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Participants: Curtis Eakins, Paula Eakins


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00:01 Well look at that we have our Ife's Taco Soup,
00:05 alright, okay, we also did our Mexican Lasagna.
00:09 Mexican style Lasagna Then we did our cookies,
00:13 okay, and we finished up with our cream
00:17 and with the cookies and cream I know
00:19 it was right trying to figure what's gonna
00:20 happen when we put it together with
00:22 some fresh strawberries. Okay, now this is what you
00:23 deal with the cookies and cream,
00:24 okay, alright, from the whole wheat tortillas.
00:27 That's right. Spread it a little bit,
00:29 put in the oven and then you have it,
00:31 put some cardamom and some fructose
00:33 and are ready to go, now maybe... there are lot
00:36 of foods of sample here. I don't where to start.
00:38 Well did you finish up what you had
00:40 You know I have, well, I have my bowl under here too.
00:41 I am still eating in this too. Yeah,
00:43 I don't believe he still has that soup.
00:46 Well, Curtis, Curtis, okay, give me some, okay.
00:50 Okay, again all these recipes are some of your
00:52 newer recipes, some are not in the Global
00:55 but they're new recipes, for global, at this time.
00:57 Okay recipe package we can send it out
00:59 or just watch for 3ABN, we'll make an
01:01 announcement on one of our show as well.
01:04 Now again this is cholesterol free plant
01:07 based, dessert is wonderful, even for the
01:10 diabetic as I understand it because the Mori-Nu
01:14 pudding mix is not cane sugar, all natural,
01:17 100%. Okay, so it's good
01:20 for diabetic. This is just marvelous.
01:22 Maybe we need to have a word of prayer
01:24 because a lot of people maybe struggling with
01:27 changing their diet from a meat eating diet to a
01:30 plant based or more of a healthier cholesterol free
01:33 type diet. So let's go ahead
01:34 and do that right now.
01:36 Thank you Father once again for this program.
01:38 Thank you for 3ABN. Be with those listener's
01:40 out there, seeing the program and your
01:43 concerned about their health.
01:44 Help them as they make the transition
01:46 into the vegetarian diet. We just thank you
01:48 so much for all you doing in our lives
01:50 and we ask this in the name of Jesus Christ
01:52 and for His sake, Amen, amen, alright,
01:55 well, I tell you it's wonderful being married to
01:57 you, honey. I just want everybody know that
01:59 and so I am just want to a public declaration
02:02 at this time. Thank you for being with me
02:04 all this years, wonderful years.
02:05 You are welcome. Okay, thank you very much,
02:07 you're welcome very much.
02:08 Been 12 wonderful years, hasn't it.
02:10 Absolutely. Okay, well, we gonna close with
02:12 John 10:10, again, this is our signature text,
02:14 it's very profound so, John 10:10, Jesus said,
02:19 I come that they might have life
02:22 and have it more abundantly.


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