Abundant Living

Controlling Cholesterol

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Program transcript

Participants: Curtis Eakins, Paula Eakins


Series Code: AL

Program Code: AL00142C

00:01 Well look at the finished product,
00:02 now that looks just like chicken, it looks just
00:04 like chicken, smells like chicken too.
00:07 Okay well so what, and so I knew, I know that
00:11 at the end of show you're gonna ask me a
00:12 question and that question is what?
00:15 Do you love me? Well that's the truthful,
00:17 okay, that's truthful yes but that's not what
00:19 I expected that you to say.
00:21 I know I got you off guard, because everybody
00:23 watching us, you always telling me
00:25 emailing us and calling us and sending us
00:27 letters saying why don't you
00:28 give Curtis something to eat.
00:29 Yeah, why don't you feed me sometime and
00:31 you do some time but not all the time.
00:33 And so on some shows we feed Curtis on other
00:34 shows he does not need to wait till the show is over.
00:36 You know what time is just running out so
00:37 when I eat well, just in case then I already got.
00:41 Well John 10:10, Jesus said I come that they might
00:45 have life and have it more abundantly.


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