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Participants: Curtis Eakins, Paula Eakins


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00:01 Ok. Finished products. Ok. Jamaica style. Wow! We've got
00:05 quite a few things we kind of put together, ok, for like a
00:09 breakfast menu really and truly and one of things that we kind
00:14 of made a comment about, a little bit early I was talking
00:16 about that ackee and I was saying that, you know, that
00:19 ackee is a fruit and it actually bursts on its own and gets a
00:22 yellowish texture and from that we mocked that and used that
00:26 scrambled tofu to do the same kind of thing, but I was saying
00:30 Curtis, that if you try to, prematurely, ripen it, on your
00:33 own, ahead of time, force that bulb open yourself, then it
00:37 becomes very, very toxic. Oh, ok So you want to let it open on
00:40 its own. Ok. Yep. Now, I know that they probably saw the
00:43 picture and said: what that beige stuff they have there?
00:46 Also we're going to do this on the show. Well, I found out that
00:51 when you do ackee, they also do salt fish, fresh water fish and
00:56 so we did a Mock tuna and they'll have to get a call and
01:00 find out how we did that one there.
01:02 But we did the cornmeal porridge
01:04 made, ready to go, we have fresh pineapple and I want to say to
01:07 you about the pineapple. I found out that all the fresh pineapple
01:10 and all the fresh fruit that's used, like a mango and
01:13 specifically the fresh pineapple because the pineapple has
01:17 Bromelain in it. And Bromelain is very good for digestive track
01:21 So they use fresh pineapple, not cooked pineapple and that
01:23 helps with the meal as well. ok? You're doing your homework.
01:26 You got some spices over there. What's that? I got some spices
01:28 because Aunty Joyce gave these to me. And as we get
01:31 ready to leave let's remember them by, and it's actually I've
01:35 never even seen what a nutmeg looks like. She gave us a little
01:39 shredder and also she has the cinnamon and a couple of other
01:44 things here as well. Interesting. Now, so this is
01:47 Jamaica we're going to Jamaica man and are making some dominos
01:51 or something. You have any dominos around here? It's kind
01:53 of early in the morning but we can do the Dominos too.
01:54 Well as always John 10:10.Jesus said: I
01:58 come that they may have life and have it more abundantly.


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