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00:01 Well, welcome back. Okay.
00:02 We're going to go to our recipe
00:04 which is entitled a Bean Tortilla Chip Bake.
00:08 Oh, sounds good honey.
00:10 It calls for 2 cans of chunky
00:11 Italian style tomato sauce.
00:14 1 cup of water
00:16 3 cups of pinto beans, cooked.
00:18 1 can of black olives, sliced
00:20 And I bag of tortilla chips that are baked. Okay.
00:25 This is kind... Shrink those fat cells.
00:27 That's right. Easy to do.
00:28 Easy recipe, we're going to start
00:31 off by just putting in our tomato,
00:33 this is our tomato here, our tomato.
00:35 This is a sauce and it's kind like a chunky Italian,
00:37 so it's got little pieces of, of tomato pieces in it.
00:39 Okay, now this is, you get this already made
00:41 or you made this...
00:43 No, no, no, you already,
00:44 I brought it, it's just a can,
00:46 it's two cans of it. Oh, okay, you already...
00:47 And I already added the water to it,
00:48 we talked about that water. Okay and then on top of that,
00:51 Curtis, we're gonna start putting
00:54 some of the baked chips. Some of the baked chips.
00:56 Now while I'm putting the chips on,
00:58 would you kind of, you got the plate there,
00:59 what's going on with those plates?
01:01 Well, a whole lot going on with these plates, honey.
01:03 Okay, now of course this mason is living large
01:07 and the one reason why we're living large
01:09 because the plates are getting large.
01:12 So, now of course this is a 7 inch, 8 inch?
01:15 That's a 8 inch that we used to eat
01:17 8 inch plate here, yeah.
01:18 And we used to eat from that.
01:20 And used to eat from this and everything that's
01:21 on the inside of this plate here, and so after a while
01:24 the plates got a little bit large than that
01:27 and now this is a? 10 inch.
01:29 10 inch plate.
01:31 And of course as the plates get large,
01:33 we get large all right.
01:35 And now of course that one wasn't large enough
01:38 now we have...
01:40 That's the 12... 12 inch plate.
01:43 And I've actually been places where that's been 15.
01:45 15. Absolutely.
01:46 And also the food is all on the edges,
01:49 hanging off, piled, maybe a foot deep.
01:51 All right, so we're eating large.
01:52 So, again we're eating large and so,
01:54 we will also, next program we'll talk about
01:57 how we can eat the volume of food
02:00 but the calorie dense is very light
02:02 because there is more water in that food.
02:04 We'll talk about that next show but anyway...
02:06 Okay, next I'm gonna put the pinto beans on.
02:08 Okay, pinto beans.
02:10 And this is the pinto beans All right.
02:11 And I'll see that we've the olives right there.
02:13 You want me to do the olives, honey?
02:15 Oh, when I get the beans on.
02:16 I can do the olives right now.
02:18 No, you just hold on please.
02:19 Oh, just hold on, getting too excited.
02:21 I'm gonna put those beans on top. Okay.
02:23 This is a wonderful dish.
02:24 Now, what kind of beans it is?
02:26 Is a pintos. Pintos, okay.
02:27 Any beans, red kidney beans or?
02:29 You can but, you know, once again
02:30 I like to kind of as to always help people to do
02:33 the recipe as I have it written in my book.
02:35 And if... And so if you change the recipe.
02:37 It's not my, it's not my recipe.
02:38 And just don't mention my wife's name.
02:40 It's not, it's not my recipe.
02:41 Is this your recipe. It's there recipe.
02:43 No, our recipe okay. It's there recipe okay.
02:44 Now, on top of that we're gonna go ahead
02:45 and put some olives.
02:47 Okay, and put some olives.
02:49 Put olives on top of that. Okay.
02:51 Just a few, not a lot, just put a little bit on there,
02:53 sprinkle a little bit on, then I'm gonna
02:55 put the rest of the sauce on top of that.
02:56 Me too. Yeah, okay. Okay.
02:59 Okay, you don't have to watch me, you just do some...
03:01 Now, I'm gonna pour sauce on top of that,
03:02 once you finish. Okay.
03:03 Okay and then I'm going to put on
03:06 and just hold that for a little bit. Okay.
03:08 Now, we're gonna pour the sauce over top of that
03:11 Okay, it's gonna sink down, it is a one.
03:13 Right, all you have is a salad with this. A salad.
03:16 Talking about trying to keep the calories down
03:18 and one meal dishes with baked chips,
03:22 you know, the beans,
03:23 all these are so good for you.
03:25 And with the baked chips,
03:26 of course, you have less of the calories
03:27 for fat. Absolutely.
03:29 If the chips are being baked. Absolutely.
03:30 As opposed to the regular chips...
03:32 And the main thing, the main thing that we talk about on
03:34 Abundant Living is not so much of just trying
03:37 to take away everything that a person is used to having,
03:40 but to take those foods
03:41 and make them into a healthier format.
03:43 So, the baked chips is a way of doing it,
03:44 all right. Okay.
03:46 And by the way when you doing the beans,
03:47 you can also get your beans if you get them in a can,
03:49 rinse the sodium off.
03:51 Okay, rinse the sodium off.
03:52 All right, now at this point
03:54 I'm gonna put on some more chips.
03:57 On the top, okay. Okay.
04:01 And then on top of that, I'm going to put on a,
04:04 I see you still have some olives over there.
04:05 Yeah, okay, I can put some more of the olives
04:07 on top of that with the. Yes, you can.
04:09 You can top it off with some olives there.
04:10 Okay. Okay and...
04:14 You top it off with olives right. Okay.
04:16 Why did you stop?
04:18 I'm just gonna call one of my friends
04:19 to watch Abundant Living and see if you...
04:21 It's good, because they need to watch this show. Okay.
04:22 They can know more about healthful cooking. All right.
04:25 What were you gonna say?
04:26 Nothing. I didn't think so.
04:28 Okay. Let's continue.
04:29 Let's move this on here. Let's keep on moving now.
04:30 And what I'm gonna do is at this point,
04:33 I'm gonna take this dish and I'm gonna start,
04:36 I want to make it more decorative so,
04:38 I'm gonna take the tortilla chips
04:39 that actually has the point and we're gonna stick them
04:43 right down on the sides.
04:44 Oh, with the points up.
04:46 With the points up okay. Tortilla chip bake.
04:47 So they have a nice, nice presentation.
04:50 A nice presentation.
04:51 Okay, all right, this is a good meal,
04:54 it's nice and filling, very low fat.
04:57 You know, a lot of people ask about your cookbooks.
05:00 Do your cookbooks have the fat gram amount
05:02 have any cholesterol, sodium gram amount.
05:04 And the answer is no,
05:05 the reason why because all of the recipes in your book,
05:08 cookbook are plant based.
05:10 Plant based, no cholesterol. God's original diet.
05:12 So, therefore it's a plant based,
05:14 there will be zero cholesterol, that's right.
05:16 Zero just about zero saturated fat,
05:19 very low refined sugars and very little fat.
05:22 And we do need fat, but the good fats
05:25 and we need a program entitled the health nuts.
05:28 Those are the good fats,
05:30 but again only a moderation of those fats,
05:32 because they're concentrated.
05:34 But this is a good dish right here.
05:36 This is very, very attractive.
05:38 And it keeps those fat cells,
05:39 and it keeps those fat cells going down
05:40 and a very good dish, all right.
05:43 And sometime I just save a little bit of the chips
05:45 for later on after you scoop it up and put it on a plate
05:48 then you actually just put your chips on top
05:49 and you can do a soya sour cream on top of that
05:52 and some salsa on top of that,
05:53 and you got yourself a good meal.
05:55 So we want you to stay by,
05:57 so you can see the finished product
05:58 as it comes out of the oven, so stay by.


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