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Participants: Curtis Eakins, Paula Eakins


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00:01 Now I know. The dish you are getting
00:04 ready to do. Yeah, okay what,
00:05 is that soup ready? The soup oh!
00:07 Yeah, Well, let's check and see if the
00:09 soup is ready. Let's see, okay,
00:10 Oh! Yes, indeed. The soup is ready.
00:16 Oh! Yeah. Oh! Nice and hardy.
00:17 Yeah, maybe a little sample of that,
00:19 so all the Gimme Lean, chunks in there and
00:22 the beans and I knew, oh!
00:25 That kind of good stuff in there, yes, yes,
00:26 I knew it, I knew and you know what?
00:28 Because I knew you were gonna do it
00:29 I decided to already get my here have a
00:30 bowl ready, oh! Okay, now, now,
00:32 now this is a size spoon we're talking about.
00:33 Which is your big spoon. This is a big spoon.
00:35 Ready to eat, I'm ready to eat.
00:37 Well, let me put together first you know
00:38 what I said was what I like to do a taste.
00:40 Is to actually put first of all because
00:43 I know you are gonna already bother me I
00:45 got the chips. Oh! Got some chips.
00:46 Okay, Curtis. Now not regular chips,
00:48 now this is, These are corn chip?
00:50 Corn chips, we like, corn chip.
00:51 Okay, and we crush them up.
00:53 Okay, now, I can did that with my teeth.
00:58 But we're not doing with our teeth 'cause
01:00 you are on television. So does that have to
01:02 do with it? Anyway we're now
01:05 going to go ahead and put some soup on top.
01:07 Oh! We're gonna do it that way, okay.
01:12 We got the tomatoes, all the beans,
01:14 we're gonna get some juice in there, honey hush,
01:15 some here as well. Let's get some juice.
01:19 Hope it is not too hot. It won't be too hot.
01:21 Right. I will blow it for you.
01:23 Oh! That's, that's you're so,
01:25 you're so lovely. And then,
01:26 then we can also have to put on top
01:28 of that some salsa. Oh! You're gonna
01:31 really fix me up honey, okay, when I married,
01:34 I hit the jackpot. Yes, you did. Oh!
01:37 Oh, that was kind of fast.
01:40 I didn't think you would say all that, but yes you did,
01:41 okay, I guess you told me.
01:43 And then of course we have to put the soy
01:44 sour cream on top. Okay, now we are talking,
01:47 now we are talking, okay, alright.
01:50 Camera 3, we're ready for a close up on this one.
01:53 Alright, now what else, is there maybe a
01:56 olive at the very top. No, olives Curtis.
01:59 No black olives. No olives okay.
02:00 Just behave yourself.
02:04 Okay, I am prepared to receive.
02:07 Yeah, that you are that though has prepared.
02:08 Oh! Okay, it sounds good to me. Okay.
02:12 Let me go first. Okay, that wasn't in the script.
02:17 Okay, what about mine? Okay, alright.
02:21 Would you like some? Yeah, okay, camera 3,
02:22 you ready? Okay, here we go now good.
02:25 Put something on the spoon honey,
02:26 okay, and the clock is ticking.
02:34 Is this good? Is this good?
02:37 I'm almost like maybe. You know, it don't make sense,
02:39 food tasting this good. I spit all over your arm too,
02:41 Here we go. Okay, I think we did
02:44 enough teasing. Did we? Oh! Yeah,
02:47 that's real good. Okay, I heard somebody laughing
02:50 out there too. Okay, you hold that,
02:51 maybe our time, its time for dessert.
02:53 What you think? Yeah, you better I know
02:54 because otherwise we're kind of stuck.
02:55 Clock is ticking right? Okay, now let's go ahead
03:00 with the dessert, what do you say?
03:01 Okay, well we do have a dessert.
03:03 Okay, let's go with it. And it's gonna to
03:04 be a tortilla chip with some creams,
03:07 so let's look at the ingredients.
03:08 Okay, let's do that.
03:33 Okay. Alright. And this is interesting
03:35 now so we have the fancy baked tortilla chips
03:38 with the vanilla cream. Yes, alright,
03:40 now one of the things that happens that you
03:42 will notice that in other cultures other than
03:44 the United States, okay, most cultures
03:46 do not do a lot of real sweet,
03:48 sweet desserts, and so in this scenario
03:50 this is also one is not very,
03:52 very sweet, not like cakes
03:53 and cookies and pies. That really doesn't,
03:55 they don't use a lot of those types of sweets.
03:57 So more and more of a subtle type but I
03:59 know there's a surprise, now we're gonna make
04:00 cookies out of whole wheat,
04:02 tortillas chips, whole wheat shells.
04:04 This is the whole wheat shell.
04:05 It is new, okay. And it's very,
04:07 very simple Curtis believe it or not,
04:08 all you're gonna do is take your,
04:10 I believe you already, your spray, okay,
04:12 and you gonna spray your actual
04:14 tortilla shell. Okay, this is
04:18 regular cooking spray? Yeah, okay. Okay,
04:21 and then you're gonna spray your second one.
04:24 I'm gonna make like about whole about
04:25 8 of these cookies. Now what people use
04:30 to doing is, taking something like,
04:32 we gonna take our cardamom and fructose.
04:35 Now what's cardamom? Cardamom is a
04:37 substitute herb, it's almost like
04:39 that of cinnamon, right. And they can use
04:42 the cardamom oil. They can use the cinnamon.
04:44 I choose to use a cardamom.
04:46 Just put a whole lot on there and.
04:49 And fructose is a fruit sugar,
04:52 little less refined then a regular white sugar.
04:57 Yes, okay, it's actually from the fruit itself,
05:00 alright, okay, and we gonna put
05:01 the last part on. I like to cover all
05:03 the part just kind of oiled down there.
05:06 Yes, by the way this spray has no
05:08 calories and no fat. Oh! Okay, wonderful,
05:11 wonderful. Does that looks good?
05:12 Oh! Yes, nice and coated.
05:15 Lets get the last bit on.
05:16 Okay, now what I usually do is you can
05:18 take a pizza cutter, and you can cut into
05:20 four slices like you would do.
05:22 We're just gonna cut it into four nice size.
05:25 Oh! I see. Okay, and we're gonna go
05:27 across and do again. Alright.
05:32 Alright, and one more time,
05:37 and what you would do is you would actually take
05:39 these and set them on your tray, okay,
05:42 simple enough, and this actually bakes in the
05:45 oven once again for about 400 degrees for just
05:48 about 3 minutes, not more than that, okay.
05:52 Now what you have is you've actually
05:54 got the stuff to make the cream.
05:56 Okay, now the Mori-Nu tofu is already in there,
05:59 and we have we've shown this before I believe,
06:02 this is lemon made. And this is vanilla.
06:05 Oh! This is vanilla pudding mix and
06:06 this is also made by Mori-Nu and we have the
06:09 soy milk here, then people can use any type
06:11 of soy milk. We're using I think silk here but
06:14 there are so many soy milks on the market,
06:16 a lot of stores have their own brand by the way,
06:18 and then we have the, what is this?
06:20 Vanilla. Vanilla flavoring, so what I'm gonna do.
06:23 Put this on and turn it on,
06:24 and put all of these at the same time
06:26 Well, you can just do it one at a time,
06:27 one at a time, just let me show you,
06:28 I would not put the pudding mix
06:30 in until you get finished. We wanna go ahead
06:31 and make sure it's nice and loose,
06:33 put in the milk first.
06:34 Yeah, put the milk in first,
06:35 Okay, here we go.
07:10 Okay. Turn off, okay, I cannot do that
07:11 every time. Okay, okay, let's see, now you know,
07:12 I believe my hands are too big or something
07:14 I don't know. Its okay honey, okay. Okay,
07:17 I know your backing me up baby.
07:19 And the main thing is you wanna make sure...
07:20 I got most of that in here though.
07:22 You did, you did.
07:23 That's the main thing you got most of that in
07:24 And do you like to open this up and then just
07:26 actually make sure, and okay get it tight,
07:27 so we get all of our sides there.
07:29 Alright. Okay. You probably gonna spin it again.
07:30 Look at that, look at that.
07:32 Could I have some nice creamy texture?
07:33 Nice creamy texture, okay, okay, alright.
07:36 Now we gonna spin it again or..
07:38 Spin round one more time. Okay.
07:40 That smells good. Okay.
07:55 Now, what I want to show them is that if
07:57 you were to take this, let's we can just take
07:59 spat... let's do that bowl Right here,
08:02 so you can get a chance to actually see
08:03 this, okay, I want them to see the texture.
08:07 Oh! Okay. Of how this actually looks when
08:09 it's done, gonna pour a little bit of this
08:12 and you can see how nice and smooth that
08:14 looks and this is what we're gonna use also.
08:18 Nice and creamy. Isn't that nice, Isn't that nice?
08:20 Okay. You wouldn't think that this is soy based or tofu.
08:24 This is soy based, okay, right, and we did not
08:27 mention that as we were talking on a show
08:28 of course, a lot of times when I am trying
08:30 do things like let's say Ice creams, smoothies,
08:34 okay, any kind of whipped topping,
08:37 every single one of those. I actually use
08:39 the Mori-Nu silken tofu and the reason that
08:43 I use those is because they have the same kind
08:45 of texture as regular milk does, okay,
08:47 and so any scenario we put that in there
08:50 just simulate that of a whipped topping
08:52 or this cream we actually made just now.
08:54 Okay, so now there are different textures
08:57 of tofu you have the soft. Right.
09:00 You have the firm, right, you have extra firm.
09:02 Well you're getting real good?
09:04 Because I have been staying with you baby.
09:05 Okay and do you remember why?
09:07 I mean why, I mean how you get one to be firm
09:09 soft and extra firm, what's the reason
09:12 for that, it's a matter of the amount of liquid,
09:14 right, that's either in the tofu or extracted
09:17 so more liquid extracted to be more of the firm,
09:20 well, extra firm tofu, right,
09:22 Okay, thank you very much.
09:24 I met somebody one time that asked me
09:25 the question, they said, you know do make
09:27 your own tofu. The answer is absolutely not.
09:31 It is too cheap to buy at the store it does not
09:32 make any difference you don't want to go there but
09:34 that vanilla make mix once again if you are an
09:37 area where you're trying to get that vanilla
09:39 make mix then the best thing you do is that
09:41 already have the Mori-Nu tofu securing that
09:44 Mori-Nu, then all you have to do is ask them to get
09:46 them mix that also goes along with that, okay.
09:48 And those individuals who maybe in a location
09:50 where Mori-Nu is not purchased or in that area,
09:53 they even have website, absolutely
09:56 and our website is linked to the Mori-Nu websites
09:58 so just go to our website,
10:00 click on to the Mori-Nu website.
10:01 You can order Mori-Nu pudding mixes.
10:05 Pudding mixes. And also the tofu as well,
10:07 and also the tofu as well. That's right.
10:08 Well, I guess you said yourself I wonder
10:10 if I am gonna see everything in this
10:12 program you know what's gonna happen.
10:14 We are going to put everything out so you can
10:17 see all that we have done on this program
10:20 Mexican cuisines, so what you want
10:21 to do is just to stay by.


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