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Controlling Cholesterol Pt.2

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Participants: Curtis Eakins, Paula Eakins


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00:01 Well welcome back, and we're gonna go to
00:02 the actual recipe for this
00:05 particular program, okay.
00:07 It's called a Stir-Fried Eggplant it calls for a,
00:33 Okay, right. Now Stir-Fried Eggplant,
00:36 Stir-Fried Eggplant a lot of people do not
00:38 like eggplant, but it is an absolutely fantastic
00:42 substitute when you trying to get off of
00:43 meat because eggplant actually has a same
00:45 texture that meat has, when you really think
00:48 about it and of course you're gonna work
00:49 with it, okay. You're gonna first take that
00:51 purple hull off of it, the skin, take that
00:53 all off and what I've done is you have that
00:56 also sit it in water. Now I've taken this skin
00:59 off and I've cut strips in it and you will
01:01 notice the seeds in the middle of that
01:03 eggplant, right, you got to get the seeds
01:04 out so that you actually want to
01:06 making strips like this, okay.
01:09 Now why would you put in water so it
01:10 won't turn, the water helps the seeds to
01:12 come out number one and also it keeps them
01:13 from turning, okay, okay. And you want
01:15 to pat that, you want to make sure that you
01:17 pat your strips really well so you know
01:19 have a lot of water in them, because we're
01:20 gonna actually stir-fry these okay.
01:22 I don't' think a lot of people probably even
01:24 thought about eggplant being a substitute for,
01:27 for meat, meat yeah but you know think
01:28 about, because it has a, it has a meat texture
01:30 believe it or not and one reason why I like
01:31 to work with eggplant is because foods that
01:34 have no flavor have more of chance to
01:37 mimic those you like, where when you have
01:39 foods that do have their own specific
01:41 flavor it's kind of hard to change those up okay.
01:43 Now I've already got my oil going here
01:46 in this wok, I like to cook in the wok for
01:48 these particular ones because the woks
01:50 have the concave shape which means it
01:52 doesn't overcook your foods okay.
01:55 I've got my oil already about at least
01:56 a tablespoon of oil going and what Curtis
01:58 is gonna to be doing, he is gonna actually
02:00 mix together the lite soy sauce and also
02:04 he's gonna put together the fructose
02:05 the fructose and set that over to the side
02:06 while I get the eggplant going, okay aright.
02:15 And you know what somebody said one
02:16 time when they saw this they say you
02:18 would have reminds of French fries okay,
02:20 French fries, but it's not French fries it's
02:23 eggplant okay. We have a lot of eggplant
02:26 recipes also in our book you know, okay,
02:28 and this actually cooks for oh about
02:30 maybe two minutes just to kind of coat
02:33 that with the olive oil, which is really, really
02:36 what is necessary and Curtis you got
02:38 that done why don't you while I am
02:39 finished doing this talk them about we
02:41 talked about the oils about cholesterol,
02:43 talk to them about that particular one we're
02:45 using right now. Yeah this is olive oil that
02:47 we are using here and olive oil is one of the
02:51 highest amounts of the monounsaturated
02:56 fatty acids, olive oil 77 percent of the olive
03:00 oil is the monounsaturated. This is olive oil here.
03:04 Now there is another oil as well, we call
03:06 canola oil, canola oil is 6 percent of
03:11 saturated fat, it has the lowest amount of
03:13 saturated fat of all the oils canola oil 6
03:16 percent, so olive oil and canola oil are the
03:20 two top oils in that category.
03:23 Highest amount of mono and the lowest
03:25 amount of saturated, and I use them both,
03:27 you use them both, and normally what
03:29 happens is we usually put the lid on top and
03:31 let it just cook a little bit here in the wok
03:34 but because of time, I'm gonna to began to
03:36 add the other ingredients, it's a very
03:39 colorful dish just keep on watching.
03:41 Alright, well that was fast, first thing is first
03:43 we're gonna go ahead on and put in our
03:46 chopped or minced garlic okay.
03:49 Now this is in your revised cookbook?
03:51 This one is in the Global Vegetarian
03:54 Cookbook, your global, global.
03:55 I know people are kind of mixed up it
03:57 them which book is it in. Probably what they
03:59 need to do just by book, cookbooks right,
04:01 okay, I mean that would be master
04:02 justice, yes and then I'm gonna put a little
04:03 bit of ginger in there, because ginger gives
04:05 it the pizzazz it needs and Curtis go ahead
04:07 let's go ahead and put the bell pepper,
04:08 the bell peppers okay, alright it's like gives
04:10 them color alright, alright just putting
04:12 those red pepper, red pepper alright,
04:14 going in alright in that, they get more
04:16 colorful, more colorful and let's go
04:19 ahead on that and add in now then mushrooms,
04:21 mushrooms okay. Any mushrooms
04:24 does it really matter or just regular mushrooms.
04:26 Regular mushrooms okay.
04:28 Alright, the part before the show about
04:30 the portabella shiitake
04:33 mushrooms lots of information out on
04:34 those also helps to deter problems with,
04:39 anticancer, there you go, there you go
04:41 and you know it's very, very oh but it's,
04:43 I mean put it that way so the cameramen
04:44 because smell like ginger, yeah, and also
04:46 smell all that good garlic coming out
04:49 with there. Now I'm gonna add now right
04:51 in the middle I'm gonna go ahead and
04:52 put the rest of the oil and Curtis go ahead
04:54 and pour just center for me okay this is the
04:55 rest of the olive oil going in and olive oil
04:58 gives such a nice, nice, yes it is, nice
05:01 flavor. Okay, and then last thing we're gonna
05:04 go ahead on and pour in go ahead and Curtis
05:05 and put that this is the soy sauce and the
05:09 fructose, fructose okay, okay.
05:12 Honey hush, okay you got a little bit of
05:14 sugar in the bottom of that, okay, want to give me
05:15 that too please okay. I don't know how I'm
05:18 gonna get that out, oh it's smells so
05:19 wonderful yeah you can, oh yes you can,
05:20 you can do it now you can.
05:22 And what's gonna happen is we're gonna
05:23 take a break and when we come back you're
05:25 gonna see the final product so stay by.


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