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Curbing The Carbs Pt.3

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Participants: Curtis Eakins, Paula Eakins


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00:01 Well, welcome back, and we're gonna look at
00:02 the recipe for this program,
00:04 okay sounds good, which is a
00:05 sugarless apple pie, it calls for.
00:35 Okay, alright, sugarless apple pie.
00:38 Yeah, and this way we get the chance
00:39 to get the crust and the pie.
00:41 The crust and the pie. They're not going to be
00:42 able to see all of us, they're going to have to
00:44 get the book, but what we've done already
00:45 Curtis, okay. We have gotten the
00:46 apples ready, it's a Granny Smith. Okay.
00:48 We've already gotten all the fixes in it
00:51 because I want to make sure it's cold,
00:53 because it has to be cold in order to
00:54 go into the pie crust okay.
00:55 We got the apple juice in there?
00:57 This is the apple juice is in here and also
00:58 that little bit, little pinch of coriander
01:01 is in here as well okay. Not a lot,
01:03 because it'll make it too. And then, of course,
01:04 you have the cornstarch that makes it thick
01:06 so it's got a nice thick base too, okay.
01:08 Now, the reason why we did that is because the
01:10 pie crust takes about 15 minutes to get ready.
01:12 And we want to kind of get started
01:14 with that as well. Now, this pie crust,
01:16 believe it or not will make two
01:19 a bottom and a top crust. So, what we're going to do.
01:21 That does not look too big though honey.
01:23 Is we're going to just split in half,
01:24 always is a bottom and a top.
01:25 And I've already gotten we're gonna
01:27 put our flour on our board here.
01:30 And we're gonna just take one out,
01:32 and we're gonna put it right down
01:34 here and just get it going.
01:35 I'll let you do both of these, top and bottom.
01:37 Well you know I was thinking about,
01:39 what I should have did, is given you one too
01:40 so you can have one too. No but I'll just watch
01:42 you because you know, you better,
01:43 did this than I am so I'll just watch you
01:46 this time, alright. What I am do is,
01:48 I'm want to ahead do and put a piece of
01:49 this over top of what I already have and
01:54 we're going to roll this out how about that?
01:57 Alright, so this is the best way of rolling out
01:59 the bottom of, now you know this,
02:00 its all fine there, this is the best way,
02:02 I mean, this is another way of doing it
02:03 because it actually will go inside that
02:05 pan a lot better. Now, I have two type
02:06 I brought one on the shows before and
02:08 I got a lot of phone calls, remember?
02:10 Yes. When I made one of these out, you can
02:12 hold that down for half a second.
02:14 What we're gonna do is just roll this out just
02:17 enough to get it inside of that pan.
02:19 Now, Curtis, I talked about a margarine,
02:22 I said a margarine we were using on this show,
02:25 which is actually a margarine that is,
02:28 let me let you, you can go ahead
02:29 talk when no one is out. That's a non-hydrogenated
02:32 margarine, non-hydrogenated and also
02:34 is non-trans fatty acids, this is called
02:36 Earth Balance. Non-hydrogenated and
02:40 non trans fatty acids. And you can get this
02:43 as some of your larger, lot of your major
02:45 food store chains as well. Some of your health
02:48 food stores too. There's only a few
02:49 butters out there that have both non-hydrogenated
02:53 and also non-trans fatty acids as well.
02:56 And Earth Balance is one, smart balance
02:58 is another one. So, those are top two probably,
03:03 okay now this really worked out just fine.
03:05 We're gonna see. Now, how you gonna
03:07 put this one in the pie dish here? You want me
03:11 to help you with this? No, I can do this,
03:13 Oh! You can, okay. Yes, it's gonna be fine,
03:16 I just flip it, okay and it's actually gonna
03:21 sit inside. This is a soft crust, it's a little bit
03:26 different, you know we've done shows and
03:28 our crusts have not been soft, okay they're
03:30 a little bit harder and these are gonna be more
03:32 like the kind of apple pies that people are used to.
03:34 Now, are you, you gonna fluke, fluke this,
03:35 is it, that's the term, fluke it or something?
03:38 We're gonna put little flukes on the edges,
03:39 yeah that's the fluke. You wanna make sure
03:41 that your crust is all around the edges
03:45 of the pie itself, okay. Okay and how are
03:47 looking for time? We're coming down
03:49 but we have just a little bit time left,
03:51 okay not too much though, okay.
03:53 What I wanna say is that what you should do
03:54 just take my fork and I begin and you can just
03:58 stick holes in so you can make sure that you
03:59 don't get the bubble in your pie crust, okay.
04:03 And that way it stays like it's supposed to
04:07 and I'm not sure we gonna see once again,
04:09 just by as just as a few minutes ago,
04:11 I'm going to do the top the exact same way, okay.
04:13 I'm gonna fill it up with my apples and then
04:16 I'm gonna make my, roll up my top and my
04:18 top on top of it, okay. And matter of fact,
04:21 since we have just a half second.
04:23 Let's go ahead and pour these apples inside, okay.
04:27 Granny Smith, now any apples can do, it has to be
04:29 Granny Smith, I use Granny Smith because they
04:32 are an apple that you can actually cook
04:34 on a stove and they don't break apart, okay.
04:36 The other apples are too soft and they will not
04:38 act right. So, I would use Granny Smith,
04:40 okay, so you can use any other apple don't
04:42 mention your name. Most of your apple pies
04:44 use tart apples, okay? And so, what you want
04:50 to do, is you want to stay by, because what's
04:53 gonna happen is we're gonna put the top crust on,
04:56 we're going to bake it in the oven at 375
04:58 degrees and you're going to get a chance
05:01 to see the finish pie at the end, so stay by.


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