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Building Better Bones I

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Participants: Curtis Eakins, Paula Eakins


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Program Code: AL00150C

00:01 Well look at that, okay now this looks good
00:04 honey alright. A Nice Creamy Strawberry Dessert,
00:07 alright okay, now no cows milk no, no animal
00:11 protein no. So, now all the calcium in this dish we
00:15 keep is that correct, that's right, alright.
00:17 That's what I'm talking about now Building Better
00:19 Bones now of course we will be coming back
00:21 that for the next two weeks on the same topic
00:23 and we're talking about as far as Estrogen, losing the
00:26 Estrogen as well. We talk more about that as
00:28 well now I guess maybe, I know what a
00:31 strawberry tastes like, but maybe the dessert
00:33 itself, what you think can you, I knew,
00:35 I knew you will gonna go there, I knew you're
00:36 gonna go there. Oh! We have the strawberries
00:38 in there too, now that is the small dish.
00:40 I knew you are gonna start, is that for you
00:42 baby or that's for me. Hush me up, oh this is good,
00:48 oh! My Goodness, I like to actually freeze it
00:50 sometime to make into our frozen dessert,
00:52 okay, and this is for about a couple of hours
00:55 until it actually will firm up alright so nice chill
00:57 oh! Honey, why don't you take a bite of that too
00:59 honey? I will, okay nice creamy texture and
01:03 everything, okay you have to close out honey.
01:06 Now, I have to close that okay, now you have
01:08 to help me to close out again alright, you start out
01:10 alright okay well as always we close with the words
01:12 of Jesus Christ, what Jesus said in John 10:10 I
01:15 come that they might have life
01:18 and have it more abundantly.


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