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Building Better Bones I

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Participants: Curtis Eakins, Paula Eakins


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00:01 Well, we wanna welcome you back and we are
00:04 going to do a recipe that is devoid of animal
00:06 protein whatsoever. You are gonna really enjoy
00:09 this recipe Curtis, okay so no milk, no cow's milk,
00:12 no, no animal protein, no. Keep our calcium,
00:15 that's right strong bones, that's right,
00:17 let's do it. Alright let's look at the actual recipe
00:20 itself, it's called the Creamy Strawberry Dessert,
00:23 it calls for. 2 packages of Mori-Nu tofu, extra firm
00:27 2 tablespoons of honey
00:29 2 packages of Mori-Nu pudding mix, vanilla
00:32 1 cup of fresh strawberries
00:34 1 graham cracker crust already prepared.
00:38 Oh! That's it, that's it, oh! That's fine,
00:39 it's a very easy, very, very simple, I do it by
00:41 myself. But because of fact that time factor
00:45 we've already got our tofu in, in our food
00:47 processor already ready to blend. I'm gonna
00:50 start it up and as we start it up, we will be
00:52 adding in the honey and also a little bit of
00:56 strawberries, okay, okay alright.
01:33 You can already see it's starting to get a nice
01:35 smooth texture, so we're gonna put the strawberries
01:38 in. Now, those are fresh, unsweetened,
01:40 it can be fresh or frozen, but they are
01:42 unsweetened so I put a little bit of honey in.
01:43 Of course you don't have to put the honey in,
01:45 if you're gonna be using sweetened strawberries.
01:47 I'm gonna turn it back on again and now we're
01:49 gonna add in our vanilla maid mix as well.
01:52 But why don't you show them that vanilla maid
01:54 mix before I even add that okay I'm got a closer,
01:57 but there is now again we're using the Mori-Nu
01:59 tofu and the Mori-Nu tofu also makes the pudding
02:02 mix as well and so they have vanilla, they also
02:06 have lemon. They have another flavor too,
02:08 but we're gonna discuss in this program today,
02:11 but you can get this a lot of your major grocery
02:13 stores across this nation that's right, that's right
02:15 and also health food stores as well.
02:17 And no refined sugar, that's right,
02:19 its non-dairy, non-dairy all natural and 100%
02:22 vegan and no animal protein. Therefore this calcium
02:25 in this dish we keep it in our bone, alright
02:27 I'm gonna spin this around and we're gonna go
02:28 ahead and add in these mixes.
02:53 Now, I stopped that there because I see that you are
02:57 trying to; see you are not supposed to do that see
03:00 now people are looking at that, no they saw that.
03:03 How do you know that, somebody is gonna call
03:04 and I know they are gonna say something,
03:06 they are gonna e-mail. Okay, okay that's not for
03:07 me then. Let's turn on one more time and let's
03:09 put this last package in,
03:31 okay. And I just gonna scrap around the
03:33 edges there, yeah scrap around the edges,
03:35 we're gonna make sure we get everything in,
03:37 nice and smooth, everything in, its nice and
03:39 smooth okay, nice creamy texture. But honey
03:40 before you do that one more time we've talked
03:42 about of course over there in they're talking
03:44 section there, we talked about the Estrogen,
03:47 when a woman looses her Estrogen during the
03:50 menopause timeframe and we are emphasizing
03:53 a plant based Estrogen right. We talk more about
03:55 that in the next program as well, but again soy
03:59 has a plant like Estrogen there by we want to
04:02 emphasize soy product, soy milks Tofu, etcetera,
04:06 so we are using soy in this recipe, so this will help
04:08 to keep the bone matrix alright, alright,
04:11 alright let's spin one more time, oops, okay.
04:28 Now, I know you are saying a wonder what's going
04:31 happen next, what we're gonna do,
04:33 all we're gonna do is just take our mixture pour into
04:36 our graham cracker pie crust already prepared
04:40 dish. Okay, and when we comeback you
04:42 will see the finished product, so stay by.


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