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00:01 Have you ever thought about doing a special meal
00:03 for someone you love, I think about special meals
00:07 and I think about mom? And so today for the
00:11 entire program we're actually gonna do a
00:13 special brunch dedicated to mom, so, stay by.
00:49 Well, we wanna welcome you to Abundant Living,
00:51 my name is Paula Eakins and this is my husband.
00:55 My name is Curtis Eakins, glad you're with us today.
00:58 Absolutely and you know, special meal for mom,
01:01 special occasion for the mom.
01:03 So, now the dads are not invited, just the moms?
01:04 No, no, this is special occasion for the moms,
01:08 oh for the moms, so mothers day.
01:09 And there is a reason for that right,
01:11 because sometimes when you really think about
01:12 what's going on, a lot of times you know
01:14 we just kind of don't really celebrate mom's
01:17 special day unless it's mothers day,
01:19 what about her birthday, oh! Birthday,
01:21 what about her working hard you know in the house,
01:23 outside the house you know. And so you know
01:25 I just think it's just an ideal, a lot of, I do
01:27 special meals are really for different individuals
01:29 but this particular program is dedicated to moms.
01:33 Okay, so this is for you mom, all the moms alright.
01:35 Alright, you know a lot of time I think about brunches
01:39 and a brunch is different because you know
01:41 when you talk about a brunch.
01:42 We're always talking about kind a like on a Sunday,
01:45 kind of in the afternoon, you know past that
01:48 breakfast time, she is laying around,
01:50 just later lay around or study her Bible
01:53 and chill out while the family gets ready to fix a
01:55 special meal. Now, the words chill out for
01:59 those who may not be familiar with that type
02:01 of language it means to relax, so chill out to relax.
02:04 Just in case you were wondering, alright okay,
02:07 okay so now that we're all chilled out,
02:09 we all chilled out, we're relaxed.
02:11 What we're gonna do is to actually go to the
02:14 first recipe which is called Festive Skillet Potatoes,
02:18 it calls for; 2 med onions, sliced thin.
02:21 2 med sweet potatoes, sliced thin.
02:24 3 tbsp canola oil. ½ med onion, chopped.
02:29 ½ C green pepper, diced. ½ C red peppers, diced.
02:35 1 tsp garlic powder. 1 tsp onion powder.
02:38 1 tsp sea salt. 1 C spinach,
02:43 fresh, chopped and that's optional.
02:45 Okay, we're gonna use that in Festive Skillet Potatoes.
02:50 I actually got this recipe from a friend of mine
02:52 in Florida, okay and it was all kind of combinations
02:55 I was surprised that it was white potatoes
02:57 and sweet potatoes combination. Alright, okay
02:59 and so we're gonna go ahead and put our oil in
03:02 and you heat the skillet first so use less oil,
03:04 that's right, is that correct. And that's what
03:06 you're gonna do, that's right, that's right,
03:07 I learned that from you. And we're gonna just turn
03:09 this up a little bit and what's gonna happen
03:11 is we've got our potatoes there.
03:12 You're gonna go ahead and start dicing up
03:14 the peppers, if you would, the red and green peppers.
03:18 I can do that and then I'm going go ahead on
03:20 and once we've got this going, now you can use
03:22 by the way canola oil or you can use olive oil,
03:26 which ever one you chose for this recipe.
03:29 Okay, whatever your preference is and now
03:32 we're gonna take the potatoes and I'm gonna use
03:34 my spatula and I'll start off by getting the
03:37 potatoes ready. So, let's get the potatoes in,
03:40 okay, now any type of potatoes,
03:41 it doesn't really matter, baked potatoes is usually
03:44 what I use, because the sweet potatoes
03:46 is kind of hard and so you want a potato
03:48 that's gonna take a little bit longer to get
03:50 done okay, okay. And what a combination this
03:53 actually makes, now I can tell this dish is gonna
03:55 be very colorful too, it's gonna be very,
03:56 very colorful. Okay, pleasing to the eyes,
03:59 alright-y, we got that going, I'm gonna just turn
04:02 this up a little bit. Now, you can also this
04:06 same potatoes, you can actually dice them up
04:08 small if you want to. Sometimes when I'm trying
04:10 to make not so much more of it but actually kind
04:15 of set something there's actually more potatoes.
04:18 You can just take the potato and you can
04:20 actually just slice them like so.
04:22 So, that you have a combination, this is a very
04:24 colorful dish alright. And how you're doing
04:28 over there, I think I'm doing pretty good, alright,
04:30 I still have all of my fingers,
04:31 still all your fingers, well we're glad to see that,
04:33 oh I'm too I'm glad to see it too, yeah, alright.
04:36 Okay, then what we're gonna is we got this going
04:38 up high, now in this recipe it's not only gonna
04:42 have the red and green diced peppers in it.
04:46 It also has like I said the spinach
04:48 and also has the onions as well.
04:50 And because of course of the time factor
04:52 what we're gonna do is this is starting up,
04:55 we're gonna turn it as soon as it begins to brown
04:58 'cause you wanna brown on both sides
05:00 and I don't hear any, I don't hear any no, no, no,
05:05 I don't hear any, any sizzle at this point.
05:07 I know it's on, I know it's gonna be working okay,
05:11 let's talk for a moment as we're getting this ready
05:13 like I said before that is from a friend of mine.
05:16 Now, one of the things that was really neat,
05:17 it was that they took the recipes,
05:18 she took the recipes, she cut the potatoes up,
05:20 sweet potatoes up in all different sizes,
05:22 and all different shapes and then when she added
05:25 that together, she said we're gonna put some
05:27 scraps together. I said when you say scraps,
05:29 what do you mean. She says well lets say
05:31 for instance you might have some, some soy meat
05:35 leftover you know you might have some spinach,
05:38 you might have some onions different color
05:41 maybe red and green, a combination.
05:43 This is a very colorful dish and so I said okay
05:46 I like that, so she was throwing things in that
05:47 pot okay, remember, and get that going.
05:49 So, these are kind of the leftovers,
05:50 well it's kind of leftovers, but we've kind of been
05:53 more organized, we know exactly where we're gonna
05:54 put it on. This is organized leftovers okay,
05:57 okay now once again you will the skin off.
06:00 You now you know it's actually beginning to do
06:03 its thing okay, you hear the sizzle,
06:05 you hear the sizzle. We've been looking for okay
06:08 and I like the brown on both sides, I'm gonna
06:11 actually right now just put the lid on top of it
06:13 for a minute. So, we can actually begin to really
06:16 brown you don't wanted to burn, we just want to begin
06:20 to brown on both sides, now because of the fact
06:22 it's a baked potatoes and sweet potatoes
06:24 it's gonna take a little bit longer to get done
06:26 that's why you're gonna slice it very,
06:28 very thin okay. And usually what I usually do
06:30 is add all these things after it's cooked down some,
06:33 so Curtis if you would why don't you go ahead on
06:36 and get that spinach, cut that up a little bit
06:37 for me okay, okay. I've already got the
06:39 onions going, you can also add to this some
06:42 fresh garlic if you want to. Now, you don't
06:44 have to do it, cut it real small,
06:46 just a little bit okay, okay, just a little bit,
06:47 alright and I'm gonna just open up and see
06:50 what's going on here. And we're gonna just turn it
06:54 a little bit; you just smell the sweet potatoes.
06:58 Now, is this one of your new recipes?
07:00 This is a new one. This is not in a book
07:02 any more yet. Not in a book, because actually
07:05 the new recipe's going in global, is going in the
07:06 global okay. Okay now what we're gonna do is like
07:12 I said for the time factor, I'm gonna put the recipe
07:16 as far as the recipe ingredients in this
07:19 particular pan, we're gonna put the lid on
07:21 and let it do it's thing, alright. It takes about
07:24 may be a good fifteen minutes to get ready
07:25 and while it's actually getting mixed up
07:27 together, we're going to be moving to another
07:29 recipe so you just hold one minute.
07:30 Lets go ahead and put all the things in.
07:32 I'm gonna go ahead and put the onions in,
07:33 alright, this is what's gonna make this smell
07:35 good alright. Okay, and then you're gonna
07:41 go ahead on and put in the, let's chance,
07:43 let's hold on to the spinach, lets just put the
07:44 red and green peppers okay alright.
07:47 Look at that combination, look at that combination,
07:51 very colorful now, alright, alright. Now,
07:53 where is the color now, you say we should eat
07:54 with our eyes and also eat according to the rainbow,
07:57 yep, so the more colors we have in a dish,
07:59 the more of the minerals and Vitamins we get
08:01 from those foods right. We got a lot of things
08:03 that we're gonna be doing on this show,
08:05 this particular show with the different recipes,
08:07 different combinations, so you see how pretty
08:09 it looks right now but you haven't see anything yet.
08:11 Because at the end we're gonna put our seasonings
08:13 on and then we're gonna also add our
08:15 spinach as well. So, right now what I'm gonna do
08:17 is put my lid on top and we're gonna let it
08:22 actually simmer okay. Now, we're finished,
08:24 we will go on later on, that will go on later on
08:25 and what will happen is when we go to our
08:27 next recipe. Then what's gonna happen is we'll peek
08:30 every now and then inside to see what's going on
08:33 and turn it and then we will add in. We wanna go
08:34 too fast with this particular one,
08:36 because you want to be just right for mom okay,
08:39 okay alright. We're gonna look at the next recipe
08:42 Curtis and that's gonna be a Tofu Scrambler,
08:45 oh okay, alright, interesting.
08:47 This recipe calls for; 1 tbsp soy margarine.
08:51 ½ C onion, chopped. ½ C scallions, chopped.
08:55 1 C mushrooms diced, sliced. 1 pkg Mori-Nu tofu, firm.
09:01 1 tsp garlic powder.
09:03 1 Tbsp chicken-style seasoning.
09:06 ½ tsp turmeric powder. ½ C soy baco bits.
09:13 Now, this particular one you know a lot of times
09:15 people think about when you're talking about
09:17 special brunches, you think about eggs, right, okay.
09:20 But we're not using eggs, we're actually gonna
09:22 use a Mori-Nu this is a Silken Soft Tofu that
09:26 mimics that of regular eggs. I was looking for
09:29 some recipes when I started changing into the
09:31 plant based diet. Trying to find ways to cut back
09:34 that cholesterol. We certainly want mom
09:36 not to have a high cholesterol, yeah and so
09:38 we began doing that. And Curtis, if you show them
09:39 that this Mori-Nu the firm tofu.
09:43 That's is Mori-Nu the firm, okay, okay alright
09:45 and a lot of times when people are asking me
09:47 questions about tofu, yes. They're always saying,
09:50 you know, how do I know which tofu to use with
09:53 which product alright. Well, I like this particular
09:55 one because it actually yeah, it's got a silken
09:58 kind of a texture, it mimics that of regular,
10:00 it reminds me really of egg whites once it gets
10:03 heated okay, and it has no taste, it has no
10:05 taste whatsoever. Which is the positive,
10:07 not a negative, absolutely because at that point
10:09 we wanna do that's right and so for that what
10:11 we're gonna do is we're gonna turn once again
10:13 our skillet on and we're gonna take soy margarine
10:17 not butter. But soy margarine, and we're gonna
10:20 heat our soy margarine up in our skillet okay.
10:22 Why don't you put that in there for me Curtis,
10:24 I'll give you spatula, so you can get all the
10:26 goodies out, oh! Every things is out there,
10:28 I've already did the job, okay, I just dumped
10:31 in there baby, I know, okay, I know you just dumped it,
10:34 yeah, okay. Is that a kitchen term,
10:36 I don't know, I don't know, okay I don't know,
10:37 maybe somebody can, it was in there though,
10:39 okay, alright, we got that. Okay.
10:41 Now that's melting down and while it is,
10:43 I know you probably say I wonder what's happening
10:45 with those potatoes, well let's see what's happening.
10:50 Oh! Yes, yes, yes, yes, already been cooked down
10:55 a little bit, cook down. At this point what
11:01 we're gonna do now notice how pretty that color is alright
11:06 and we're gonna add to this. Now, our seasonings
11:13 and we're also gonna add our spinach,
11:17 so first we're gonna put the seasonings on
11:23 and then we're gonna put in some spinach for color
11:27 look at that, look at that. Okay, alright very,
11:30 very, very pretty, now it's looking good,
11:31 now honey with the spinach, alright.
11:36 Festive Skillet Potatoes, Festive Skillet Potatoes,
11:39 okay we're gonna move it around a little bit there
11:41 and we're gonna put that lid on again, alright.
11:46 And we're gonna see this product at the end of the
11:49 program and those now water. Now, you're gonna
11:51 just put that water back in there,
11:53 oh! Yes right, because it's helps to steam
11:54 those potatoes, oh I see, okay, you put that on,
11:57 this time we're gonna turn it down low so we can
12:01 finish cooking because basically it's almost
12:04 finished okay, okay. Now, let's get back to
12:07 now we have the yeah. Tofu Scrambler,
12:10 Tofu Scrambler now in this recipe we need to,
12:11 Cholesterol free. That's right, we're gonna put
12:13 in the onions, onions going in and you're get
12:16 the scallions as well we're gonna put those in too,
12:18 okay scallions, alright. This is another one of
12:21 those real pretty dishes, it's nice to serve up
12:24 your meals to someone in beautiful dinnerware
12:26 and also attractive type of foods okay,
12:30 and we wanna keep our mom around for a long time.
12:33 Okay, I'm just sautéing this a little bit,
12:36 I'm gonna turn that down okay, until it gets kind
12:39 of the onions turn into opaque type color, alright.
12:42 Translucent, translucent and another word
12:45 I use as well, alright. This recipe is actually
12:47 one of recipes from our revised vegetarian Cooking
12:49 Made Easy cookbook, tofu scrambler, alright.
12:52 Now, we're gonna also put into that our mushrooms,
12:57 alright, alright, add some pizzazz and you know.
13:01 Now, Tofu is gonna take the place of scrambled eggs,
13:04 the egg yeah, yeah alright. we're gonna
13:07 sauté that a little bit, now I noticed that this
13:09 tofu is white and eggs are yellow.
13:11 Yeah, we're gonna do something with that
13:12 also as well, okay, you know a lot of times people
13:15 ask me a questions about things like you know
13:18 that tofu how did we actually make it.
13:20 One of the ways we make tofu is that we actually
13:23 takes the soy beans and we cook the soy beans
13:25 and then you take a cheesecloth and extract
13:27 the actual liquid, there by you now have soy milk.
13:31 Now, then we also put into a container like the
13:34 Mori-Nu containers and once they put that milk in
13:36 in there to add a calcium starch to the food starch
13:39 and it will coagulate and become a soft curd,
13:43 if it's actually a lot of water add to it
13:46 and we don't drain it out, it's called soft tofu silken.
13:49 If they take away a little bit of the water,
13:52 it's called firm tofu and it's silken and of course,
13:56 if they take away even less water it's then extra firm.
13:59 I like to use something like let's say the soft
14:03 one to make my milkshakes and to make my gravies
14:06 and my sour cream. I like take the ones that are
14:08 firm and I will use those to actually put into my
14:11 meat dishes and to do things like whipped
14:14 toppings, Ice-cream and then that extra firm.
14:17 I like to really use in, yes you know Sadie,
14:21 my cheese cakes alright. All my deserts actually
14:25 I use the extra firm tofu. So, it's very,
14:27 very important to use the right tofu with the right
14:31 mixture otherwise you're not gonna be happy, that's
14:34 why we use our cookbooks to make sure,
14:36 okay, we write that down, which ones to use
14:38 and which ones of the recipe okay.
14:40 How do you know that Sadie was listening,
14:42 oh I know she is listening, alright, alright.
14:44 Now, we sautéed, the next step we're gonna do
14:47 is we're gonna go ahead on and put in the tofu block.
14:51 Curtis, would you go ahead and just put that in,
14:53 just don't just throw it in, it will make a splashing
14:55 kind of a sound, you know I was about to do that.
14:57 I know you were, that's why I thought I would go ahead
14:59 and do it, what I could do is just smash it down
15:01 a little bit, just a little, okay. And you know
15:07 I was thinking about when we had, a matter of fact;
15:09 we went to visit our daughter for mother's day.
15:12 And you and Ero and all the children got together
15:16 to fix us a special meal. Mother's meal,
15:19 yeah we sure did and I think even little EJ,
15:22 I think he's about 2- years-old at that time,
15:24 yes, he made some of the biscuits,
15:26 I think half of the flour was on his face,
15:27 but we had a good time making mom's
15:30 special brunch. And the first thing you guys
15:31 brought to us was a big old bowl of fruit.
15:34 We had strawberries and grapes and that's supposed
15:37 to be appetizer. Actually, my daughter
15:40 and I was wondering if indeed we were going to
15:42 get anything other than just fruits,
15:44 but we knew you're all down there cooking,
15:45 we could smell the garlic and everything going
15:47 on down there okay and we actually had a simulation
15:51 of some of the things that we're actually doing
15:52 on our program today. Yeah, we sure did,
15:53 alright, very good, very good, alright now
15:55 at this point Curtis what we're gonna do is now
15:57 we're gonna see you made a comment about
15:59 changing the color. So, let's see, we're gonna
16:02 change the color of this by actually adding
16:04 in the turmeric okay. So, we got the turmeric
16:06 going on and we also have the garlic powder,
16:09 so we're gonna sprinkle on the turmeric.
16:12 Now, this will give it the yellowish color, yes.
16:14 And we always say you wanna make sure that
16:17 you don't make it too yellow because you just wanna
16:19 come at the color of eggs alright.
16:22 And you can tell by, you know your texture
16:24 and the color as to, are you reaching it,
16:27 and you can see that the yellow is actually turning
16:31 the recipe into a simulation of eggs.
16:36 Alright, Tofu Scramblers, Tofu Scramblers,
16:39 okay now we're looking good okay and we've got
16:42 some baco, soy baco bits now.
16:45 Now, talk about those for a few minutes there,
16:46 we take a bit, again this can be purchased at a
16:48 regular grocery store now, because,
16:50 yes, a lot of these foods now they're
16:52 cholesterol free, saturated fat free
16:54 and now more available at your regular grocery store.
16:57 So again, they are also available at a health food
17:00 store as well, also at the regular grocery store,
17:02 yeah I actually got those from regular grocery store.
17:04 Soy, and you wanna make sure that it's says soy,
17:07 soy baco bits okay. Now, with that we're gonna
17:10 sprinkle a little bit on top, just a little bit,
17:12 go ahead oh! All of bit, hold on for one minute,
17:14 we're gonna save a little bit for later on just put,
17:16 that's it. Hold on, and let me just stir it in,
17:23 honey hush, does that not look like regular scrambled
17:28 eggs now you know one things is so funny here,
17:30 is that sometimes you can take this same dish
17:32 and you can actually put it in between let's say
17:36 a whole wheat tortilla shell and then wrap it up
17:39 and you can put salsa and sour cream on it
17:42 and green chives and turn it into an actual Mexican
17:45 type of a dish. On this one here though,
17:47 we're making it up, we're actually gonna be serving
17:50 it let's say for instance, you're trying to
17:52 figure out okay what kind of meat are you gonna serve.
17:53 Well, there's a lot of veggie meat
17:54 on the market, okay. You can actually just take
17:56 a look on your label, when you read your label.
17:59 Lets say something like Boca has some sausages,
18:01 morning star, look on the label,
18:03 we're gonna make sure, the sodium level's low,
18:04 Lite Life has some, so there's different
18:06 combinations out there. So, you wanna just look
18:08 and see which one has a low sodium, of course
18:10 a lot of it don't have the fats, their cholesterol
18:12 you have, because they're not meat after all.
18:14 And we will serve this up, we have some sausages
18:17 or some links or also we have, different types
18:21 of sausages you can make with oats,
18:23 oh that's right, and beans, to make your own sausage
18:26 as well alright. So we're gonna go
18:27 into our next recipe. Well, let's me just, let just
18:30 may take a break ah! Actually a dessert.
18:31 I think oh we should take a break,
18:33 now let's take a break,
18:34 let's take a break, so stay by.


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