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00:01 Well, you know sometimes on Abundant Living,
00:03 we actually start our program off with
00:05 nothing but cooking. This is the day,
00:08 guess what? We're actually gonna
00:09 be cooking Mexican cuisine.
00:12 Get you paper and your pencil,
00:13 knock on someone's door and tell
00:15 them Abundant Living is on.
00:45 Welcome to Abundant Living,
00:47 we are so glad to be able to be
00:49 with you today. And this,
00:50 my name is Paula Eakins and this
00:52 is my husband Curtis Eakins.
00:55 Thank you very much.
00:56 Alright. Okay. You know,
00:57 a lot of times on our program every now
00:59 and then we'll do an all cooking show.
01:01 All cooking, today is the day.
01:02 And this is like special request because people
01:04 really ask us a lot of times.
01:05 I just love to see you guys cook.
01:07 And today is without exception.
01:09 Yeah, some guys tell me,
01:10 they like the talking portion then my
01:12 wife look at the cooking portion, so.
01:14 Well, Yeah. But its all cooking today.
01:16 All cooking today and we're doing Mexican.
01:18 I love foods from other countries.
01:20 Mexican, Caribbean, Thai, you name it,
01:23 we love it. But this very first
01:25 recipe we're gonna be doing.
01:26 Okay. Believe or not I would like to tell
01:28 you the story. We were on our
01:29 way to Atlanta where our daughter lives and
01:31 when we got there she was saying to us,
01:34 you know, I got this new
01:35 soup recipe that is so, so good and so she
01:38 started saying, I said, okay,
01:39 what goes into it? She said,
01:41 mommy you just start throwing stuff in the pot,
01:42 just throw stuff in the pot,
01:43 okay. All the leftovers, whatever.
01:45 No, it's not leftovers, but specific things that
01:46 she was using, but I mean she was
01:48 talking about the ease of it.
01:49 How easy it was to make it up, alright.
01:51 So let's go to this recipe.
02:31 Okay, Now you mentioned some ingredients in
02:34 there that may be again we're just assuming
02:36 that people may be watching for the
02:37 first time, I don't know why,
02:39 but they may be watching for
02:40 the first time, and you mentioned about
02:42 the Boca crumbles. You want to go
02:45 ahead and show that to them. Okay,
02:47 Again this is the Boca crumbles.
02:49 And again this is now at major grocery stores
02:52 across this nation as well.
02:54 And this is plant based and so get
02:56 that out there, there you go.
02:58 This is no animal protein. No animal protein.
03:01 No animal products at all, cholesterol free,
03:04 very little saturated fat and this can
03:06 take the place of ground beef, alright.
03:09 Ground beef, ground beef.
03:10 It has a nice texture now you like this,
03:11 there's many other ground beef
03:13 mock out there, but I think you
03:14 like Boca crumbles your personal favorite,
03:16 is that correct? Well, let me show them why?
03:18 Yes, because when we actually see it,
03:20 it looks just like that of regular ground beef.
03:24 Okay. Alright, except for fact it is so not
03:26 raw it's already cooked up and so in that
03:29 scenario whenever I am looking at something,
03:31 trying to mimic a lot of times people will
03:35 call me up and say things like you know I like
03:37 the show because there are a lot of foods
03:38 that they're used to or that exchanged,
03:39 you know on Abundant Living we try to
03:41 exchange the stuff out like what for the
03:43 ground beef we use the Boca crumbles,
03:45 if you want to do the hamburger we
03:46 use the Boca vegan burger,
03:48 alright, so they're for chicken, for fish,
03:51 you name it, there are some substitute
03:52 or we call an alternative so that we can
03:55 get rid of the cholesterol, the high cholesterol,
03:57 heart disease all those diseases are out there,
04:00 alright, now on this recipe it calls
04:01 for also McKay's beef-style seasoning.
04:04 Yes, beef-style seasoning.
04:06 And let's explain that,
04:07 and McKay's beef-style seasoning,
04:09 believe it or not, is not a actual
04:10 beef at all. It's a mock beef,
04:11 alright, flavors that go together to
04:13 make that type and it is really good also,
04:16 there's a chicken flavor and there's
04:18 also a beef flavor, okay.
04:19 Okay. Now for the sake of time we've
04:21 already done it and started getting my
04:23 water ready, okay I got
04:24 my water going and I put.
04:26 And in there is already the beef-style seasoning.
04:28 And you could smell that smell,
04:30 you could smell it coming from there.
04:31 You just try from there. And with the water too.
04:32 That's that, that's just
04:34 a beef-style and water so far it's
04:35 all I got in there, okay, and what I'm
04:37 going to do is begin to add in,
04:38 now while I'm doing this, Curtis if you would,
04:40 it does call for the bell pepper.
04:42 So if you go ahead and get the bell pepper
04:43 chopped up for me, chopped up,
04:45 see I can do this. And this is a
04:46 very easy recipe, if I say it.
04:48 We got all the different beans in it,
04:49 red beans, kidney beans, dark red kidneys we're
04:51 gonna put those all in, to the water, alright.
04:55 Ife's Taco Soup. Ife's Taco Soup.
05:00 We thank you for, Ife thank you for
05:02 sharing this recipe with us
05:04 Sharing this recipe, it also calls for
05:06 diced tomatoes. Alright,
05:10 so we're gonna put the diced tomatoes
05:11 in this as well.
05:13 And I like to keep the juice and this makes a,
05:15 makes for a good flavor. You can use fresh
05:18 tomatoes if you like. But I like to just go
05:21 ahead use the one is salt free,
05:22 that's already in the can, okay.
05:26 It also calls for salsa,
05:30 mild salsa, okay, mild, mild, mild salsa.
05:34 What if somebody wants a little kick.
05:35 Have salsa. If they want,
05:37 if they want a little kick,
05:38 what we can't see that's your preference.
05:39 Just a mild is fine, and also we have salsa
05:41 you can make also in our book as well,
05:43 so this is a salsa going in,
05:47 okay, oh! This gives nice flavor to it.
05:50 Now is this recipe in you book yet,
05:51 or this is one of your new.
05:53 This is a new recipe, once again we are
05:54 using new recipes. Okay, all these new
05:56 recipes now, alright, will be added.
05:58 Okay, now we're gonna go ahead and put in,
06:01 let's put in the Boca crumbles.
06:02 Okay, I will think of, I want them to see
06:04 that once again when you.
06:05 It comes under the package.
06:07 So that we just need three packs to a box,
06:08 and two packages makes actually a pound
06:11 equal to a pound of ground beef,
06:13 alright, and comes in a little pack
06:14 I like that, just open it up
06:16 there you have it, okay
06:17 so you want me to go ahead and open this up.
06:19 Go ahead and open that up.
06:21 And both are these going in.
06:24 Obviously, going both
06:25 is like these go ahead,
06:27 we gonna go ahead and pour those in next.
06:28 Alright, and this is also going to have and
06:31 you gonna put that one in too and
06:33 we get all the goodies and you
06:36 know all the goodies out.
06:39 Now the Boca also has the regular paddies too.
06:42 Boca has that vegan fat, vegan paddy,
06:45 that's right, that's right, alright.
06:46 Okay, now we gonna go ahead and put
06:48 those bell peppers in, okay, you see it is very,
06:55 it is cut up pretty nicely all of that,
06:57 nice color, nice color. Oh! Thinking about the color
06:59 just the way I cut them up,
07:01 I thought. Okay.
07:03 Okay, thank you. Alright,
07:04 and lastly we're gonna ahead and put in
07:07 the taco seasoning. Now this is
07:09 taco seasoning, just sprinkle on it,
07:10 sprinkle on it. Okay, this is going to be
07:13 a good soup. Isn't it gonna be good.
07:14 I think Ife will be proud It smells wonderful,
07:17 it smells wonderful. Now, I tell you this
07:20 gets nice and hot. Now believe it or not,
07:23 she did hers in a crock pot.
07:25 Okay, she sure did. Did in a crock pot.
07:26 And then she just kind of sits,
07:28 she says what she does is she starts it
07:29 off and puts everything in that crock pot and then
07:31 she'll go shopping or clean the house,
07:33 or whatever she is gonna be doing should do that
07:35 and that way when she comes back home she
07:37 has it on low in her crock pot then
07:39 it's ready to go. It's that simple.
07:41 Okay, Yeah, but you know what's going
07:42 to happen and that is that not right this
07:44 moment we are actually going to move to our
07:47 next recipe and when we do that because
07:49 I know you're gonna ask me can you have
07:52 some soup. Now, how did you know that?
07:54 I know you're gonna ask me.
07:56 I know you're gonna do that.
07:57 From past experiences.
07:58 And I really want to see your face when
08:00 you see how really good this is,
08:01 okay. I gonna like this program already.
08:03 Now, the next recipe, believe it or not,
08:05 I have been looking for things like different
08:08 kinds of Lasagnas, okay, and this particular
08:10 one I came across and it was a lasagna that
08:13 actually was done with corn tortillas,
08:15 the soft tortillas shells, okay, rather than the
08:18 actually lasagna noodles. And so it's very,
08:21 very healthy, once again it's an
08:23 excellent item to use in a place of and
08:27 it looks just like regular lasagna except it
08:29 has that Mexican flair to it,
08:31 oh! Okay, alright, alright,
08:32 so we're gonna go to the recipe for this one,
08:34 okay. Its called Mexican-Style Lasagna.
09:07 You know, Curtis this is one
09:09 of my favorites as I said before,
09:11 okay, and so with this recipe this is very,
09:13 very simple once again, easily-to-fix,
09:14 okay and it actually calls for the olive oil,
09:17 we heat olive oil a little bit there in a pan.
09:19 And then we're gonna take our stewed tomatoes.
09:21 Alright. And we're gonna go ahead and pour
09:24 those into the skillet. Now one of the
09:28 ingredients was the Mexican corn.
09:30 What's the different between Mexican corn
09:32 and American corn or I am looking
09:34 at this here, 'cause I see only
09:36 thing other than the corn,
09:37 the only difference in that of course the
09:39 black beans are mixed in it that's just for
09:41 the time sake but the only the difference is the
09:43 Mexican corn does have peppers,
09:46 red and green peppers in it,
09:48 right, right, okay. So red and green
09:49 peppers becomes Mexican corn.
09:50 That's all, okay, that's all.
09:52 Just checking. Now we have beans
09:53 in here though. And we also, yeah,
09:55 because this is going to be one of the layer
09:56 kind of lasagnas so we're gonna actually,
09:58 believe or not, I'm gonna put my
09:59 crumbles in. Okay, we've seen that before.
10:02 Okay. Alright. Alright. Two packs equals to
10:05 one pound, alright, we're gonna stir that
10:08 in there also. Because this is part
10:11 of the layering effect for this is
10:13 Mexican Lasagna. Mexican style Lasagna.
10:17 Doesn't that smell good? Now so people in
10:18 Mexico this is the kind of Lasagna they eat.
10:20 I have no idea. But I do know that
10:23 when I saw this recipe they had,
10:25 they had the ground beef in it,
10:29 ground beef and pork, alright, and I was trying
10:31 to figure out how to change it up and
10:33 it's actually called Mexican Lasagna
10:35 so you have to probably ask somebody
10:37 that question. Go to Mexico and ask
10:39 somebody, will you eat this kind of it,
10:41 well a number of that, but well in America
10:43 this what we're gonna eat today.
10:44 Anyway, anyway, anyway. Now what I am going
10:48 to do is in our dish we're gonna actually lay
10:51 down and we already made a comment about.
10:53 This is corn tortillas,
10:54 okay, we're gonna be using,
10:56 this is soft, okay, soft, soft tortillas.
10:59 This can be purchased at our grocery store.
11:00 Absolutely, absolutely, now these you put like 6
11:03 of them down 1, 2, 3. Kind of overlap then,
11:05 yeah, alright, go ahead and put three more now.
11:07 On the same side. On the same side.
11:09 You're gonna have to do your side of it 1, 2,
11:11 and 1 more, okay, and once again like I said,
11:16 it's a very easy one, so let me just put this
11:17 out of the way, do they come up
11:18 on the side? No, no, no, they don't
11:20 let them to come on the side. Okay.
11:21 Alright. go and put that in a trash for me
11:23 there and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna
11:25 actually brings closer to me because what I
11:28 would like to do now is this is nice and warm.
11:30 So the Boca ground beef and tomato,
11:36 now we're gonna go ahead,
11:37 so this is gonna be like a layer or.
11:38 It's going to be layer, so it's a double layer
11:40 and you just gonna move it around so
11:42 that you actually get it,
11:43 oh I see, okay, nice big chunks of
11:47 tomatoes and also that mock beef.
11:50 Now, again this is one of your newer recipes,
11:52 not in the book yet. Yeah. Okay,
11:54 it will be add it later.
11:56 Alright, and then the next layer,
11:57 believe it or not, on top of this we're
11:59 gonna also put on the beans and corn,
12:03 alright, okay, Now this is the Mexican corn,
12:10 yes, yes, but with the beans in it,
12:12 with the beans, with the beans.
12:13 And also black beans and corns.
12:15 Oh! I just kind of put them together,
12:16 that way you keep with them you know
12:18 and save your dishes, okay, okay,
12:20 you make sure you save enough because this
12:21 is also going to be another layer.
12:23 Now you also have something there and that
12:25 is the cheese we're gonna be using.
12:27 Yeah, maybe we want to get a close
12:29 up with this. This is the tofutti
12:30 cheese and again this is, lot of these foods are,
12:34 why don't you get the garter out,
12:36 there we go. All of these foods
12:37 now are purchased in your major grocery
12:39 stores because people are simply demanding these
12:42 type products. This is casing
12:44 free by the way. This cheese does melt.
12:47 This is soy based. And so this is the
12:50 cheese that we are using today,
12:51 milk free, cholesterol free,
12:53 and so what we're gonna do here.
12:55 So, what we're gonna do is we just
12:56 take the cheese and we are going to
12:58 take it out because it's not hard like regular
13:00 cheese and this is sort of soft,
13:01 so it's very pliable but it acts like this.
13:04 This is also a Cheddar and all I do is
13:07 just lay it down, lay it down on top,
13:09 okay, and come down the sides and you know
13:13 what I'm gonna do is I'm actually going to now
13:16 put on my next amount of same thing.
13:20 We're gonna repeat this same thing again and when
13:23 we repeat it we're gonna top it off
13:25 of course with the cheese.
13:27 So I know you want to see it again,
13:30 so we put it in the oven for about 400 degrees
13:33 and it bakes for about 30 minutes,
13:35 okay and you may want to take a break
13:37 and finish this off and then we will come back
13:39 with another recipe what do you think honey?
13:40 Yes, indeed, yes indeed. So stay by.


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