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Curbing The Carbs

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Participants: Paula Eakins, Curtis Eakins


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Program Code: AL00139C

00:01 Well look at that. The finished product.
00:02 Creole Brown Rice. Creole, the Creole part.
00:05 Absolutely, absolutely. Gives a nice pizzazz.
00:07 Got that pizzazz going on. All right. Okay.
00:09 And. It's very colorful too. Yep, now this is
00:11 one of those dishes you can actually serve
00:13 with steamed corn and you could have either
00:17 broccoli with it or string beans with it.
00:19 You could have whole grain bread rose that
00:21 you can have with as well and finally you got
00:23 the entire meal. So now this can be really be
00:25 your main. This is definitely. I guess this
00:27 is your main entree and then just kind of work
00:28 around your side dishes, right, and this
00:30 would be a very simple to do, it's easy too.
00:32 Absolutely. And I don't see any forks or spoons
00:35 around here too, so is that on purpose or
00:36 what? Yes indeed it. Well that was really
00:39 quick and right to the point there.
00:41 Now again this program of course this is part
00:44 one and the next two times we meet we'll
00:47 go with part 2 and part 3 dealing with curbing
00:50 the carbs. So you must stay tuned for that
00:53 we'll talk about the ketones and glucose and
00:55 carbohydrates and different types of
00:57 carbohydrates. So. We'll have lots of fun.
00:59 That's right, there's always Jesus said I come
01:02 that they might have life,
01:05 and have it more abundantly.


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