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00:01 Well, welcome and let's go to the very next recipe
00:04 which is a Peach Crisp. It calls for:
00:37 Hmm... now that sounds good baby, Peach Crisp.
00:39 This is an excellent recipe, it's a...
00:41 Dessert food, and Wining Weigh Dessert.
00:43 Wining Weigh because those are
00:46 real Peach Crisp, has a lot of stuff in it.
00:48 We had staats... had staats on it.
00:50 But let's start putting together.
00:51 They don't need to know this staats.
00:53 Need to know these staats.
00:54 Okay, in this recipe the first thing we gonna
00:56 actually do is we gonna putting together,
00:57 we have our oats and our pastry flour.
01:00 Okay. We gonna put that in..
01:01 These are rolled oats. Rolled oats right.
01:03 Not the quick oats, just won't...
01:05 This is rolled oats. Okay.
01:07 And we are gonna put in also the salt. Okay.
01:10 Okay, I'm gonna just kind of stir it
01:11 around a little bit there. All right.
01:13 Okay, and with this also what we
01:15 are gonna put in is the margarine,
01:17 and Curtis talk a little bit about the margarine
01:18 we are actually gonna be using.
01:19 Yeah we using the Earth Balance here,
01:22 non-hydrogenated, no trans fatty acids as well,
01:26 and it's completely vegan, dairy free as well
01:29 so this is a good way of substituting
01:32 other margarine for this earth balance.
01:34 And you can get this at most of our grocery stores
01:37 now throughout the nation. Yes.
01:38 Earth balance, there are others out there too,
01:40 but we are using earth balance today.
01:42 I want to put that in there,
01:43 and we are going to stir that up Curtis.
01:46 You wanna make sure that margarine is soft.
01:48 But it's gonna kind a like be like a crumb.
01:50 You wanna do this until you get crumbs in there,
01:53 crumb type textures what I'm trying to say.
01:55 And you are gonna go ahead on and put in the almonds.
01:59 Almonds going in that... go in here as well.
02:01 Go in there, okay. And these are sliced.
02:03 Now you can get these already sliced correct?
02:06 Slivered. Not sliced by slivered.
02:09 Okay little difference.
02:10 All right, and we're also gonna put in that fructose as well.
02:15 Okay, now you got cornmeal fructose,
02:18 oh fructose okay yes. Okay, there we go.
02:22 This is all the good stuff.
02:24 It's gonna go on top of that Peach Crisp.
02:26 And if you will, you can go ahead on
02:28 and put those peaches in, but I want to say
02:30 is that because we are talking about these peaches,
02:33 we are now talking about, if you don't do
02:35 fresh peaches then you want to use peaches
02:37 that are in a can that is actually
02:39 done they have with a pear juice.
02:41 Oh! Pear juice.
02:42 Very light, light juices, okay, or in your own juice.
02:44 All right, so you wanna look at those...
02:46 So we are not talking about peaches that are heavy?
02:48 Not heavy... Thick, molasses type syrup.
02:50 The Winning Weigh program. Winning weigh.
02:53 Winning Weigh cookie. I want you to go ahead
02:54 and pour those peaches in there,
02:56 and I would like a little bit of that juice there also because
02:58 you wanna make sure that is a delicious Peach Crisp.
03:00 A delicious. All right.
03:02 And I get to taste this at the end of the program.
03:04 You have a chance to taste that.
03:06 Now with that in mind, what we are gonna do
03:08 now is we are gonna add in the rest of our spices,
03:10 which is gonna be, the Nutmeg,
03:13 the Cardamom, no put it in here.
03:15 Oh there. That's okay. Okay.
03:17 Yeah, don't do what I just did.
03:19 And you can still put it there.
03:20 So you stir okay, is still go in the same bowl right.
03:22 And your vanilla. Okay.
03:24 Without the alcohol. Yes.
03:26 Okay, just I want to make sure they know that, okay.
03:28 And then lastly the juice.
03:30 Okay, some of that vanilla went on the counter,
03:32 that's all right.
03:33 We will wipe that off ok. Yeah, we wipe it off okay.
03:35 All right, very good.
03:36 Okay, and put all this together and I am telling you
03:39 this is some kind of good. This is some kind of good.
03:41 And we are gonna put that on top of all peaches.
03:45 Oh, okay. And we put in the oven.
03:46 So this will be crisp part. That's right.
03:49 This is peaches, okay. And this is gonna be
03:52 any oven at 325 degrees for 30 minutes.
03:56 Okay, and then we wanna make sure we get everything,
03:59 noting you wanna make that
04:01 all the dry stuff is where it needs to be.
04:05 You know when you comes to the Winning Weight,
04:07 Weight Management shrinking those fat cells honey
04:09 of course one of main culprits of some type
04:13 of weight program is the dessert.
04:15 Because most desserts are high sugar content,
04:19 high calories and so this is the good substitute
04:22 and still has that sweet tooth to be satisfied.
04:25 Absolutely. Yeah at the same time,
04:27 so this is the good way of doing that.
04:28 It's on top, okay. Okay.
04:32 Just mashed the peaches around the side.
04:36 Now it's been awhile since you did this for me
04:38 as well, hasn't it? Yep.
04:40 This come up in 3ABN to do some of these recipes.
04:42 That's right. Yeah okay.
04:44 You just keep coming up here. All right.
04:47 Now this is go into oven...
04:50 Three hundred and twenty five degrees,
04:52 and it's gonna bake for about 30 minutes,
04:54 okay and what is gonna to happen is this topping,
04:57 oh just it's gonna be some kind of good.
04:58 It's gonna be some kind of good.
05:00 It's going to brown on us, and it gives us that flavor
05:05 and the texture of an actual Peach Crisp.
05:07 Okay, so that goes in the oven
05:09 and you are going to see that also
05:11 at the very end of our program.
05:15 The Winning Weigh dessert, Peach Crisp,
05:18 now this of course is in your cook book,
05:20 now which cook book you know which one?
05:22 This ones, this Peach Crisp is in a global,
05:24 it's in our global cook book okay.
05:26 I wanna make sure this is all down around there,
05:29 don't that look delicious? Oh it tasts good too.
05:31 Okay good job honey, good job.
05:33 Now I want you to know that you ask the question.
05:36 Okay you asked me the question
05:37 about that Peach Crisp, okay and a Peach Crisp
05:39 in a store if you try to buy it is
05:41 gonna be somewhere like 570 calories.
05:45 Oh 500! This dish and it's just for 1/8,
05:47 this dish when you make it up
05:49 is actually wanna be only about 270.
05:52 So we are gonna put it in the oven
05:53 and you will see at the end of the program,
05:56 the finished products. So just stay by.


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