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Curbing The Carbs Pt.2

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Program transcript

Participants: Curtis Eakins, Paula Eakins


Series Code: AL

Program Code: AL00140C

00:01 Here we are Yummy Granola, Yummy Granola.
00:03 Yummy, okay, and I know that when we went off
00:07 the set we were showing how to put that
00:10 into the pan, okay, and after it cools down
00:12 that's when you could begin to add
00:14 other goodies. Now you looked at this
00:15 and you saw some things that we did not put in.
00:18 yeah now we, and that's, go ahead
00:19 well you go ahead, well that's because after
00:21 it cools down Curtis, okay, then you're gonna
00:23 add your raisins, okay raisins any raisins,
00:25 okay then also you can add some almonds.
00:28 Now all these have to be after it cools,
00:29 after it cools, okay you don't want them
00:31 in the cup, okay. And then also you can add
00:33 some pecans, okay, alright. So all these
00:36 combinations are in that granola that's why
00:38 it's called yummy granola, yummy granola,
00:41 okay, okay. It makes a nice big
00:43 container with this, which is really,
00:44 really good, and now and of course now
00:47 this can be as a cold cereal, cold cereal,
00:49 soy milk I think one of camera crew said
00:51 they use orange juice, pineapple juice
00:53 and they took different type of juice but
00:56 this can be a cold cereal or you can use
00:58 this on top of some dessert or what.
01:00 Yeah you can do your apples that apple crisp,
01:02 apple crisp, yes and also one of our men
01:04 in the back said he also use a continent,
01:06 you can put a continent milk in there as well,
01:08 okay, we are not gonna mention his name.
01:10 No calling him. Yeah, he is way in the back,
01:12 anyway let's try some sampling okay
01:15 I know I can't wait for this, now I know what
01:17 that taste like well. No okay how about this
01:20 right here, oh okay well you want to try that,
01:22 well the clock is ticking. Well, John 10:10
01:25 is to always Jesus said I come that day
01:28 might have life and have it more abundantly.


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