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Building Better Bones 2

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Program transcript

Participants: Paula Eakins, Curtis Eakins


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Program Code: AL00151C

00:01 Look at the finished product, oh now this
00:02 looks marvelous darling. Nice and hot, you see
00:05 big pieces of sausage on there and the squash,
00:08 nice and chunky, absolutely, and meaty, absolutely.
00:11 No animal protein, okay, no animal protein,
00:13 okay looks good enough to eat. Well good, I'm glad it does,
00:18 because we'll have it when this show is over, how about
00:21 that? Now, why not while the show is being aired
00:23 right now, so they can see my expression,
00:26 I think that you can wait, that's why. Anyway,
00:29 as we continue talking we'll talk that after the
00:31 program, anyway again this is a good show,
00:33 a good program. You're always trying to eat the
00:35 food, come on baby, watch the make up, watch the make up.
00:37 Okay as we said before, we're going to tape
00:40 this program, we well do another program on
00:42 building better bones and again that will be the last
00:45 program next week and about how we can
00:48 increase our bone matrix, our bone mass and also we
00:52 will talk about phototherapy sunlight and physical
00:55 activity as well, good, so how to increase those
00:57 bones so that we don't fracture those bones ladies.
01:00 Now remember 1.5 million fractures occurs every
01:05 single year. So we want to prevent that from happening
01:09 and so what we are going to talk about next time we
01:11 meet is how to prevent that and now where we can
01:15 really strengthen our bone matrix.
01:17 What do you think? That sounds good. Okay now,
01:19 so, we are not going to taste this at all,
01:23 on purpose you do not have a spoon over there right?
01:28 Is it correct? Is this time for the John 10:10,
01:31 okay well, not quite because that's why I have
01:34 some time saved for the sampling. I guess we're
01:36 not going to do that this time, alright I don't have
01:38 any spoons. Okay, as always, we always repeat
01:41 John 10:10 as our closing text because,
01:43 it's a very powerful text so John 10:10,
01:47 Jesus said I come that they might have life
01:52 and have it more abundantly. See you next time.


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