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00:01 Have you ever thought about doing a special meal
00:03 for someone you love, I think about special meals
00:07 and I think about mom? And so today for the
00:11 entire program we're actually gonna do a
00:13 special brunch dedicated to mom, so, stay by.
00:49 Well, we wanna welcome you to Abundant Living,
00:51 my name is Paula Eakins and this is my husband.
00:55 My name is Curtis Eakins, glad you're with us today.
00:58 Absolutely and you know, special meal for mom,
01:01 special occasion for the mom.
01:03 So, now the dads are not invited, just the moms?
01:04 No, no, this is special occasion for the moms,
01:08 oh for the moms, so mothers day.
01:09 And there is a reason for that right,
01:11 because sometimes when you really think about
01:12 what's going on, a lot of times you know
01:14 we just kind of don't really celebrate mom's
01:17 special day unless it's mothers day,
01:19 what about her birthday, oh! Birthday,
01:21 what about her working hard you know in the house,
01:23 outside the house you know. And so you know
01:25 I just think it's just an ideal, a lot of, I do
01:27 special meals are really for different individuals
01:29 but this particular program is dedicated to moms.
01:33 Okay, so this is for you mom, all the moms alright.
01:35 Alright, you know a lot of time I think about brunches
01:39 and a brunch is different because you know
01:41 when you talk about a brunch.
01:42 We're always talking about kind a like on a Sunday,
01:45 kind of in the afternoon, you know past that
01:48 breakfast time, she is laying around,
01:50 just later lay around or study her Bible
01:53 and chill out while the family gets ready to fix a
01:55 special meal. Now, the words chill out for
01:59 those who may not be familiar with that type
02:01 of language it means to relax, so chill out to relax.
02:04 Just in case you were wondering, alright okay,
02:07 okay so now that we're all chilled out,
02:09 we all chilled out, we're relaxed.
02:11 What we're gonna do is to actually go to the
02:14 first recipe which is called Festive Skillet Potatoes,
02:18 it calls for; 2 med onions, sliced thin.
02:21 2 med sweet potatoes, sliced thin.
02:24 3 tbsp canola oil. ½ med onion, chopped.
02:29 ½ C green pepper, diced. ½ C red peppers, diced.
02:35 1 tsp garlic powder. 1 tsp onion powder.
02:38 1 tsp sea salt. 1 C spinach,
02:43 fresh, chopped and that's optional.
02:45 Okay, we're gonna use that in Festive Skillet Potatoes.
02:50 I actually got this recipe from a friend of mine
02:52 in Florida, okay and it was all kind of combinations
02:55 I was surprised that it was white potatoes
02:57 and sweet potatoes combination. Alright, okay
02:59 and so we're gonna go ahead and put our oil in
03:02 and you heat the skillet first so use less oil,
03:04 that's right, is that correct. And that's what
03:06 you're gonna do, that's right, that's right,
03:07 I learned that from you. And we're gonna just turn
03:09 this up a little bit and what's gonna happen
03:11 is we've got our potatoes there.
03:12 You're gonna go ahead and start dicing up
03:14 the peppers, if you would, the red and green peppers.
03:18 I can do that and then I'm going go ahead on
03:20 and once we've got this going, now you can use
03:22 by the way canola oil or you can use olive oil,
03:26 which ever one you chose for this recipe.
03:29 Okay, whatever your preference is and now
03:32 we're gonna take the potatoes and I'm gonna use
03:34 my spatula and I'll start off by getting the
03:37 potatoes ready. So, let's get the potatoes in,
03:40 okay, now any type of potatoes,
03:41 it doesn't really matter, baked potatoes is usually
03:44 what I use, because the sweet potatoes
03:46 is kind of hard and so you want a potato
03:48 that's gonna take a little bit longer to get
03:50 done okay, okay. And what a combination this
03:53 actually makes, now I can tell this dish is gonna
03:55 be very colorful too, it's gonna be very,
03:56 very colorful. Okay, pleasing to the eyes,
03:59 alright-y, we got that going, I'm gonna just turn
04:02 this up a little bit. Now, you can also this
04:06 same potatoes, you can actually dice them up
04:08 small if you want to. Sometimes when I'm trying
04:10 to make not so much more of it but actually kind
04:15 of set something there's actually more potatoes.
04:18 You can just take the potato and you can
04:20 actually just slice them like so.
04:22 So, that you have a combination, this is a very
04:24 colorful dish alright. And how you're doing
04:28 over there, I think I'm doing pretty good, alright,
04:30 I still have all of my fingers,
04:31 still all your fingers, well we're glad to see that,
04:33 oh I'm too I'm glad to see it too, yeah, alright.
04:36 Okay, then what we're gonna is we got this going
04:38 up high, now in this recipe it's not only gonna
04:42 have the red and green diced peppers in it.
04:46 It also has like I said the spinach
04:48 and also has the onions as well.
04:50 And because of course of the time factor
04:52 what we're gonna do is this is starting up,
04:55 we're gonna turn it as soon as it begins to brown
04:58 'cause you wanna brown on both sides
05:00 and I don't hear any, I don't hear any no, no, no,
05:05 I don't hear any, any sizzle at this point.
05:07 I know it's on, I know it's gonna be working okay,
05:11 let's talk for a moment as we're getting this ready
05:13 like I said before that is from a friend of mine.
05:16 Now, one of the things that was really neat,
05:17 it was that they took the recipes,
05:18 she took the recipes, she cut the potatoes up,
05:20 sweet potatoes up in all different sizes,
05:22 and all different shapes and then when she added
05:25 that together, she said we're gonna put some
05:27 scraps together. I said when you say scraps,
05:29 what do you mean. She says well lets say


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