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00:01 From low-carb donuts to low-carb dog food
00:03 and everything in between, is it
00:06 biblically sound or did you really care?
00:09 Today's program is entitled curbing
00:11 the carbs. We'll be right back.
00:38 Hi. Welcome to Abundant Living and this
00:40 is my beautiful wife, honey. Okay,
00:45 the program. Hi. The camera says
00:47 rolling baby. Honey. Okay, what are you
00:48 reading? Honey. This is kind of rude.
00:51 I am reading this magazine from Time
00:52 Magazine and it's got a article in it,
00:54 first of all you got a lady with the hole.
00:55 The Low Carb Nation the lady got a hole
00:58 in the bread and she is smiling in
00:59 between the whole. Yes indeed. Oh my goodness.
01:01 And it says that nutrition's are horrified
01:03 but they can't stop the forces that is
01:05 reshaping the food industry and our bodies.
01:08 Oh my goodness. Well I tell you what the
01:10 nutritionist might be horrified like myself
01:11 right now but believe me when I tell you,
01:13 we're going to get a grip on this one here.
01:15 Yeah. Okay. We got two programs for this book,
01:16 yes okay so now. What are they saying in that
01:20 article there in Time magazine. Well let me
01:21 tell you, one of things that, one of things going
01:23 on right now in that, there's almost every
01:25 manufacturer that's out there.
01:26 I am not gonna call their names out that
01:28 we know well known manufacturers;
01:30 they are so much into this carb-hype,
01:32 no carb until they've actually now going
01:34 to a whole new series of foods that are
01:36 called a low carb or no carb foods.
01:39 Have mercy. Okay. Lots, lots of money
01:41 is being spent on that. Now the ADA of course
01:43 once again wants to come back out and
01:44 remind us about. Now the ADA is,
01:46 American Dietetic Association.
01:48 Yeah American Dietetic Association, okay,
01:49 along with the Food and Drug Administration.
01:51 We call its kind of warlords when it
01:52 comes to, okay. Nutrition and information
01:54 that we get in the public sector. Right.
01:56 And they made a comment about these
01:58 six fad diets that it wants to remind
02:00 us about diets that do not work.
02:02 Okay, here we go six fads.
02:04 And one that we called, the magic diet
02:06 or we call miracle foods and you hear
02:08 about that a lot on TV and sometime in
02:10 newspapers and anyway they don't work;
02:12 you know talking about they'll burn ex-number
02:14 of calories and all that, that's not true.
02:15 So particular food that just, just does a
02:18 miracle thing. And it called miracle food,
02:19 yes. Okay, whatever that is.
02:21 And I am not gonna name it because you know
02:22 what I used to name things and people will
02:23 be sitting there watching TV and say
02:25 I'm write that down we'll get that makes
02:26 me so I am not anymore tell you now.
02:28 We're not gonna name it okay. Okay.
02:29 And then of course rapid weight loss you'll
02:30 always see articles and magazines
02:32 and television talk about how you can lose five
02:34 or ten pounds a week. We know that the ideal
02:38 way to lose weight is no more than one
02:40 or two pounds a week. Okay let's say that again
02:42 now. We're not talking about five or ten pounds
02:44 a week, five or ten, some talk about,
02:45 but how much per week is safe guide?
02:47 A safe guideline we're talking one or two
02:48 pounds a week, a week. I know you're saying
02:50 that doesn't seem like a lot but if you say,
02:52 let's just say we said before on other program,
02:54 two pounds a week. Okay two pounds a week
02:57 times four that's eight pounds a month.
02:58 All right that's more understandable
03:01 and also the reason why they say that
03:03 you can lose five or ten pounds in one week
03:05 guaranteed is because they know that
03:08 you're not gonna get your money back from them.
03:09 Because you're gonna lose that water weight
03:11 along with water weight you're gonna also
03:13 lose muscle which is very crucial for the
03:15 body system. So that you're not really
03:17 losing in the first initial phase or
03:18 some of these diets, no fat, not fat. No.
03:21 But losing weight. That's right.
03:23 And there's a big difference. That's right.
03:24 We'll probably go into that the next time
03:25 we meet. And then how many times that
03:27 we've seen the one that comes on and it says
03:28 "eat all you want to eat, no exercise,
03:30 you're gonna lose weight now."
03:31 All that you have tried out but you know
03:33 that doesn't work right. These are no exercise.
03:35 But it gives them permission not to
03:37 exercise and you know all of them,
03:39 those who bought. That's why we wanted do,
03:40 not exercise. Yes. We want that permission,
03:41 Yes okay, goes another one.
03:43 And then of course there's bizarre diets out,
03:44 things like all grapefruit diet.
03:46 Okay, all fruits by itself or some type
03:51 of a meat item whatever it get into that.
03:53 So it's not a way of balanced type diet.
03:55 Cabbage soup. Well these are diets that
03:57 people get on and something might happen
03:58 for the first couple of days but I always have
04:00 said this is not repeated again.
04:02 Any diet that you're not willing to do
04:05 for the rest of your life it should go in file 13
04:08 that's the trash can 'cause it's not gonna
04:09 work. Okay, well. All right then of course
04:11 you hear articles about combining foods.
04:13 Okay. Certain foods you put together
04:15 that they'll make the system toxic.
04:16 Well what can you say with that one honey.
04:20 Leave it alone. Leave it alone.
04:21 Okay, another one. Okay and then of course
04:23 the last one, last one, number six is they
04:24 call them, limiting your foods, of course it's
04:27 getting on one type of food item, just one.
04:29 I remember when I was teaching class,
04:31 we talked about Zin, macrobiotic diet,
04:33 where people all the way down just doing
04:35 brown rice. All they eat this brown rice
04:36 continuously. Right. Once again not enough
04:38 nutrition. The body needs nutrition,
04:41 that's ADA's comments to us telling us
04:43 be careful of those fad diets, they don't work
04:45 which bring us inline to this one about the.
04:48 The low carb and is here to stay,
04:51 I mean it's gaining steam I mean it's
04:53 like a snow ball rolling down hill.
04:55 Is a matter of fact. It's gaining momentum.
04:56 Of course on the stats when I was reading
04:58 into article, yeah what is in the stats,
04:59 it was saying, and how many people engaged
05:01 in this? This is from the center for disease
05:02 and control, okay, and prevention
05:04 and talks about the fact that from poor diets
05:06 and lack of exercises actually killed 400,000
05:10 Americans in the year 2000.
05:12 Americans! 400,000 Americans.
05:15 Now when we talk about lack of diet,
05:17 eating right and lack of exercise,
05:20 what we're talking about is that these
05:21 bring on major killer diseases. Okay.
05:23 Heart disease, diabetes, cancer and
05:26 they like all those are a part of that.
05:27 So it's actually major killer diseases that
05:29 come in as a result of you not eating right
05:31 and not exercising. Okay. That figure also is
05:34 almost it seem to those who died from heart
05:36 disease. Are from heart disease.
05:37 Yeah, almost half a million.
05:39 And also 435,000 individuals died the
05:42 same year 2000 from tobacco smoke.
05:45 Oh okay. So it's actually on line with that.
05:46 Sure is. And of course with the diabetes
05:48 running rampant right now. Okay. A 175 million
05:51 Americans are with diabetes, its been
05:53 estimated by the year 2030 that there will
05:56 actually be 366 million Americans that will be
06:00 diabetics. Oh my goodness.
06:01 Curtis in this amount the ADA has already
06:04 said that 58 million Americans are overweight
06:07 and over half of that amount of individuals
06:10 are on some type of diet program.
06:12 And you know that's very crucial and
06:14 critical for us. And not to mention the children,
06:16 because there's a trend for children obesity,
06:20 absolutely, absolutely. So we are the fattest
06:22 nation on earth folks I mean this is not
06:23 one thing we can really brag about.
06:25 And 30 billion dollars spent on diabetics.
06:28 30 million or billion, billion, did you say billion?
06:30 Every single year low carb diets or diets
06:33 in general. That's right. I think that we need
06:37 to define the word carbohydrates.
06:38 Okay, I think you're right that's a good idea.
06:40 And before we can talk about this topic
06:42 intelligently, we must define the verse,
06:45 we know what we're talking about.
06:46 I remember over 40 years ago,
06:48 I was in grade school which means I'm over 40.
06:50 The teacher used to tell me Curtis,
06:52 if you don't know what the word means,
06:54 look at the root verse of that word.
06:56 If you can define a root word or verse of
06:59 a verb then you can define what that word
07:01 means. So now I did that.
07:03 And when this low carb diet came into being
07:05 of course several years ago, really back
07:07 in the 70s or early 70s and I know some
07:10 people were practicing that then and I was a
07:12 former bodybuilder and right before a contest
07:15 before they go on stage and fix their
07:16 muscles they would eat nothing but steak
07:19 and water, about maybe three weeks
07:21 before a contest. And it will cut off the fat
07:23 they'd be real trimmed. I didn't do that but I
07:26 was doing carbohydrates,
07:28 so this was going on for over 30 years
07:30 or so by the way looking at the word
07:32 itself, she say if you can define the root
07:34 verse of a word then you can define
07:36 that word. So let's look at that carbohydrate,
07:40 look at the first part of that word Carbo.
07:43 The word Carbo comes from the word Carbon.
07:47 It's one of most prolific elements
07:50 known to mankind. It's found in all living
07:54 organisms, animals and humans have
07:58 carbon, it's for combustion, it gives
08:00 us energy, all right. Carbon is what fuels
08:07 the body as gas that fuels the automobile.
08:11 Therefore when we taking food that has
08:13 carbohydrates, gives us combustion,
08:17 gives us energy, then we are able to move
08:19 and function. Then when we breathe out
08:22 the by-product of that through our lungs,
08:24 we call that carbon dioxide.
08:28 Now just like the automobile and when
08:31 back in the 70s we have to, the gas was
08:33 about well 35 cents a gallon and 41 cents
08:36 for premium, I remember that back
08:38 in the 70s, we may not find that again
08:40 but anyway, I remember
08:41 some guys they would have a four barrel
08:44 carb under the hood which means more
08:46 energy, more combustion and so
08:49 there is more gasoline. So when a car drives
08:51 down the street the end product of that
08:53 comes from the exhaust and we call
08:56 that carbon monoxide, all right.
08:59 So again carburetor comes from word carb,
09:03 carb, carburetor, carbohydrates, carb,
09:07 carbon for the body. Now the second part
09:10 of that word is hydrate. Now of course it would
09:14 dehydrate it that means that we don't
09:16 have enough water in our bodies.
09:18 So therefore hydrate means we have water.
09:21 The body is made up of water, 63 percent
09:24 of water or sometimes even more based on
09:27 whatever book you look at.
09:28 So again the body is made up of carbon,
09:32 the body is made up of water therefore
09:36 it seems to reason that we need foods
09:39 that contain carbohydrate
09:43 if nothing else is said, we need
09:46 carbohydrates for energy for combustion.
09:49 I like the way you explained that,
09:51 because I am gonna tell you right now
09:52 as a woman if I'm gonna talk about
09:54 that car thing, I didn't go there first thing,
09:57 You didn't go there. You began to explain
09:58 that better and better and I think
09:59 all of us got that one Curtis.
10:01 Okay and I hopefully my teacher was watching
10:03 see maybe proud of me because I did
10:05 remember her saying that over 40 years ago.
10:07 You did a good job. Yeah. You did good.
10:08 But so now that we have defined the term,
10:10 yes, now we can talk about this topic
10:13 more intelligently for the next two times
10:15 that we meet. Because we're gonna be
10:16 dealing with this topic for the next two times
10:18 we meet, carbohydrates, the low carbohydrates.
10:20 Now you talked about the carbohydrates
10:23 from the scientific standpoint, the body
10:25 chemistry standpoint. I want to know what
10:28 is the word of God have to say about the
10:31 carbohydrates. Okay about carbohydrates
10:34 and low carbs and word of God, okay.
10:36 You know the word of God, it has
10:38 principles for living, for relationships,
10:41 for finance and for everything in life that
10:45 we find ourselves engaged in.
10:47 Health is without exception and what
10:50 we eat as well, now this first graphic may
10:53 seem out of place but let's look at it
10:56 first of all. The origin of mankind,
10:58 this is Genesis chapter 2 and verse 7,
11:01 and the Bible says "God formed man of
11:05 the dust of the ground, and breathed
11:09 into his nostrils the breath of life;
11:13 and man became a living soul."
11:20 Okay now you may say to yourself what
11:23 in the world does that text have to do with,
11:26 the low carb diet or diets in general. Yes.
11:29 Let me make the connection with you.
11:30 Now a lot of people don't know this and,
11:32 we travel quite a bit and we mention this
11:35 to a lot of individuals and they're very
11:36 surprised. One low carb diet in particular
11:40 has its philosophy based on evolution,
11:46 there's another diet that's not low carb
11:48 and there's another diet out there that
11:50 also base its philosophy on evolution.
11:54 And when anybody or any company or
11:56 any organization does that, it snatches
12:00 away God the creator. Yes. It snatches
12:04 away his authority as far as His creative
12:07 power is concerned. Therefore mankind
12:11 was created by God. Now the other days
12:14 of creation He spoke and is to fast the sun,
12:18 the moon, the stars, the grass, the herbs etc.
12:22 When He came to mankind, the crowning
12:25 act of His creation, He fashioned it with
12:29 His own hands dust from the ground.
12:33 Yes. Then He fashioned mankind.
12:35 Man at that point was a dead soul,
12:40 then God did not mouth to mouth but mouth
12:43 to nose resuscitation. He breathed into man's
12:48 nostrils the breath of life. After that man
12:54 became a living soul. So a soul is not
12:58 something that you have is soul is who you are.
13:01 We don't have a soul, we are a soul.
13:04 Now to say otherwise, it means that it takes
13:08 away God's creative power and that's
13:11 why this one low carb diet in particular,
13:14 He even says that in His introduction
13:16 and other diet that's not low carb
13:18 but it also based on evolution,
13:20 that in itself to any Bible believing Christian
13:24 that is a automatic red flag,
13:27 if nothing else is said. So again we are created
13:30 by God not by evolution. So let's look at this,
13:34 we have God the Father of creation,
13:37 we have Charles Darwin, the Father of evolution.
13:41 God is alive and well. Charles Darwin is dead
13:47 and gone. Yet we choose some people this diet
13:51 and it's based on some of these diets on
13:54 evolution. So that's automatically reflects.
13:57 So it's not based on Biblical principles,
13:59 one diet in particular the low carb and then
14:01 another diet that's not low carb is based on
14:03 the evolution as well. Well I guess you are saying
14:05 to yourself, I sure wish he would tell me who
14:07 that is and what that book is. Okay but,
14:09 but you got to make sure you stay by.
14:11 That's right stay back. Don't give it all to
14:13 them in just one program, we can come
14:15 back. We talk them other time, yeah.
14:16 We can come back. Yeah. And you know
14:18 and Satan, well he's so deceptive about this
14:22 is that, it gives us a benefit.
14:24 Satan's attempt is to destroy God's crowning
14:29 act which is us. Absolutely. Mankind.
14:32 Absolutely. To know the enemy and to
14:35 destroy the enemy we must know more
14:37 about that enemy, so Satan has studied by
14:40 one inspired writer Anatomy and physiology.
14:43 He has studied the way this body works and
14:45 functions. The heart, the lungs,
14:46 the kidneys, he knows how we work.
14:49 Therefore to put a diet that is contrary
14:54 to way our bodies is made up know that
14:56 it will really decrease the body function
14:59 and the functionality of the human system.
15:03 But he knows that if the benefit can be
15:05 attached to it, then we'll buy in to it.
15:08 And the benefit is I am losing weight.
15:11 That's the benefit therefore more people
15:13 are deceived because the benefit is attached
15:15 to it and they buy into the benefit without
15:17 looking at the long term effect of this low
15:19 carb diet. And don't we also want a quick fix.
15:22 That's right, something easy.
15:24 We will think about our society the way we
15:25 live now. Yes. It's more about how fast can
15:27 I get it, how quick can I get it.
15:28 Without having to give up what we don't
15:30 want to eat. We don't wanna sweat or
15:33 wear ourselves. But I like that part when you
15:34 said about the creator God because in the
15:36 book of Psalms, David says we are so
15:38 wonderfully and magnificently made.
15:41 Exactly. You know and so just the
15:43 integrates of studying anatomy,
15:44 physiology of the body and how the body
15:46 work and a body needs to have good nutrition.
15:49 That's right. For it to be able to function
15:50 properly. What about the original diet,
15:53 the first diet. Okay, let's take a look at the
15:55 first diet and let's see after mankind was made
15:58 by God the Creator. He gave them foods to
16:01 eat, their first diet, Genesis 1:29 and also
16:03 Genesis 3:18 there's such a new international
16:06 version, and the Bible says, I, God is talking
16:09 here. I give you our first parents every
16:13 seed-bearing, I want to emphasize the word
16:17 plant. Every tree that has fruit,
16:21 they would be yours for food.
16:24 You will eat the plants of the field.
16:29 There by God's first diet for mankind is a
16:33 plant based diet. Now you'll notice fruit was
16:40 mentioned as one into food groups in there.
16:43 It's really diametrically opposed to a low carb
16:46 diet because a low carb diet.
16:48 The first phase in a way will eliminate our
16:52 food, yet fruit is the first thing that was
16:55 mentioned in God's original plant based diet
16:58 for mankind. Carbohydrates, plants
17:00 from the field, vegetation, roots and also
17:04 plants from the tree the fruit.
17:06 All those of carbohydrates, the low
17:09 carb diet is low on carbohydrates and
17:13 high in fats and protein. You know its there
17:16 the plant based diet, it does not contain
17:18 any animal protein and very small amount of
17:21 plant based protein because there's not a
17:23 whole lot protein in plant base.
17:25 So again it's diametrically opposed to a
17:28 low carb diet, God's original plant based diet.
17:32 It's high in carbohydrates and low in
17:34 fat and protein. Well I kind of remember
17:38 when we had this whole craze about the
17:40 mad cow, hoof and mouth and all those
17:42 different things that came out not too long
17:43 ago, and of course the meat and milk and
17:47 kind of eggs and cheese kind of went down
17:48 because Americans had that fear factor
17:50 coming in about the mad cow and of course
17:52 right behind that all of a sudden is the no
17:55 carb. That's right. And it is always something
17:57 going on and that's why you really need
17:59 to read for yourself and read good information.
18:03 And listen to programs like ours, where we
18:04 try to go and look all the scientific data out
18:08 there, along with anatomy, physiology and
18:10 of course as you always know on Abundant
18:12 Living using the word of God as our other
18:15 back up that you know what the creator God
18:18 really wants for us and how He is so
18:19 concerned about us. Amen, that's right.
18:21 You know and so I know you're saying,
18:23 are we going in the kitchen, the answer is
18:24 yes, as a matter of fact Curtis we're gonna
18:26 fix a dish today which is a Creole Brown
18:29 Rice. So get your paper and pencil
18:31 and meet us in the kitchen.


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