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00:01 I am excited today because on today
00:04 "Abundant Living" we are going to
00:05 do a program entitled "The Winning Weigh."
00:08 You might want to get your paper and pencil
00:10 and call somebody on a phone
00:11 and tell them to tune in to "Abundant Living."
00:44 Well, welcome to "Abundant Living."
00:47 My name is Paula Eakins,
00:49 and this is my husband, Curtis Eakins. Curtis Eakins.
00:54 We are married, husband and wife.
00:56 Praise the Lord, 13 wonderful years
00:58 of martial bliss, amen.
00:59 Absolutely. Absolutely.
01:01 And we are excited about the new shows today.
01:04 Some talking about Weight Management and...
01:06 "The Winning Weigh" series and that spelled
01:09 W- E-I-G-H, the Winning Weigh series.
01:13 Absolutely. Absolutely.
01:15 Absolutely. All cooking today.
01:16 All cooking because, you know,
01:18 when we really kind of talk about foods,
01:21 people are so concerned about the fact that they
01:25 don't have the right combinations of foods
01:28 or maybe they have foods
01:30 that have too much fat in them, you know,
01:31 they are trying to cut back, but every time you think
01:33 about cutting back on things, or no sugars,
01:37 or no salt, or no fat, people will say no way.
01:40 And also they say no taste. They say no taste.
01:44 We put in some taste in these foods.
01:45 Right, so on the show, what we wanna do is we're gonna
01:48 actually take some of the super foods
01:50 that people actually like and we are going
01:53 to turn it into a healthier food.
01:56 Okay. Okay.
01:57 To loose those powers, and shoot those fat cells.
01:59 Yeah. And this is just a beginning.
02:01 The beginning of the whole series.
02:02 Of talking about Abundant Living.
02:04 And will stay with us... On Weight Management, okay.
02:05 All right. Now, a very first thing we're gonna do
02:07 Curtis is we gonna make a Taco salad bowl.
02:12 Now you say we, I'm gonna be...
02:14 You are gonna be involved with this,
02:15 and then on top of that we are going
02:17 to fill it up with all the goodies.
02:20 Okay. And maybe, maybe...
02:22 Just maybe. Maybe, maybe
02:25 between that time and the time show ends,
02:27 you will get the opportunity to sample it.
02:29 We'll just see? Okay,
02:31 well I have to do my job, okay.
02:32 Let's go to the recipe. Well, let's do that.
02:35 Tortilla salad bowl it calls for:
03:03 All right, that sounds good honey.
03:05 Now, first of all.
03:06 First of all, you really think about these shells.
03:09 I remember a time when I used to go to the store,
03:13 and I would buy the tortilla shells. Okay.
03:15 Okay, and they had a little kit.
03:18 And this kit would actually
03:19 have four shells inside of it,
03:22 and you had a little box and you put the
03:24 shell over top, you made a little box up
03:26 and you put it in the oven and then you baked it
03:29 and then you fill it up. And guess what?
03:32 That shell has something
03:34 like 240 calories in it. Have Mercy!
03:36 And 100 of calories was in fat.
03:40 240 calories and 100 of calories were in fat,
03:43 almost half the calories in fat.
03:45 Almost half, so we are talking about...
03:47 Kind of talking about reducing those calories,
03:48 so with that in mind we are starting off
03:51 with our whole wheat tortilla shell,
03:52 which we are gonna actually get less calories
03:55 because we are gonna be using a whole wheat tortilla shell
03:57 versus white the shell. All right.
03:59 And I know you we talked about this word
04:02 making a salad bowl. I know you are saying,
04:04 well wait a minute, I don't have one of these.
04:07 And this is really what I like to use
04:08 when I make my salad bowl. Okay.
04:10 And so what we do is we put it there,
04:11 and I'm gonna give you...
04:13 Now where you get this salad bowl, honey?
04:15 Well, I like a lot of gadgets remember now,
04:17 I'm a gadget girl and so I found
04:19 that in some store, somewhere. Okay.
04:21 That usually people call me on a phone they say,
04:23 where exactly was it, you know.
04:24 Yeah, we probably get email on that.
04:25 But don't get yourself worked up because
04:27 I'm gonna show you another way to
04:28 make this salad bowl just in case,
04:30 you don't have one of these. Okay.
04:31 Now this first one what I usually do Curtis is
04:33 we have our cooking spray. All right.
04:35 And our cooking spray we are going to
04:37 spray th inside just a little bit.
04:40 Okay, and then we're going to take the shell,
04:41 and I like to make the shell like I want it to be limber
04:44 and I want to be soft,
04:45 so don't take this right out of refrigerator.
04:47 And then all you are gonna do is sit it down inside,
04:49 and you are gonna form your actual shell itself.
04:54 Just lovely. Just like that.
04:56 Okay, and then this can sit inside the oven
04:59 425 degrees for about six minutes
05:02 until it turns golden brown, and you are ready.
05:04 But now let's say... Now, so we are gonna eat
05:06 this shell and everything inside...
05:08 You can whole thing. The whole thing.
05:09 Yes. Okay.
05:11 Now this one is neat. All right.
05:12 I know you have some foil, so what we are gonna do,
05:14 is we are gonna take our foil.
05:15 And you need about four of these
05:17 and you are gonna form it into
05:18 a ball about three inches wide.
05:20 Okay, and all you are going to do is sit that on your tray.
05:23 Okay, nothing is inside this is a...
05:25 Nothing is inside, this ball is four pieces of
05:28 aluminum foil that you wrapped up.
05:29 Okay just like that. Now, let's see...
05:33 Okay, this is new to me.
05:35 I'm going to, okay, let's get out.
05:37 You'll get out that first. Okay, here we go.
05:38 Okay, all right now Curtis let's go ahead
05:41 and put that on that foil.
05:43 But what on a foil? Just right here.
05:44 Yeah, put on the foil. Okay, kind of a...
05:49 you know and then you are going to acutely spray.
05:52 I can do that honey. Okay, spray it lightly.
05:54 And this is high-tech right here,
05:56 so we want to get a close up on the spray.
05:57 Just spray the... Just spray the shell.
05:59 Just spray the shell. All right.
06:02 How is that? Get me little bit there.
06:04 Okay. Okay. Okay.
06:07 I saw the look on your face, I didn't doing it right?
06:09 All right, there we go. Okay, there we go.
06:11 Now, this is going to into oven at 425 degrees.
06:15 Just like this. Just like this,
06:17 and is actually going to curve around the foil.
06:20 Oh! Okay. Okay, now you say really,
06:24 well I just happen to have it already ready to go,
06:26 we have our quick 3ABN oven.
06:29 I will put it there. All right, yeah come to
06:30 3ABN and cook your food, it's lot faster.
06:32 I just gonna bring those right out.
06:35 Okay now, I can tell so this is
06:37 to one that was in the shell. Yes.
06:40 And this is one that we put over the aluminum foil.
06:42 And when it goes in a foil, and then it makes
06:44 likes it's own kind of a shell so you can stuff it.
06:47 Oh! Okay. Okay, but why couldn't we just
06:50 put this also in a shell too? What shell?
06:53 The one we just have to make this one.
06:55 Because they don't have one of those and we shown them...
06:58 Oh, if they didn't have the shell
06:59 they would do at this way.
07:01 Okay. Alright. Moving along swiftly.
07:03 All right I got it. You got it?
07:05 I'm kind of slow, I'm catching up, okay.
07:07 Well, we gonna go ahead and fill the shell.
07:10 Okay. Okay, I have all the things
07:13 that go on and inside of that.
07:17 Now we are gonna stuff the shell, all right.
07:19 Now you notice when we talked about
07:21 it has the grape tomatoes we have the grape tomatoes.
07:23 We got the red peppers and green peepers.
07:25 So we are going to sit that over there.
07:27 And I'm gonna go and get your cutting board
07:29 and we are gonna do some cutting
07:30 got your knife right there and this is
07:33 very, very easy and very, very simple.
07:34 I talked about those spring greens,
07:36 all we are gonna do is just take our spring greens
07:38 and we are gonna sit them inside of that bowl.
07:42 Now should I follow your lead or...
07:43 You can go, why don't you do that one.
07:45 I got to pretty one, right?
07:46 Yeah! Put that one right in here,
07:47 just a little bit inside there.
07:49 The spring salads. Spring salad.
07:51 It has all the good nutritious qualities in it.
07:53 It's better than iceberg lettuce all right.
07:56 Put more in there,
07:57 already ready to go put in there.
07:58 You can get at any regular grocery store,
08:00 readymade okay. Okay. All right.
08:02 You need a little bit more here, all right and now.
08:04 Okay, next? What we are gonna have on here,
08:06 we are gonna have our grape tomatoes
08:07 and why don't go ahead and start the peppers up.
08:10 Okay, you can do a green pepper.
08:11 You want these chopped or...?
08:13 Um hum! We are gonna just do them chopped.
08:14 And then we are gonna do, and if you get me a knife,
08:18 and I will then do the same the over here on the side.
08:20 Let's move this over here.
08:23 Now, you know, we are talking about
08:25 putting good vitamins and minerals
08:27 and having fruits, vegetables, grains,
08:30 cereal all the things that we need to have
08:32 on a daily basis then this salad is one of the ways
08:35 to get all your vegetables in at one time.
08:38 Get all your veggies in and makes it look pretty.
08:40 Just do one honey, don't do a whole lot of it,
08:42 because we are gonna put it on both salads
08:43 and that's enough for that one here.
08:44 That's enough for that one. Okay. Okay.
08:46 And so and then also how about,
08:47 we said a carrot, so we have the ready as well.
08:52 Now how did you come with this idea of salad bowl?
08:56 Well you know, I first of all love salad
08:58 and I figured out if I love the salad
09:00 and I also love tortillas. Okay.
09:03 So I figured, why don't we make a tortilla,
09:04 and also forgot to mention that I told you before
09:07 I used to go to store and when I got to store
09:09 I would actually buy that shell.
09:11 You got four shells in the box,
09:13 and I would put together and put it in the oven
09:15 and I would bake them and it was so good.
09:17 Okay. But it had too much fat it.
09:20 So I said I had to figure out a way.
09:21 And you know what, even when it was cooking,
09:23 I discovered something when it was cooking in the oven,
09:25 baking in the oven, you can you see
09:26 the grease come off the tortilla shell.
09:28 Yeah, so you know that's a high fat item.
09:30 High fat item. But this is the Winning Weigh.
09:32 This is the Winning Weigh. Cooking program,
09:33 so want to keep that in mind.
09:35 That's right. The Winning Weigh.
09:36 Then next thing we are gonna do is how about cucumbers on it.
09:38 Okay, cucumbers. Okay,
09:40 get some cucumbers. These could be diced.
09:42 Yeah, just a little dice in it.
09:44 And this knife, I need a sharp one.
09:46 Okay. Sharp one.
09:48 And now we got the cherry tomato,
09:49 and you know what these great tomatoes,
09:50 I'm gonna justslice them in half.
09:52 This is a knife, this is what I need.
09:53 Oh, oh! Just keep it over there.
09:56 Away from, okay and then you don't have just few of baby,
10:00 then you are gonna share some of that with me okay.
10:02 Okay is this not. One more, okay.
10:05 I don't know how pretty that is, but there it is, okay.
10:07 And then... You got two, I got two.
10:09 Put them on top of each other.
10:11 Oh, okay. And then we are going to slice them up.
10:14 All right, okay. Okay.
10:17 Now can this be a one dish maybe
10:19 you probably need something else with this?
10:21 Well, it depends on your salad size.
10:24 Now you see we got a quite a bit of stuff here,
10:25 so you can actually have this as the main dish.
10:29 So that means you just stack it.
10:31 What we are gonna do is we gonna pack it up.
10:32 So what I wanna do is we are gonna to take and mix
10:34 all these different combinations in our bowl.
10:36 Now I got a question for you now.
10:38 Are they bigger shell other than this size here?
10:41 Because this is good full like
10:42 a baby so, but for full grown man..
10:44 There are actual shells called Wraps
10:47 and they are huge. They are larger, as a matter of fact.
10:50 They are about 12, technically from
10:51 8 to 10 inches wide, all right.
10:54 And they are Wraps, and you can actually
10:56 do the same kind of thing.
10:58 Even in this bowl... that little pan I showed you,
11:00 I have actually pushed that down inside of it
11:02 and it actually comes up a little bit over the top,
11:04 but it makes a larger bowl.
11:06 All right, and then once again
11:07 if you are gonna do the foil.
11:09 You are gonna make a larger foil and do the same thing.
11:12 And then you have that.
11:13 Now you know just in case you have
11:15 someone like Curtis that likes to eat a lot.
11:17 Then you can have two shells for Curtis.
11:19 But I have a high metabolism
11:21 so I can handle my food. That's true.
11:22 We just want to make sure they understand that.
11:24 Yeah make sure. Yeah, just make sure.
11:25 Okay now let's go ahead and put the stuff down.
11:27 Let's do it, let's do okay. You don't do it.
11:28 You got to do some cherry tomatoes for yourself there.
11:30 Oh! Cherry tomatoes cut that in half.
11:32 And then we just got to start to put stuff on there.
11:34 Okay. We got there.
11:35 Okay, now I'm gonna follow your lead. Now you got...
11:38 Now I got some red peppers
11:40 and stuff here for you too so you can share.
11:41 And we got the red peppers here.
11:43 You can put some green peppers on there.
11:45 So this is very colorful.
11:48 And what else, we have to put some cucumbers on there.
11:51 Cucumbers okay, for you only.
11:54 Now this is.. Very quick and easy.
11:56 This is low calorie dense, as well because
11:59 these foods here have a high contain of water,
12:03 green peppers. Tomatoes.
12:05 Yeah, now if you are near South it's maters,
12:09 if you are in a North it's tomatoes...
12:10 You wanna put some of that on there?
12:12 Okay, and then you got the green peppers.
12:15 I have green peppers already on mine.
12:17 Oh! Okay. Put that one right there.
12:20 Yeah. Beautiful.
12:22 Just Beautiful. Beautiful.
12:24 Okay. How is that?
12:26 Yeah, now we got to fill all these up in here.
12:27 Oh okay use all of this.
12:29 Yeah, because it makes two salad bowls,
12:30 you can notice now, now you even though you sort of,
12:33 yeah think about the fact you know you get
12:34 a lot of stuff in here okay.
12:36 Now I noted that you are saying to yourself,
12:39 I sure would put some olives on there.
12:42 Yeah where are olives?
12:45 And really got this going.
12:47 You have your cherry tomatoes on there baby?
12:48 Yes I do baby. Okay, I wonder where that...
12:51 Where are the olives? Oh! The onion, see, ha, ha,
12:56 busy talking about olives, you forgot the onions.
12:58 All right, slice that up.
13:05 It's enough baby. Okay. Okay, all right.
13:10 We got the onions here. That's enough.
13:13 Okay, yes we really need some black olives honey.
13:19 Did you do that on purpose, left out the black olives?
13:24 Well, the reason that... The reason why?
13:29 The black olives aren't there is because when I went
13:31 to get the black olives, I had a can in a cabinet,
13:35 somehow little black olives was missing.
13:38 Now I'm not quite sure what happens to the olives.
13:41 Well a couple who came off during the last week maybe.
13:43 It might have been. They might have been.
13:44 We need to call them up and see if they took the olives.
13:46 It might have been. Yeah, okay you give them a call.
13:47 But, for sure... For sure.
13:49 You could put that on that and then we just have our
13:50 favorite dressing and we have a basil,
13:54 creamy basil dressing that we use,
13:56 and you can drizzle your dressing
13:57 on top of that as well. Just drizzle?
13:59 And wallah you have, your salad.
14:02 Okay sounds good, tortilla salad
14:06 or taco salad, what is it called?
14:07 Tortilla salad bowl and of course
14:10 has all the salad and everything inside it.
14:11 Okay, that's good.
14:13 All right, it's very, very attractive.
14:14 It's very, very appetizing, very low in calories
14:17 when you think about the salads
14:19 that you would get if you really
14:20 went out somewhere to fast-food restaurant.
14:21 Talking about the Winning Weigh,
14:23 we are talking about actually being able to do foods
14:25 they are lower in calories, but so good for you.
14:28 Okay, what's our next recipe honey?
14:30 Our next recipe is a "mock chicken salad".
14:33 Mock chicken, okay. Mock chicken salad,
14:35 let's look at the recipe. It calls for
15:01 Now I love this salad. Sounds good, chicken salad.
15:04 It's actually a Mock Chicken salad
15:06 because in fact we are not using really chicken, okay.
15:09 What I've done is, I've actually taken my tofu
15:12 and you can use any tofu within water pack.
15:14 And you can put it in a freezer and freeze it.
15:18 And then you want to just take it out,
15:20 and you gonna press the water of it.
15:22 And then you gonna crumble it up to make it look like chicken.
15:25 All right, and while I'm doing that,
15:27 why don't you take and cut up the celery,
15:30 and the onions there for that as well.
15:32 And I'm going to move this out of the away.
15:36 And you know what, instead of olives,
15:38 I'm gonna sit here and I'm gonna take my fork
15:41 and I'm gonna crumble it. Okay.
15:46 It crumbles up really well.
15:50 It is supposed to be a chicken texture and it does,
15:52 once you freeze it, it actually has
15:55 a texture of chicken or even turkey, okay.
15:59 Now you made this for me some time ago didn't you?
16:01 Sometime ago... Yes.
16:02 It's been a while though.
16:04 It's been a while, and you get a chance to have here.
16:06 Yes, okay. So you got that going.
16:10 Okay, and that's the... And now, we gonna
16:11 that's gonna be going in here so I finish chopping,
16:13 I want you go ahead and do your onion.
16:16 Okay, put onions in there as well.
16:18 Or scallions, same thing isn't it or what?
16:20 Yeah they both are from same family. Same family.
16:22 Only difference is that's got green,
16:24 it's green stem on there. Okay.
16:26 Okay, I'm going that last one, last part of this.
16:30 And you know, Mock chicken now of course
16:32 is gonna be less fat than regular chicken
16:35 even if you have the skin off of the chicken.
16:37 Absolutely, well this is nothing but tofu here.
16:40 Yeah, so it's gonna be... The calories.
16:41 Very low fat in this dish as well.
16:44 There you go, all right. Now the same mouth feel.
16:47 Now I like this one, because it has
16:49 a nice flavor look at that, looks like chicken pieces.
16:51 Yes, it does. Okay, and I know
16:56 they can see that, okay, and now we are
16:59 go ahead on and throw in our celery.
17:01 Okay celery going in.
17:03 And you gonna go ahead and get everything in.
17:05 And spatula with here.
17:07 And then we are gonna put in next the scallions.
17:11 Scallions or onions, for the family.
17:16 We are gonna mix those all up in there
17:18 and then what we are gonna do is you are gonna get
17:20 your lemon ready.
17:23 And I'm gonna make up the sauce,
17:25 which is our soy sauce or mayonnaise,
17:29 soy mayonnaise, and our powder,
17:32 our garlic powder, and also turmeric.
17:35 I want to put those onion together,
17:37 let me just use this spatula right here.
17:39 This is a contraction I like.
17:40 I know you like that contraction.
17:41 The lemon juicer. One tablespoon of lemon juice.
17:49 Okay, I'm gonna go ahead and put that powder in as well.
17:53 I'm gonna take my fork, and mix this all up.
17:58 Hope there is lemon juice in here I think so.
18:00 Okay, put in let's see.
18:02 And let's see, oh yeah look at that.
18:05 All right, all right. No mess.
18:07 You wanna mix this together.
18:13 Now can we use Mori Nu or I know
18:15 you are using the water pack tofu,
18:17 but this work with the Mori Nu Tofu?
18:20 The reason why I use the Mori Nu
18:21 I mean use this particular one here,
18:23 because first of all when I freeze it,
18:25 it looks like and it has that texture
18:26 of actual chicken all right, once it thaws out.
18:29 So texture is gonna be different than Mori Nu
18:30 that it comes with box.
18:32 Yeah because when you think about chicken
18:33 is more of a textured type product then it is smooth.
18:38 So you want the mouth feel.
18:40 You want that mouth feel.
18:41 We won't get that in Mori Nu.
18:42 Okay. You won't get that.
18:44 But in Water Pack, you will. All right.
18:45 And once we mix this all together,
18:47 okay, we are actually gonna to put this in.
18:52 Give me that spatula. You need a spatula?
18:56 Same one, same one okay. You like this one.
18:59 You know the longer it sits,
19:01 the better it's gonna actually get.
19:02 You know, you can stir this up many different ways
19:07 and you know what, I'm gonna stir this up
19:09 and as I'm stirring this up what's gonna happen
19:11 is you will see this at the end of the program,
19:13 oh okay, I'm gonna special with this,
19:15 so we want you to actually stay by.
19:19 And we gonna go to our break.
19:21 Yeah, so just stay by.


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