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Participants: Paula Eakins, Curtis Eakins


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00:01 Well, we've already started getting our
00:03 tofu in our food processor, we blended it
00:06 for time sake and I'm gonna turn it back on
00:09 and while I'm doing that Curtis we're gonna
00:11 be making up this Banana Pudding No Bake,
00:14 Banana Pudding No Bake. Okay, was another
00:15 favorite of the South okay, another
00:16 favorite of the South. And I turn it on,
00:18 I gonna be adding in a matter of fact Curtis,
00:20 I'm gonna put in our vanilla flavoring and
00:22 we also put our honey in and then we are going to
00:24 put in our vanilla pudding mix okay.
00:27 So let's start that up now.
01:04 Now, I know they have probably never seen this
01:05 before some of the people so we want them
01:07 to see this is the same company that makes
01:09 the Mori-Nu Tofu that we're using to get
01:13 that pudding texture. We're also using the
01:16 same company makes this vanilla flavoring,
01:19 it looks like Jello, instant pudding mix but it's
01:21 actually no refined sugars whatsoever and it
01:23 actually is made from raw cane sugar and
01:25 it has no preservatives in it and it's
01:27 absolutely delicious too okay. I'm gonna
01:29 turn it back on, we're gonna go ahead
01:31 and put the, two packages of this,
01:32 that's right, okay.
02:01 Now this really makes this very, very
02:03 delicious, as a matter of fact I want to just
02:05 stir it around just a little bit longer, okay now
02:07 the catch has changed, it's a nice texture you
02:09 got it. You know when people make banana
02:10 pudding I'm gonna tell you right now they
02:12 usually put it the oven and bake it and it
02:14 makes it come out so good, it has a lot of
02:15 eggs in it. Well, this one does not have no eggs
02:17 in it whatsoever. So this is zero cholesterol,
02:19 zero. So I'm gonna turn it one more
02:21 time and then we're gonna do something
02:23 special okay, okay.
02:42 Alright, and you want it to go around
02:44 until it gets nice and smooth, with smooth
02:46 texture and really and truly if can see,
02:49 you can see that it does have that alright,
02:51 okay, you got to take a look and see,
02:53 like a pudding now, it has a nice pudding
02:54 texture, it's got that nice glow on it,
02:56 looks just like that of regular pudding mix.
03:00 And so, we're gonna now put this together,
03:02 okay, okay. You have one and I have one,
03:05 I have one, this is yours alright and we're
03:06 gonna share the wafers, okay and I'll give
03:09 you the bigger banana, okay. Alright so we're
03:12 going to, you're gonna make this out like
03:14 you would do, layer this out now.
03:15 So, we're not gonna follow your instructions,
03:16 yeah but you know when you think about
03:18 your banana pudding you know you usually
03:19 put it in a big bowl, but we're gonna make
03:21 something a little more fancier. So, what we're
03:22 gonna to do is I'm gonna take my banana.
03:25 First of all bring your dish, your bowl closer.
03:29 We're gonna first put on in this our wafers,
03:31 just put a few wafers at the bottom,
03:33 I'll put that in middle so we both can have it,
03:34 how about that. Okay, now how many are
03:36 you gonna start with or? Just put a few
03:38 down the bottom in there, okay about five
03:41 okay. And then we're gonna go ahead on and
03:43 put, my turn is over, yeah, okay then we're
03:47 gonna ahead and put our bananas on top of
03:50 that, put them in banana pudding has to
03:52 have bananas on top of it. And how many of
03:54 them, just a little bit once again right,
03:59 then while you're doing that you want to move
04:01 that around so that your bananas are all
04:02 over your wafers. Then we're gonna go
04:05 ahead and put the pudding mix on top.
04:07 You have spoon there also as well.
04:09 Okay, so just follow your lead, just follow my
04:12 lead. And this is No Bake, No Bake okay.
04:17 No guilt and no cholesterol, alright we're
04:20 just gonna kind of move that around a
04:21 little bit, you know hold your glass there around
04:24 a little bit there. And we're gonna start off
04:27 again with some more wafers. So we're just
04:31 going to keep allowing this, yeah just a few
04:34 more and we're gonna go ahead and put the
04:36 bananas on top of that. Now, we're looking for
04:38 our time, okay we got quite a bit time left and
04:42 not a whole lot but, okay. That's good,
04:45 now we'll be able to sample this at the end of
04:47 the show, correct? Well, we'll have to see,
04:49 we have to see, you have been pretty good
04:51 at the, through the programs, I guess we might
04:53 have to, I've been pretty good throughout
04:54 all the programs I think if you ask me,
04:56 you know. Thank you very much.
04:58 And we're gonna go ahead on and put on some
05:01 more the pudding mix. And you want this,
05:03 I like stuff to look attractive and beautiful
05:05 in this respect that's exactly what we
05:07 have here. Because we eat with our eyes
05:10 absolutely, why don't you kind of spread that
05:11 all over the top of that Curtis, if you would,
05:14 alright, yeah the more you have.
05:16 And usually what I like to do is I put this in
05:17 the refrigerator to chill, get nice and cold,
05:21 how about that? Alright. Yeah, a little bit more,
05:23 just a little bit more. Okay, and I'm gonna
05:28 put a little bit more on mines too. Okay, remember
05:31 I said the word mines that means that must
05:32 be yours and this one, this one is mine, I got
05:35 little bit of sauce on the side. You're just kind
05:37 of messy, mine's a little bit cleaner than yours.
05:39 I have little bit of sauce on mine,
05:42 did you do that on purpose okay.
05:43 I might have, I still have bananas in, yep,
05:45 and that's because what we're gonna to do
05:47 is we're gonna take and make some decorations
05:49 there okay. You got a couple of cookies there,
05:51 lets just sit those on the top. Alright, and then
05:56 we're gonna take our last one which is our
05:58 bananas, and put that on there as well.
06:04 Okay. Okay, you do yours. And one in the middle,
06:12 you did good. Okay, now you know of course
06:15 we've already done now, okay, this pudding
06:17 dessert and so what we you to do is we want
06:19 you to stay by because we're gonna bring
06:20 everything out at one time, have mercy,
06:23 and a couple of things you did not see,
06:25 you didn't see the corn bread which always
06:27 has to go with Southern hospitality,
06:28 you didn't see baked Sweet Potatoes which also,
06:31 but they don't need to hear how to make or
06:32 baked Sweet Potatoes. They don't want to
06:34 make the sweet potatoes. Just bake the sweet
06:35 potatoes, but the pudding mix and the rest
06:37 of the things that we're showing there are in
06:38 our book called Revised Vegetarian Cooking Made
06:40 Easy, Revised, so we want you to just stay by.


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