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00:01 Welcome back. Okay.
00:02 Well, we are going to go to our actual recipe
00:04 which is a Mediterranean vegetables.
00:07 Alright. It calls for 2 cups of eggplant,
00:11 unpeeled and chopped
00:35 Mediterranean vegetables. Yes, this is one of
00:38 those quick recipes once again,
00:39 we talked about getting those vegetables in
00:41 and this is one way you can get them all
00:42 in at one time, alright, we are going to start
00:45 of by actually just putting in our margarine
00:47 and this is a soy margarine,
00:49 we are going to get it going in our pan,
00:52 oh I like to hear things there, that's true. Okay.
00:55 Yes. And we are going to go ahead on and put
00:56 in this pan also, we going to go and order,
00:59 we got our garlic.
01:01 That's been diced by Curtis Eakins.
01:03 It is been diced, we are going to put in,
01:06 why don't you go ahead and give me a pepper,
01:08 get those peppers in for me.
01:10 The who. Peppers. Oh peppers, green peppers.
01:12 Green peppers in. Okay.
01:14 A little professional and everything now,
01:15 alright, give me them onions.
01:17 Onions coming in next.
01:20 Alright, alright, now we're going to let this.
01:23 Put in. That's fine. Okay. We are going to
01:25 go ahead and get this sautéed as we're
01:27 sautéing that, Curtis why don't you talk about,
01:30 'cause you got a little skit over there don't you.
01:31 Got a little skit over here...
01:32 now of course we talked about the calorie dense
01:35 type foods, like I mentioned before
01:38 the food that has a high amount of calorie
01:40 dense is oil, the calories is equal to the fat
01:45 gram amount, 120 but again only a
01:48 moderation found olive oil is the oil
01:50 of choice, that's the only oil that's mentioned
01:53 in the Bible and with olive oil we also have
01:56 canola oil as well, both are monosaturated
01:59 and they have very little saturated fat,
02:01 as a matter of fact canola oil has the least
02:03 amount of saturated fat of all the oils, again
02:06 that and you have a spray tube,
02:08 we use this quite a bit and this is zero fat,
02:12 zero calories for the spray,
02:14 we use this in moderation as well.
02:16 This is one of the ways of reducing the oil content,
02:19 we do use the oil, we need to have it
02:21 just a little bit in the pan,
02:23 heat the pan first, then put the oil in next
02:26 and use less oil, so. This is ready to go
02:29 too, it's already sautéed. That's right.
02:30 And what I am going to do is I am going to
02:32 add in my tomatoes, diced tomatoes going in.
02:35 Alright. And then we are going to add
02:39 in the eggplant. Eggplant, okay.
02:42 This is going to be good. This will shrink
02:45 those fat cells. Yes.
02:47 Very little fat in this dish and again like
02:49 I said before, this is talking about
02:52 volumetrics where your plant based diet has
02:55 a lot of water content, so it fills you up
02:58 and satisfy the satiety mechanism,
03:00 but yet is low in calories and this is what we want.
03:04 Now get the zucchini, for me then.
03:05 Well, okay there you go.
03:07 Zucchini going in and this is all going to
03:09 actually cause of fat, contents of the water
03:11 like you said before, it's going to actually
03:13 go down and we are going to go ahead a
03:15 put in the thyme and also salt to taste.
03:18 Is it fine or thyme. Go ahead, just a sprinkle
03:20 it in there. Okay, you're not paying me
03:21 no mind are you? No, I just want you
03:23 sprinkle it in there. Okay baby.
03:25 Ah!, ah! Ah!, ah! And lastly but lastly,
03:29 it is going to be that bay leaf,
03:31 we are going to put that bay leaf,
03:32 so what we're going to do is we.
03:34 Are we just going to stick it in there?
03:35 Yeah, we are going to stick it in on top
03:36 and its actually just going to go in there,
03:38 just to help give the seasoning to the
03:39 actual Mediterranean vegetables and then
03:42 we going to take it out at the end,
03:43 so we will keep an eye on it to make sure that
03:45 it doesn't get lost.
03:46 Okay, so then we're going to stick this.
03:48 I am going to stick this on top right now,
03:51 one bay leaf on top. Okay. You are gonna
03:54 put a lid on top. Okay, Oh! that was it.
03:57 And we are going to let it cook, is it, how
03:59 quick and fast was the? That was fast, that was fast.
04:01 That was quick and fast, okay.
04:02 Now, of course be, let's repeat the challenge
04:04 okay and this program, the title for this
04:06 program is kitchen CLOSED at 6,
04:12 that doesn't mean that they open up your bedroom,
04:14 the refrigerator opens up, but the kitchen closes at 6
04:17 and also those who have a hard time
04:18 getting with their weight or usually adults
04:21 who also skip breakfast so,
04:22 a hearty breakfast is also good for the health
04:24 as well. And I think we will come back and.
04:26 We'll come back and you will see the
04:28 finished product, so we want you to stay by.


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