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Participants: Paula and Curtis Eakins


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00:01 Well, welcome back. Okay, finished product.
00:03 Finished product, I did not talk about
00:05 the actual temperature.
00:06 The temperature, okay, that's very important.
00:08 Temperature needs to be 325 degrees for 30 minutes.
00:12 I know you're probably wondering also,
00:13 how do you keep those chip tops up like that.
00:15 Yeah, won't they just kind of wilt down a little bit.
00:17 Well, when I'm actually doing the recipe
00:18 I just take a piece of the foil
00:20 and lightly lay it across it
00:22 and so these stay up top just like they are,
00:25 because the foil if you lay it down
00:26 it's gonna make a difference. Okay.
00:28 But if you just lay a lightly across it,
00:29 it will stay up just like that.
00:31 Okay, sounds good. All right.
00:32 Now, looking at this dish again,
00:34 if you say it from scripture, God's original diet,
00:36 which is a plant based diet,
00:38 this is a plant based dish right here. Absolutely.
00:41 No animal products, cholesterol free.
00:44 So, this is actually for those
00:46 who are trying to shrink those fat cells.
00:49 Let's talk about this the chip bake...
00:51 This is a baked beans chip tortilla,
00:55 chip bake. Okay.
00:56 All right, and we have baked chips
00:58 and we have olives and stuff there.
01:00 Beans, tomatoes and it's a delicious meal.
01:03 And once again you serve with some soy sour cream,
01:06 you can serve it with some, a little bit of salsa
01:10 and you're ready to go.
01:11 Well, as always, John 10:10,
01:13 Jesus said I come that they might have life
01:17 and have it more abundantly.


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