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Participants: Paula Eakins, Curtis Eakins


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00:01 Well look at that, oh! collard greens,
00:04 we have our collard greens with the soy baco
00:05 bits on top of it and no animal product whatsoever.
00:09 No animal products at all. Then we made the
00:10 Mushrooms Steaks and the mushroom steaks
00:12 with the smother in the mushroom gravy this
00:15 is very, very delicious and tastes wonderful,
00:17 looks good. And then we also did of course
00:19 our No Bake Banana Pudding, oh! My goodness
00:23 and we have to dig into that, yes. And you know
00:25 I kind of mentioned to them about the rest of
00:27 the things to go with southern cooking that is
00:29 baked sweet potatoes which I've already done
00:31 and also our corn bread and all the recipes
00:34 that we have here in our Revised Vegetarian
00:37 Cooking Made Easy cookbook as well, okay.
00:39 Now, Curtis you have some special that
00:40 happen also that we did really we went to
00:43 one of our areas in Georgia, yes, and did a
00:46 program. It was in Carrollton, Georgia and
00:48 this is some pot holders that grandma Evelyn
00:52 made for both of us and she made one for
00:54 you and one for me too. So grandma,
00:57 call her grandma Evelyn or just grandma and
00:59 grandpa, and grandpa, yeah okay. And they
01:02 made these up and we though that wonderful,
01:04 lovely, we love you grandma. Every time
01:05 we go somewhere when we go to different
01:06 places once again topping that Southern
01:08 hospitality, that's right, people feed us and
01:10 put us up and then on top of it they give us
01:12 gifts, yes, praise the Lord. So just keep them
01:14 coming, keep those gifts coming, just keep those
01:16 gifts coming, yes, we love you grandma okay.
01:18 Now, okay now foods from the earth,
01:20 food from the earth. Foods that the creator
01:22 God has made, yes, earth and we talked
01:24 about the whole grains and we talked about
01:26 the vegetables and we are talking about the,
01:28 fruit, plant based diet, that's right.
01:31 No cholesterol whatsoever, okay virtually
01:33 no saturated fat, very little saturated fat.
01:35 No refined sugars, alright. Satisfied,
01:38 now let's maybe we can try some of these
01:40 things out let's start with the dessert and
01:42 then we can just kind of work around with the
01:44 clock rounds that what do you think?
01:45 It would figure that you want to start this
01:47 dessert first. Well, I want them to see my
01:48 expression because, okay, this is very important
01:50 'cause people may not believe that this food
01:52 tastes good. I don't know what's gonna
01:53 happen so that's the reason why I had you
01:55 make one and I made one because I knew
01:56 you're gonna ask me at the end of the show,
01:58 could you have some banana pudding, okay,
01:59 okay. Now, and so you might want to see where
02:05 we're going with this, I don't know because I
02:07 hear the music so that's means we have less
02:08 than a minute left. So, so you might want to
02:10 just go ahead and close out then,
02:11 you know what I am saying, okay no,
02:13 that's not what I had in your mind,
02:14 what did, so Jesus say what, no Jesus didn't
02:16 say, well not yet. It is so good maybe one
02:25 more honey, just a few more seconds you know,
02:29 not gonna be able to close honey,
02:32 keep on going, this is so good, so good,
02:33 so good, so good, oh! You need to try this
02:34 yes. Revised cookbook global, not global
02:37 vegetarian, but Revised Vegetarian Cooking
02:39 Made Easy. Okay, and all these recipes are
02:43 in your revised cookbook correct,
02:45 that's right, okay that sounds good.
02:47 Well, I think we should close now as we tease
02:49 people well as always John 10:10, Jesus said,
02:52 I come that they might have life
02:56 and have it more abundantly.


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