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00:01 Well, we want to welcome you back. And we're going to go to
00:04 the next recipe which is a Sautéed Mock Ackee. It takes
00:28 Mock Ackee. Now, believe it or not Ackee is one of those foods
00:32 that it's not very readily found in the United States.
00:36 I understand you can actually buy it in a can at
00:38 some of the, you know,
00:40 supermarkets that have the ethnic foods. And so, I was
00:44 looking at the information on Ackee, I was asking some
00:47 questions. While I was studying, guess what I discovered?
00:50 I discovered it looks like scrambled eggs. Now, you know
00:54 what I mean that was like. Ok. You're thinking tofu. That's
00:57 right. ok. I knew it. Now, already, Curtis I want you to go
01:01 ahead and put the onions in. Ok. Let's get that sautéed and you
01:05 know, I got just, I could not believe that. It was just
01:11 incredible. All right. Now, what is ackee? I mean, is it a
01:15 vegetable? it's a fruit? it's a fruit. ok. Go ahead and just
01:21 stir up a little bit. Ackee is a fruit. It grows there, and let
01:26 me tell you right now: when it's growing, it has a state, they
01:30 call it ripened state. ok. When that bud gets ready to open
01:34 like a bulb, the yellow color comes out of it. And then you
01:38 can cook it like a scrambled egg ok. But, if you try to ripen it
01:43 ahead of time, not naturally, on its own, it becomes very
01:46 toxic. Oh! And you cannot eat it. Ok? So, you need to eat it
01:52 before gets too ripen. ok. So, I'm going to just go ahead on
01:56 and take the tomato, or you're going to take the tomato, Curtis
02:00 why don't you take the tomato and begin chopping it up.
02:02 Meanwhile, because I said that matched that of scrambled egg,
02:06 I'm just going to just take my tofu
02:09 and we're going to show them a little bit what
02:12 that looks like, just to make it look like scrambled egg.
02:17 Let's put it on in. I know you said to yourself that does not
02:22 look like scrambled eggs to me. We're going to fix this up.
02:26 So it can look like scrambled egg. How about that Curtis?
02:31 All right. We put tomatoes together why don't you show them
02:34 when you get finished. I guess I just hold on for half sec.
02:38 Tofu, or what? Show them the tofu container for us.
02:41 So they can see what that looks like. Ok. This is the Mori Nu
02:45 tofu container and this is the firm. There are several other
02:49 types, soft and extra firm. This is the firm Mori Nu tofu
02:53 silken tofu and that's will be using now. This will be
02:57 purchased at any major grocery store. That's right, throughout
02:59 the nation. yes. And matches up very well, looking just like
03:02 ackee. Now I've also got turmeric and I've also got a
03:05 little pinch of cayenne, because the turmeric is very, very
03:08 necessary to turn this into a yellow kind of a color, ok?
03:10 So we're going to put that in next. Ok.
03:12 I am finished with the tomatoes. Ok Let me get
03:15 all my turmeric out. all right. I know this one thing too. They
03:19 like things that are hot. Lots of cayenne pepper, of course
03:22 their cayenne is a little bit even stronger than the one we
03:25 actually use, Curtis. Now, their ackee there, the fruit,
03:29 it's the same type of texture? Same texture. It's just like
03:33 scrambled egg. Now, I thought about the recipes I already have
03:36 I have scrambled tofu in my cookbook, so I figured, wait a
03:39 minute, I can do that. It looks just like this, ok? and what you
03:43 are going to do, you're gonna go ahead on and put those tomatoes
03:46 in with that. This is some kind of delicious, ok? Put that in,
03:50 I'll find that out at the end of the program. Yes, you will.
03:53 You will feed me all this. Ok. And then of course we have
03:56 the chives also, that goes along with this. It's ready to go in
03:58 now? we're going to just hold on for one second. ok. let me just
04:02 stir this around, ok and we're going to put the chives in at
04:05 the end not just this minute, because I want this to simmer
04:08 for a few minutes. I'm going to put the top on it. And what's
04:11 going to happen we're going to go away and when we come back
04:13 you're going to get the opportunity to see everything
04:17 we have fixed for some serious Jamaica cuisine cooking.
04:21 Stay by!


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