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