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00:01 Well we wanna welcome you back,
00:02 and we're gonna go to the actual ingredients
00:04 for this particular recipe
00:05 Chicken Salad, it calls for:
00:27 Okay chicken salad. Now, we're doing a
00:29 chicken salad, not the real chicken though.
00:31 Right, because we're trying to mimic that of
00:33 chicken because you started talking about cholesterol.
00:35 Yeah we can't do the real chicken on our show.
00:36 Well, I'm gonna show you, I'm gonna be using
00:38 in the place of my chicken and that is the
00:43 Tofu and this is a one and only one type there
00:45 is all different types out, they come in water
00:47 pack, okay. You know water pack around the
00:50 tofu itself they come in a firm and extra firm
00:53 and in this one we actually have the firm
00:55 let me just take that out now.
00:57 This is the soy shop type, and it could be
00:59 any type, but there's many different
01:00 manufactures of this type of tofu.
01:02 Now I'm gonna tell you what I do is that when
01:04 I get this tofu because I'm make chicken salad
01:06 out of it. I will take the tofu, keep it in it's
01:08 container with the water and put it in the freezer
01:12 and freeze it for at least 24 hours.
01:15 Some time a couple of days the longer it sits
01:18 and firms up the more it looks like chicken and
01:21 or turkey alright, okay. Now when you take it
01:23 out of the freezer and you thaw it out, you're
01:26 gonna notice that all the water is inside the tofu.
01:29 And so you got to squeeze that water out.
01:32 Now you can use a paper towel and press it,
01:34 or you can just take your hand, and I've
01:36 done some already but let me just show you.
01:38 The water will come out, you just squeeze it,
01:41 you don't wanna squeeze it real, real tight.
01:44 But, you wanna squeeze it enough to get the
01:45 liquid, the water out of the tofu so it can
01:48 resemble that of chicken. So, now the freezer,
01:52 you're gonna freeze the tofu in a container you
01:54 don't open it up just keep it in the container
01:56 and put it in the freezer, right. And this would
01:58 change the texture and keep it there
01:59 for how many days? Well at least 24 hours,
02:01 at least 24 hours this will change
02:03 the texture of this tofu. It will change the texture.
02:06 Now you know when you buy tofu you'll
02:07 notice it has a kind of a gritty texture people
02:12 look at it and say you know will it typically
02:13 like the way it looks, so how it actually responds.
02:16 Now when I do my chicken salads, turkey
02:18 salads I put it in my chili.
02:21 Anything that calls for that I always freeze the
02:23 tofu, because it has a better texture and it
02:25 looks like that of meat, okay. Now the other
02:28 thing is there's two things you can do,
02:30 you take a fork and you can begin to just press
02:33 against the side of the tofu, okay.
02:36 Because what you're trying to do is get back
02:38 of chicken alright or what you can do is you
02:41 can just take your tofu and you can just break
02:44 it up, break it up. And you know I need
02:46 in pieces kind of reminds you of chicken
02:49 and you're gonna see that like to see right
02:51 now and you are gonna kind of look at the see,
02:53 it looks like chicken pieces okay.
02:54 It looks like chicken pieces
02:57 that you have in different sizes okay.
02:59 Now while I'm getting finished with doing this,
03:01 Curtis is going to take it and mix together.
03:03 We have the Soy Mayonnaise,
03:05 Soy Mayonnaise we also have the lite
03:08 soy sauce, lite soy sauce.
03:09 Okay we also have turmeric, turmeric and
03:12 we have lemon juice, lemon juice, and garlic
03:13 powder, and garlic powder.
03:15 So you're gonna make that sauce, till I'll finish
03:17 up the last, the rest of this okay, alright.
03:21 And again this in your global, this one, this
03:24 chicken salad is actually in the revised
03:27 vegetarian cooking made easy cookbook,
03:29 we've just revised that book.
03:30 It's in there already for those who have already
03:32 have that book but those who are trying to
03:33 get it, it's in the revised one okay, okay.
03:36 And you're gonna stir that up really nicely and
03:39 smooth that out, also as I'm finishing up the
03:43 chicken, the mock chicken. I have some friends that
03:47 we were doing chili and they kept saying that
03:50 I got to have the ground beef and the chili
03:51 talking about trying to get that cholesterol
03:53 down, and I say well we can do tofu freeze it and
03:57 turn it into like a chicken
03:58 combination, put that in there.
03:59 They didn't really believe you.
04:01 They didn't believe me, they were too happy
04:02 about that either. And so we did that
04:04 and also there is a mock ground beef out put up
04:07 by Boca Burger, you can actually already
04:09 comes looking like burger crumbles and
04:12 you can put that in yours as well.
04:13 Now this is like you wanna put a chicken
04:15 flavor in okay and I'm having a good time,
04:19 I'm having a good time, you're just a lot of fun
04:22 than I'm doing yeah okay I'm sorry,
04:24 I'm sorry you're not having a good time.
04:25 Well I mean, this is okay I mean but still,
04:27 okay now at this point what I'm gonna do is
04:28 I'm gonna go ahead on and I'm gonna put in
04:31 and like I say. Come down on the time,
04:33 okay I'm gonna go ahead and put in my
04:35 celery, alright. I want you put the green
04:37 peppers in for me, green peppers going in.
04:40 Green scallions, scallions, okay those
04:42 are going in. Okay. And you can see
04:44 this is really become very, very attractive okay.
04:46 We are gonna also go ahead on and put in the
04:48 sauce that Curtis just got finished going,
04:50 why don't you go ahead and put that in for me honey?
04:51 Okay, scrape that on down in there,
04:55 and you have to admit this looks just like a
04:57 chicken salad okay. And make sure you get
05:01 all the goodies honey, yes honey.
05:03 All the goodies out, yes honey okay, okay.
05:07 Then I'm gonna go ahead on and start
05:08 stirring that up, let me do especially for this.
05:13 Alright. What we're gonna do is
05:15 we're gonna just mix that together alright and
05:18 you can see that it looks like chicken salad okay.
05:24 Now can use this as sandwich I mean can
05:26 you, you can make a sandwich, you can put
05:27 in pita bread, pita bread, you know with your
05:29 tomatoes and your lettuce okay.
05:32 And you know what at this point we're gonna
05:34 take a break and when you come back you will
05:37 see the final product, so stay by.


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