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Building Better Bones 2

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00:01 Well, Welcome back.
00:02 We said we were going to be
00:04 doing a special soup today, special soup!
00:05 And it's the soup that does not have any animal,
00:08 oh no animal protein, once again. Okay, this is a good
00:10 soup. And we're gonna look at the recipe on this
00:13 particular program, okay. It's called a sausage and
00:17 vegetable soup. It calls for one tube of Gimme
00:19 Lean sausage, one cup of onions chopped,
00:22 four cups of water, two tablespoons of chicken-style
00:26 seasoning, 26 oz can of spaghetti sauce chunky,
00:31 two cups of Rotini pasta, two large carrots,
00:36 thinly sliced, one medium squash, sliced thin,
00:40 one teaspoon of onion powder, one teaspoon of
00:43 garlic powder, one fourth teaspoon of cayenne
00:46 pepper, one teaspoon of Italian seasoning
00:49 and one forth cup of Parmesan alternative.
00:53 Okay, now in that recipe honey you've mentioned
00:56 chicken-style seasoning. Now, let's talk about that,
00:59 is that, that's not real chicken, is it? Is that
01:01 animal protein. That's why so what is it?
01:07 Chicken style season is not chicken and there is a
01:10 beef-style season, it is no beef in there as well,
01:12 that's right. It's by MacKay's and it's a mock
01:14 chicken and a mock beef. So this is a mock,
01:17 mock, and it's beef flavored, beef flavored,
01:19 its actually beef flavored okay. now I've already
01:22 started onions for the time sake and its olive oil,
01:26 now we gonna put in this, is the reason when you saw
01:29 those parenthesis about that sausage is because
01:34 the sausage is actually a mock sausage which is made
01:36 from soy. Okay what I'm doing is I'm actually
01:40 mashing it up. So, now this is mock sausage Gimme
01:44 Lean. Gimme Lean in place of the Gimme Dean,
01:46 well yeah that's true, that is true and of course
01:50 this is that any of your major grocery stores.
01:52 Absolutely, absolutely you can find them in a grocery
01:54 store and what's gonna happen is actually we just
01:57 cook it until we get into little crumble pieces there.
02:00 Okay and you can get this actually I keep it frozen
02:03 if I wanna use it in the morning, probably for
02:05 breakfast, making the breakfast sausage.
02:07 I freeze it and freeze in that way I make little
02:09 circles out of it. This has a mixed nice texture,
02:12 absolutely, that you gonna make nice flavor of
02:14 mouth feel, it has a meaty type texture as well.
02:17 It actually reminds me, it reminds me of regular
02:19 sausages as you see it before. Okay. Yeah,
02:21 you know, what I'm doing now is I'm going to
02:24 those I have set also in this recipe, it call for
02:27 the water. We've got the water and also the chicken
02:30 style seasoning which Curtis said already, it's mock,
02:33 mock. We already got that hot going, going, going
02:37 there? look at, That's a chicken style seasoning
02:38 already in there? Chicken style is already in. Okay.
02:41 Now, what I'm really gonna do, I gonna actually go
02:42 ahead on and put in the first the spaghetti sauce
02:47 okay, okay. I'm gonna try put it in without it
02:49 going everywhere. Now, this is any type of
02:52 spaghetti sauce. This is, I like chunky,
02:54 chunky, chunky spaghetti sauce. Okay. got to have
02:56 the chunky and also Curtis it calls for the carrots
03:01 and the squash, cause it's a vegetable, a vegetable
03:04 soup. Okay, I think will be the carrots and squash.
03:06 And you want it to put that in, stir it around.
03:08 This is going into here? Yeah alright. Make sure you don't get
03:13 splattered. One Squash not wanting to come out. Okay.
03:17 There we go. Alright and then next thing we gonna
03:20 actually put in believe it or not those noodles
03:23 and that's the noodles. Now, what kind of noodles?
03:28 Rotini, Rotini or we call it spiral. Oh spiral,
03:31 alright, alright, you see how easy and quick that
03:35 is and basically it actually cooks until the noodles
03:39 actually swell up or get soft and tender. Okay.
03:42 meanwhile while we're doing that? Want to talk to
03:44 you about that we said Parmesan alternative
03:46 I'm sure, they wonder what that is,
03:48 we'll talk about that for a minute.
03:49 This is Parmesan alternative of course this is alternative
03:54 to the real cheese. This is no dairy and casing free and so
03:59 you can use this in place of Parmesan cheese alright,
04:03 so no animal protein in this product and again you
04:06 can get that at any of your most of your major
04:08 grocery stores and also health food stores as well.
04:11 It has some nice flavor to it and let's go ahead,
04:15 oh yeah. It smelled like stinky socks, okay
04:18 so this is Parmesan for sure. Alright, soy base,
04:22 soy base, now what I'm gonna do now is I gonna take
04:25 the sausage I'm gonna put the sausage in as
04:28 well. Okay and, this makes it taste good, okay.
04:31 Now all that mixture there is going into a pot,
04:34 oh this is going in a pot. This is a one meal dish.
04:36 Everything is in there at the same time like I said,
04:39 you'll know when it's done because the spaghetti
04:41 noodles will actually get softer okay. Now, how did
04:44 you get to come know about this recipe. Well I actually
04:46 saw this recipe believe it or not in a book
04:50 that actually talked about pork or beef and stuff in it.
04:54 Okay, okay and then it had some other things like it
04:56 had some, it did not have the vegetables in it,
04:59 it didn't have the Squash in that and I thought it
05:01 looked nice. So I thought of add some extra things
05:03 to it. And you took out the pork and added the Gimme
05:05 Lean. I took out the pork and added the
05:06 Gimme Lean okay that's a good move,
05:08 I appreciate that move, We gonna put that inn,
05:10 okay goes right into the pot. And this gonna be a
05:14 one pot meal. And these is some kind of good yeah.
05:16 Yes, some kind a good and you can serve this up
05:18 with a Italian bread, whole wheat rolls you will serve
05:22 it with a nice green tossed salad, alright, okay
05:25 excellent but all the goodies in there, make sure we
05:26 have all the goodies. And main thing we have been
05:28 talking about dealing with building better bones is
05:32 of course the animal protein and so of course this
05:35 doesn't have any animal protein at all.
05:38 No, no, and that's what we want. That's right.
05:40 Building better bones and last but least we got
05:42 the seasonings. Okay, now Seasonings will go in this,
05:44 of course once again onion powder, garlic powder,
05:47 cayenne, and a little bit cayenne pepper,
05:50 seasoning and that's a lot of kick.
05:51 Want to put that in for me? Yep, we're going to put that in.
05:56 Okay, and this is the Soy Parmesan, last but not least,
05:57 we're gonna put in the soy Parmesan, you can tell
06:00 this, Okay this is nice and hardy looking.
06:03 Nice and hardy. Nicely and meaty, hardy. Put that in
06:07 there, okay and this is a one fourth. Yeah,
06:13 one fourth I'm trying to look around the another
06:14 thing there. This is the new recipe Curtis
06:16 by the way, that we're doing now in the global
06:19 cookbook. So this is a new recipe, the new recipe,
06:21 part of the new recipe packet. Yes, yes, yes, yes,
06:23 yes, okay, alright. Then once we do that,
06:26 guess what now we just put our lid on
06:29 and when you come back oh you will see the finished
06:33 product so stay by.


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