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Participants: Curtis Eakins, Paula Eakins


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00:01 Well, look at this, oh! This looks good honey,
00:03 we've got the Festive Potatoes and the sweet
00:05 potatoes and the white potatoes together okay.
00:06 We also did the Tofu Scrambler,
00:09 which got that we used in place of the eggs,
00:11 we used also the tofu, got the baco bites you know.
00:15 We also did Granny Smith Apples,
00:18 we bake them in the oven with an orange sauce
00:20 with inside of them is dates, chopped date
00:23 and walnuts. Well, I think, it sounds good,
00:25 this is the real meal that mom would really
00:27 enjoy having. Mom, dad, the children everybody
00:30 will enjoy it in dealing with this dish right here now.
00:33 There are no biscuits I mean a breakfast like this
00:36 you got the eggs, or mock eggs,
00:37 the Tofu Scramblers, the Potatoes, the Apples,
00:41 no biscuits or a bread. I knew you're gonna,
00:43 I knew you were gonna say that and so,
00:45 oh! Okay, and so we made, that's what
00:46 I'm talking about, we also made some date nuts scones
00:48 also to go with this and this is another real
00:51 wonderful dish to eat mom can actually have also
00:54 to make the meal complete.
00:56 Now, it's complete and of course, of course
00:58 once again all the foods that we have here
01:01 is in our books, you know Global Vegetarian
01:03 Cooking Made Easy and also we advise The Vegetarian
01:05 Cooking Made Easy. Okay, now we have a lot of
01:07 food to sample here, we got just a few
01:09 more minutes left, maybe a minute and half.
01:11 So maybe we can work here and work around
01:13 this way or something. You have the spoon,
01:17 I kind of figured that you might say something,
01:19 okay, and so I guess the first thing you wanna
01:20 do is I know you wanna try this, lets get you some
01:22 sweet potato and a white potato combination,
01:24 how about that? Now again the sweet potato
01:26 and white potatoes now usually the sweet potatoes
01:28 takes longer to cook than the white potatoes,
01:30 is that correct? Normally, but remember now
01:32 this is a bake potatoes, white bake potatoes
01:34 and sweet potatoes so we got the same amount
01:35 of time as far as fixing them okay,
01:37 oh! Okay, is that good, is that good,
01:43 Ok, now eggs baby, can we go with that
01:45 Tofu Scramblers may be a little bit just,
01:48 can you. You're always so hungry, oh!
01:50 I'm not so hungry but this is so good okay,
01:55 yeah. Excuse me folks now what about
01:59 what's this scones, we didn't have scones in,
02:03 when I was growing up. Well, you know this is one
02:05 of my favorite things, so why not go ahead
02:06 and try that, okay that wasn't what I had in mind okay.
02:09 But now, this again, this is date nuts scones,
02:13 it has nuts and dates and all kinds of stuff in it.
02:16 It's has been a wonderful program,
02:18 we are closing words of Jesus Christ in
02:20 John 10:10 where Jesus said I come that
02:22 they might have life and have it more abundantly.


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