Abundant Living

Snack Attacks

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Participants: Paula and Curtis Eakins


Series Code: AL

Program Code: AL00158C

00:01 Welcome back. Welcome back and
00:03 we have the finished product, it is absolutely
00:06 smelling wonderful. Sure is,
00:08 Mediterranean vegetables. Mediterranean vegetables
00:10 and what we have is our eggplant and
00:13 zucchini and tomatoes and garlic and onions
00:16 and uh! Wait. Have mercy.
00:18 Can't wait for the show is over.
00:19 Plant based alright, a lot of water content,
00:21 low in calories. Not. Not calorie dense,
00:25 this is what we want and this will shrink
00:26 those fat cells again lets remind the people
00:29 and all these folks, kitchen CLOSED at 6.
00:35 Alright, we will keep that in mind and
00:37 that weight will start coming off, and fat cells
00:39 will start shrinking up and we have another program
00:41 well may be two more problems on this
00:43 Winning Weigh series as well then emphasize
00:45 some other components as well.
00:47 So as always John 10:10, Jesus said, I come
00:51 that they might have life and have it more
00:56 abundantly. See you next time.


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