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Curbing The Carbs Pt.2

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Participants: Curtis Eakins, Paula Eakins


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00:01 Well we want to welcome you back
00:02 and we want to go to the actual ingredients
00:04 for this particular recipe. Alright, it sounds good.
00:07 It's called Yummy Granola it calls for
00:27 Hey Yummy Granola, Yummy Granola
00:30 it taste is really good and it's gonna be
00:31 use as a breakfast cereal, or you can put
00:34 it in something like a peaches to make a peach
00:35 cobbler or peach crisp or you can use
00:38 it for snack food, and so. Oh this is very versatile,
00:40 so this can be use as a cold cereal I mean
00:43 with your soy milk over it, oh yeah absolutely
00:45 absolutely, okay in that way.
00:46 That's why it's called Yummy Granola,
00:48 Yummy, Yummy.
00:49 Now you know maybe lot of times we talk about
00:50 the different kind of wheat flakes and stuff
00:52 if you are not quite sure, so why don't you show
00:54 them what the wheat flakes are,
00:56 how wheat flakes look like,
00:57 they are kind of like reddish hue to them,
01:00 it's little bit different from the, wheat flakes.
01:02 And matter of fact I like that when you're
01:03 showing on a camera one's that are red
01:05 and right underneath of it is going to be
01:07 the old fashioned oat. And note the different
01:10 between the colors of two, right,
01:11 it's a little bit lighter, fader in color
01:14 old fashioned oats, okay. When you are making
01:17 granolas there is all kind of flakes
01:19 that you can actually use and as we are talking
01:21 about the carbs when you use the ones that
01:23 are 100 percent whole grain.
01:24 Now, 100 percent, yeah the other thing
01:25 is you can do sunflower seeds or you can do
01:28 pumpkin seeds in this recipe, we're gonna be
01:31 doing pumpkin seeds today,
01:33 but you can also use sunflower seeds all that
01:35 is a part of cooking in the oven, we will be
01:37 baking in the oven this item.
01:39 So these are the good carbs,
01:40 these are the good carbs, whole food.
01:42 We're gonna make lots and lots of good food
01:44 to go together to make this Yummy Granola up,
01:45 okay. Why don't you I'm gonna to tell you what
01:47 I'm gonna be doing, alright, I'm gonna have
01:49 Curtis mix together all his grains along with
01:53 the coconut he has got a coconut there,
01:54 he has got his pumpkin seeds and he also has
01:57 little bit of salt. And while, sunflower seeds
01:59 or pumpkin seeds, pumpkin seeds.
02:01 And while he is dong that mixing all that
02:03 together I'm gonna be putting the liquid
02:06 together that you're gonna,
02:07 we're gonna be using in this particular recipe.
02:08 I've got half a cup of, I got water going on
02:11 hot water and I also have dates that's gonna
02:14 go in here, vanilla and the banana alright.
02:17 So you go do your thing, and I will do mine.
02:20 So mix all together in this big bowl.
02:21 Yeah, one bowl right there.
02:22 I can, I can do that, alright.
02:29 Okay, the good carbs going in.
02:33 Now this is in your which cook book here?
02:36 This one is gonna be in the Revised Global
02:40 Vegetarian I mean Revised Vegetarian
02:43 Cooking Made Easy book, okay, okay.
02:45 I'm gonna put a dates in, this is gonna give us
02:49 a nice flavor. I need to mix it up little bit,
02:50 yeah mix that up and I'm gonna go ahead
02:52 and do this, okay.
02:54 First we're gonna make sure it does go on.
03:01 Okay, and I just wanna to make sure
03:07 it was working there. Okay I am finish
03:10 how about you?
03:20 Just give me a minutes here
03:22 let's get this thing on.
03:42 Alright, okay see that,
03:43 now banana do not need to be frozen,
03:46 no no no no no no no no, no frozen bananas,
03:50 no frozen bananas, alright, okay start.
04:11 Okay sometimes it takes just you know
04:13 as we are seeing that the, I want to show off
04:16 during that, I am seeing that the,
04:17 the blender is not quite up to part I think
04:19 I have use so many on the shows that perhaps
04:22 it's about time for you to buy me a new blender,
04:25 but never you mind. Are you telling to
04:27 audience that, yeah send us a blender,
04:30 but never you mind, are you telling me this,
04:31 never you mind because I'll just lay one away
04:34 and I'll pick it up later. Okay, we're gonna
04:35 go ahead, perhaps you want to put down on it.
04:37 Don't worry about that honey,
04:38 we just gonna go ahead and pour this in
04:40 and you want to stir it up for me.
04:41 You want to go ahead and stir it up right
04:42 since okay we're gonna now coat the actual oats
04:45 themselves. Thank you for telling everybody else
04:48 about what I need to do, yeah, okay that's okay.
04:52 They know, well they know now, yeah,
04:57 I mean, how many blenders have you have,
04:58 I mean you just get these things and just burn
05:00 them out don't you I mean.
05:01 Well I do a lot of cooking. Yeah,
05:02 that's true, I am not complaining now,
05:04 you miss misunderstand me, okay, okay, okay.
05:08 Now we're gonna go ahead and put,
05:10 move this out of the way, and you're gonna
05:12 just continue to stir it up so you can get
05:14 that nice and soft, okay. Really you should have
05:19 a little bit of a larger bowl but that's okay,
05:21 little bit larger bowl, okay.
05:23 Now, what's gonna happen is we actually
05:25 stir this around, we want to make sure that
05:27 we coat and this is where the sweetness
05:30 is gonna come from, from the dates
05:31 and the bananas, and the dates and bananas,
05:32 is in this no says no sugar, no more added
05:34 sugars other than the dates and
05:35 the bananas okay, okay. And if you would bring
05:38 that pan over here that you have,
05:39 okay, okay and how we are looking for a time,
05:42 and we are looking down we are coming down
05:44 to time honey. Alright, I'll tell you what,
05:46 what's gonna happen is this, we're gonna finish
05:48 stirring this up and then we're gonna layer
05:50 it on this pan. And it's gonna bake
05:52 in the oven at 250 degrees it's gonna stay
05:55 in there for about 30 minutes and
05:58 then you're gonna turn it and let it go for
05:59 another 15 to 20 minutes, because
06:02 you want to actually dry it out and at that
06:04 time you can add all the other goodies.
06:06 Now I want you to make sure you stay by
06:07 because you have got to see what will happen
06:09 when we bring this show to an end, so stay by.


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