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00:01 Well we wanna welcome you back and we're
00:02 gonna go to the very first recipe or the
00:05 only recipe we will be using on our show,
00:07 okay, all right, which is called a
00:08 Creole Brown Rice. It calls for
00:30 Okay, Creole Brown Rice
00:32 Creole Brown Rice. It sounds interesting
00:33 that Creole part now. That's right because
00:35 it's kind of, it gives that little bit of pizzazz,
00:37 more than just brown rice. Yeah it's got
00:38 more seasonings in it, you know.
00:39 So that's a Creole part, that's a Creole part,
00:41 okay. And the Creole really represents
00:42 basically the onions and the Cayenne pepper
00:45 to kind of gives little more pizzazz to the rest
00:47 of it. It gives a little kick to it. Yeah.
00:49 Now mentioned about the mock sausage and
00:51 that would. Now that's what I am gonna show
00:52 first. Because I wanted them to see this, this
00:54 is a put up by a Light Life Food it's called
00:57 a Gimme Lean Sausage it's a mock sausage.
01:00 It's not the real thing you know and we're
01:02 gonna put this in our recipe. Okay so now this
01:06 Gimme Lean; it would be better lower in
01:09 saturated fat and cholesterol.
01:10 Oh there's no cholesterol.
01:11 No cholesterol. No cholesterol at all.
01:13 Zero cholesterol. That's right and it's not a,
01:15 it's a carb item. Oh wow. Now what's gonna
01:17 happen is wow we already talked about the
01:20 Curtis get ready to do the onions and go
01:22 ahead finish chop them up for me.
01:23 He's chopping up the onions and also the
01:25 garlic to go into this. We have here olive oil
01:27 already heating here on the stove and I am
01:29 gonna go ahead and get the Gimme Lean
01:32 sausage ready as well. Now it does have a
01:35 different kind of texture it's very soft and
01:37 sometimes what I tell people to do is take
01:39 and put it inside the freezer if you wanna
01:42 make just sausage patties out of it.
01:44 In this case we wanna actually crumble it up,
01:46 alright. That Gimme Lean reminds me of
01:48 Jimmy Dean. Yes. I guess maybe that's this
01:51 kind of. Yes absolutely. I was just wondering
01:53 about that. It does, it does remind you of the
01:54 Jimmy Dean its best of course mimicking
01:57 Jimmy Dean type sausage. Okay.
01:58 Have you had Jimmy Dean? I did back in a day.
02:02 Back in a day and. I am gonna help with the
02:04 garlic. The back in the day means some time ago.
02:09 And I am supposed to answer that,
02:10 are you finished, with these onions? Well.
02:13 Back in the day means. Yeah sometime ago.
02:15 Exactly what I say it back in a day.
02:17 Oh my I am just you tell me. All right, are
02:19 we ready? Okay, just finished now.
02:23 See now you're so busy trying to say things
02:24 to me you're not doing your work that's
02:26 what's going on here. I'll finish that.
02:27 All right. Okay. All right we got onions and the
02:31 garlic in here. Two more here, just through
02:33 them. Two more and we're gonna go ahead
02:37 and turn this up and get that going.
02:40 And what I could do is get that sautéing a little
02:43 bit and once again because the sausage is
02:47 very soft, then usually you want to get some
02:49 kind of like a little bit of oil coating it,
02:51 because it actually crumbles up a lot better.
02:53 Alright. So now. Now. Just need to be somewhat
02:56 firm not all the way soft and you want to slice
02:59 it. No, I am gonna actually smash it up,
03:02 so since I'm gonna smash it up it doesn't
03:03 make any difference at all. Okay.
03:05 Now we're gonna go ahead and put it in there
03:06 because of the sake of our time factor and
03:10 notice once again. We have the stewed
03:11 tomatoes. Okay, that we're gonna be putting
03:13 in, also I said partially frozen peas.
03:16 These are peas that are frozen, thaw them out just
03:18 a little bit. Okay. They can go in dish as well
03:20 and of course we're talking about the carb,
03:22 why don't you make a comment as I'm doing
03:24 this, about why we have the brown rice.
03:26 We talk about real good carbs; we're talking
03:28 about having like things like the whole green
03:30 foods okay. Yeah sure, yeah.
03:32 Now again we're gonna be talking about carbs
03:33 for the next two times that we meet and next
03:37 program we're gonna be talking about the
03:38 good carbs and the bad carbs.
03:40 What makes a good carb bad and what makes
03:42 a bad carb bad as well. So we're gonna talk
03:44 about that but this is a good carb here brown
03:47 rice as opposed to white rice, so that's
03:50 what we're using this type of carbohydrate in
03:51 this food today. And we'll be talking about
03:54 also as she's doing that, glucose,
03:57 why the body needs glucose.
04:00 Why does the body could do sometimes ketones,
04:03 and ketoacidosis and what does the word
04:06 net carbs mean by definition and so we're
04:08 gonna go into all of those things with in the
04:11 next two times that we meet. Not like that,
04:13 you made some comments you net-carbs and
04:15 all of here. Yeah net - carbs, that's a term,
04:16 full manufacturer names, when you define the
04:18 word net-carb, okay, okay. How do they come up
04:20 with net-carbs, so that's coming up too as
04:22 well. So when we talk about some Biblical
04:24 principles and again it's not so much which are
04:26 not eating this low carb diet, because it's
04:28 definition is somebody new chance but also
04:30 what they allow you to eat. And some of
04:33 those foods are basically just unclean folks
04:36 based on scripture. Leviticus chapter 11
04:39 and Deuteronomy chapter 14 where a lot of
04:42 these low carb diets, also emphasize person's
04:45 eating of foods that are not clean in those
04:48 two chapters. Your sea foods or shrimp,
04:51 lobster, crabs and your pork and all those
04:54 foods are prohibited by scripture so is not
04:58 really Biblically sound as far as low carb diet
05:02 is concerned about what you're not eating
05:04 and what you do eat. Well I know one thing
05:06 for sure and is that the carbohydrate,
05:08 when we talk about that and going to get
05:10 into that like you said but I think when we
05:11 talk about like the brown rice is that it has
05:13 more staying power. Yes. If you really know
05:15 a lot time when you eat the carb foods
05:17 especially your complex carb, your whole
05:19 grains, your bread, your brown rice.
05:22 You have more staying power, you're actually
05:24 fuller for a longer period of time.
05:26 So you don't have the time where you're
05:27 actually cheating, right, where when you have
05:28 the refined type. You know white flour,
05:31 white rice and whatever, you're hungry.
05:33 That's right. Not too long after that okay.
05:35 Well this is getting going here. Okay.
05:37 And what I usually do is, let us cook down,
05:40 and when I say cook down, you wanna just
05:41 put the onions are gonna sauté a little bit
05:44 and the meat or this mock meat sauce,
05:47 and it smells like a meat sausage.
05:48 It really does, it has a nice smell to it now
05:50 again you can get this Gimme Lean at your
05:52 regular grocery store. Regular super market.
05:54 You don't have to go to a health food store
05:56 to get this Gimme Lean. No, no Okay.
05:57 And if they don't have it at your super
05:59 market, lobby. That's right. Yes, that's the
06:01 name again. Go ahead and sign up the sign
06:03 up sheet and they can really get that product
06:06 in there for you. But most grocery stores
06:09 we have seen when we travel, it does have the
06:11 Gimme Lean sausage in your regular major
06:15 grocery stores. And when I do this also
06:16 Curtis I can do chunks. I don't like it to be
06:18 really, really very fine 'cause I wanna make
06:21 sure that you have that texture in your mouth
06:24 when it's getting you know you're taking it in
06:26 okay. And I know but you're probably saying
06:28 okay am I gonna see this. I am gonna tell you
06:30 what's gonna happen. What's gonna happen
06:32 is this is gonna finish sautéing for few minutes
06:35 and we're gonna just go ahead and put a lid on
06:36 top of it. And it's gonna sauté and then
06:39 I am gonna take and add to that. Okay.
06:42 These two tomatoes. Two tomatoes,
06:43 and then the peas, and the peas,
06:45 I am gonna put these seasonings and then
06:47 I am gonna start rice in, okay and then you're
06:50 gonna get the opportunity when the show
06:52 ends to see the finished product. So stay by.


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