Abundant Living

Controlling Cholesterol Pt.2

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Participants: Curtis Eakins, Paula Eakins


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00:01 Well look at that, this looks wonderful honey.
00:04 Just marvelous darling, marvelous.
00:06 Well one of the things that I think the so
00:07 fantastic is how wonderful and how
00:10 beautiful God's foods are, yes it is,
00:11 and all the different colors and variations
00:13 that he actually has put out there to entice
00:16 us to the foods that are very good for us.
00:18 And this is enticing, okay the camera crew
00:19 cannot wait till the show is over,
00:21 I guarantee you. And you know I think
00:22 the other thing too Curtis, I think about is
00:24 that a lot of times in our ministry it is so
00:27 nice to take a nice dish of food to
00:29 someone, your next door neighbor for
00:30 instance or maybe take it to a potluck
00:33 when you're going out take a dish like this is
00:35 someone's house this is not really feeling
00:36 very well, share within a word of God
00:38 I think it's a fantastic way to socialize with
00:41 others individuals. And so that can be
00:43 really a ministry within itself, absolutely,
00:45 hospitality, hospitality, ministry of hospitality,
00:47 so there is a very good for that.
00:49 Now, we're not gonna sample this or it looks
00:51 so pretty we don't really want to mess it
00:53 up but what do you think. Well, we're gonna
00:55 probably be taking this somewhere,
00:57 taking this oh based what you just said
00:58 well okay, well in that case then I'm not gonna
01:01 mess this up, very good, we want to take
01:03 this some place else, you can get a little lid
01:04 on top of it and then we just open it up and
01:05 it's gonna be ah, now when we do share
01:07 we also made to eat this, here we got all
01:09 our bowls and everything right here
01:10 and put everything in yeah, what the people
01:11 who don't share with, absolutely,
01:13 so they have eat it too, absolutely.
01:14 Well, we talked about we didn't talked about
01:16 the butter, or the spreads but of course
01:17 the spreads are very important to the earth
01:18 balance and smart balance as well.
01:20 Well as always John 10:10 Jesus said I come
01:23 that they might have life and
01:27 have it more abundantly.


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