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00:01 When I think about the South I think
00:03 about real good down home cooking.
00:06 I think about real good southern hospitality,
00:09 so today on our show we're doing all the
00:12 foods that are considered as
00:14 southern cuisine so stay by.
00:45 We wanna welcome you I'm Paula Eakins and
00:48 you're gonna introduce me or?
00:50 Okay and this is my husband Curtis Eakins.
00:52 Thank you very much, and Curtis and I are
00:56 the hosts of the Abundant Living series
00:57 and one of the things that we're gonna be
00:59 doing today is Southern Cooking,
01:01 Southern Cooking, and I really like the
01:03 Southern Cooking earthy foods, okay,
01:05 you know, now should we be talking
01:07 southern style like southern cooking, no,
01:09 we should not be talking, I mean we can do
01:11 that, absolutely not, absolutely not,
01:13 I'm from Philadelphia and Curtis is from
01:15 Cleveland, Cleveland and we,
01:17 that's Cleveland in Ohio not Cleveland in
01:18 Tennessee, we reside in the south okay.
01:21 Okay, and because of that we,
01:23 one of our very first recipes that we're gonna
01:24 be doing today is actually a Southern
01:26 Collard Green. Hey, let's go to the recipe,
01:29 let's read the ingredients on this one, okay.
01:31 It calls for 1-2 lbs Collard Greens
01:34 4 c. water 2 tbsp olive oil
01:38 1 tsp. of onion powder 1 tsp. garlic power
01:42 ½ c onions, chopped
01:44 3 tbsp. Bragg's Liquid Aminos
01:47 1 med green pepper, chopped or
01:49 ½ c. Soy Baco bits.
01:52 Alright now, Collard Greens right here,
01:55 Collard Greens a real Southern tradition.
01:58 Now, people in the north eat collard greens
02:00 too right. All over the place do and the
02:02 thing I think is so amazing is that people are
02:04 so used to fixing normally collard greens,
02:06 okay, with pork, okay. And a lot of time
02:10 when we try to make these changeovers to
02:11 the vegetarian diet we discover that we
02:14 don't want to look at those foods we used
02:16 to eat but because we're not sure how to
02:17 season them up right, yeah. So, that's why
02:19 they're watching this show today, okay.
02:20 Here as we're gonna show them,
02:21 they know all the stuff, they know how
02:23 to do that. We're gonna be using some
02:24 different ingredients as that maybe you've
02:26 seen before or maybe not, but I'm gonna
02:27 tell you right now these collard greens are
02:29 going to be absolutely knock down drag out
02:32 good. Okay, now knock down drag out that
02:34 means for those who are not familiar with
02:36 that type of language, explain to them,
02:37 that means good. That means real good,
02:40 that means real good, okay knock down and
02:41 drag out now know that's right,
02:43 knock down and drag out. No oink, oinking
02:44 in this one right, no and when you buy your
02:46 collard greens they have sometime already
02:48 pre torn up inside a package which is already
02:50 pre-washed ahead of time, in regards to what
02:52 they say about the pre-wash, I always
02:54 wash them again anyway just in case,
02:55 just in case. It still has some dirt in
02:57 there sometimes. Well no, but I just want to,
02:58 I wanna be, I wanna be my own okay judge
03:00 of that. Now in this we have our water
03:03 already boiling and getting ready so I am
03:04 gonna just take and what we're gonna to
03:06 do here Curtis is we got onions and also
03:08 bell peppers is the gonna go in this okay,
03:09 we need to chopped this up, and you're
03:11 gonna go ahead and chop that up and
03:12 I'm gonna just start putting the collard
03:14 greens into the pan okay. And they've
03:15 already been washed, they've already
03:17 been chopped up. Want me to start
03:18 chopping up the, yes the onion, onion first,
03:21 chop up the, yes the onion,
03:23 okay, don't we have a onion chopper,
03:24 wouldn't that be better, yes, you're the
03:25 onion chopper, didn't you know that?
03:27 No, no maybe you didn't understand my
03:28 question. No, I do understand your question.
03:30 Okay, alright I am putting these in while
03:33 Curtis chops up that onion, that's what I do.
03:35 Well, I do it manually this time, and we
03:37 always just kind of, you know it's, greens
03:41 are full of water and as a matter of fact
03:44 they have a lot of water and these are
03:45 gonna actually cook down believe it or not.
03:47 Okay, okay, we want to use a little bit
03:50 amount of water in this and also along with
03:52 that I like to put my seasonings in it and I'm
03:54 using a onion powder and a garlic powder
03:57 in the seasoning and also I'm gonna use the
04:00 Bragg's. Now you can use the Bragg's liquid
04:02 at the end or to seasoning this gonna be
04:04 like more like taking the place of the salt or
04:05 not but I'm gonna go ahead on it and put
04:07 it in the seasoning now on top.
04:09 Now, let's talk about that Bragg's liquid
04:11 Aminos that maybe new to a lot of individuals
04:13 watching this program for the first time or
04:16 maybe not familiar with Braggs liquid Aminos.
04:17 Okay, and that's exactly where what it is,
04:19 if you think of soy sauce then it's actually
04:21 like a soy sauce but it's actually made from
04:23 a protein base which is like soy also,
04:26 but it's made from protein base and some
04:28 people prefer to have the Bragg's Aminos
04:32 to soy sauce and this recipe I want that
04:35 smoke hickory flavor because we're not
04:36 using a pork and all that stuff so we got to
04:38 mimic that. That's where that southern
04:40 hospitality comes from as well. So this is
04:42 gonna start up, now that Bragg's liquid
04:43 Aminos does have less sodium than, no it has
04:45 same amount of sodium, a teaspoon for
04:47 teaspoon as light soy sauce oh it's light
04:49 soy sauce, right, right. So, it doesn't make
04:50 a difference, okay as far as that goes,
04:52 I'm gonna put this on real quick while we get
04:54 to finish up the rest of the part that Curtis
04:55 we're gonna we've got a couple of things here
04:57 number one is I have olive oil and I'm gonna
04:58 putting it also as well. Now, you don't have
05:00 to put the olive oil in, but once again in
05:02 collard greens there's some kind of oil
05:05 base we're not using any kind of foods that
05:07 you don't need to have like the pork for
05:08 instance, like I said earlier. So we're gonna
05:10 use that olive oil or you can use canola oil
05:12 in this recipe as well. And we're gonna be
05:15 using is, I am just gonna show this to you
05:16 while Curtis has chopped out of those bell
05:18 peppers up. This believe it or not it looks
05:20 just like it might be bacon bits but it's not
05:25 it's actually soy, it's smoked soy baco bits
05:28 and we're gonna put that in for that hickory
05:31 flavor at the end of our program alright.
05:34 Okay, now you can get that at health food
05:36 store or do you, regular store, you can get
05:37 that actually at any of your regular super
05:39 markets okay you can get that.
05:40 Soy baco bits, Soy baco bits. Now, what
05:43 I'm gonna do, I want to put the onions and
05:46 the bell peppers in with this also as well.
05:48 And then we're gonna just let it start
05:50 simmering down somewhat while we're moving
05:53 to the next recipe so as soon as Curtis gets
05:55 done with that. I'm gonna open this up,
05:56 so you waiting on me right, yes indeed.
05:58 I'll tell you what, we're gonna go ahead on
06:00 as a matter of fact I am not finished,
06:02 you are finished. And we're gonna just
06:03 ahead and scrape that on top then how
06:05 about that. Okay, okay and so... these go inside
06:09 yeah just like this, yeah go ahead. Okay.
06:11 We want to seasoning to get in, I am using
06:12 the spatula for this, that's fine that's fine,
06:14 I want to get that seasoning in and on top
06:16 of those greens so they can taste good alright,
06:20 alright. Now, we could move that around a
06:22 little bit, one last one okay, okay and when
06:26 they see this later on you're gonna be
06:28 surprised at how this is gonna be actually
06:29 shrink down, it's not gonna hard,
06:31 so the water and the collard greens will help
06:33 cook that? Yeah, there's water in the greens
06:35 itself, okay and then it has a water already
06:37 in my pan, okay, so this is gonna come up high,
06:40 is gonna began to actually boil and then
06:42 we're gonna turn it down low alright.
06:45 You can put that oil in like I said before at the
06:46 end because we're doing television why
06:48 don't we just go ahead on and put the
06:50 oil on that and we won't forget it later.
06:51 We're gonna go ahead and put the water in,
06:53 I hear, I hear it there making that boiling
06:54 now. Now this is on low first or high.
06:59 Well, you want to bring it to a boil first,
07:00 okay, bring out to a boil we're gonna hold
07:02 off for those to right there, okay, we're
07:04 gonna put a lid on top and I'm gonna tell
07:06 you one of the things that used to happen
07:08 I remember even though we talked about the
07:09 south I remember when you used to fix the
07:12 collard greens in north Philadelphia where I
07:14 live, and I remember a lot of people will
07:16 say things like you know collard greens are so
07:18 hard to fix it, they take a long time to cook
07:20 and they'll put soda in it because baking
07:22 soda helps to break the leaf down but it
07:24 also strips the vitamins and nutrients out of
07:27 the collard greens themselves. And because
07:29 these are earth foods, foods that Creator God
07:31 has made. We don't want to destroy our taste,
07:33 keep them intact, you have to have personality.
07:35 So do not put baking soda in the collard greens,
07:38 also one of the things I discovered too Curtis?
07:40 is that when people plant collard greens they
07:42 usually plant them in a around the middle of
07:44 the summer and then usually when the first
07:47 frost hits them the first frost it makes them
07:49 more tender and sweeter to taste alright,
07:52 okay. And so that's you're looking for, okay.
07:55 You have some most information I am so
07:57 glad I'm married to you I mean all this
07:59 information you're just bubbling over here
08:01 and I just want to appreciate that,
08:02 thank you so much. Now you know another
08:04 recipe that also is one of the foods that we
08:06 Southerners use and we use also in our
08:09 home and that is that people like stuff like
08:12 biscuits and gravy or they like steak with
08:15 gravy on top of it. Well, we have a steak
08:18 but not the one you're thinking about Susan,
08:20 we're making a mushroom steak.
08:23 I was gonna say pepper steak.
08:25 We're making a mushroom steak and this
08:26 mushroom steak is gonna be really, really
08:28 nutritious it's very, very healthy,
08:30 so we're gonna actually look at
08:31 the recipe on this one, okay.
08:35 It calls for 1 can of mushrooms,
08:37 that's a 8 oz. can. It calls for,
08:40 1 med onion, chopped
08:41 1 tbsp, McKay's Beef-style seasoning
08:45 1 c. of instant oats 1 c. of old fashion oats
08:49 1 tsp. garlic powder 1/4 tsp. of canola oil
08:54 1 can mushroom soup, 15 oz. and
08:57 ½ c. of water
08:58 2 tbsp. Vegan Parmesan alternative.
09:02 Now this is really a very good recipe.
09:05 And it takes the place of steaks per say,
09:09 we're gonna make it vegetarian style
09:10 because you know on our program
09:13 Abundant Living we do all earth foods,
09:15 from the earth, foods from the creator God
09:17 and, Abundant Living that's right,
09:18 and once again the foods that the creator
09:20 God has given us is so beautiful because we
09:22 got the green, we made the collard greens,
09:23 they're still cooking on the stove and now
09:25 we're gonna make this brown mushroom
09:27 steak and it's gonna be a brown color with
09:29 a smothered and gravy like people love when
09:31 they in the south. And then I'm not gonna
09:32 tell you right now what we're gonna do but
09:34 we are doing a special dessert on this
09:35 program as well. You have to have dessert.
09:37 Now, we have two things in here,
09:38 number one is I have one cup of instant
09:41 oats and then I have one cup of regular
09:44 old fashion oats and the instant oats is
09:46 what's gonna help to give us that coagulation
09:47 we need to have because we're not using any
09:49 eggs as you know in this product at all and
09:52 then also we're using the mushrooms and we're
09:54 gonna keep the sauce the actual liquid that
09:56 comes in with that so we can make sure
09:58 we have everything and Curtis if you will
09:59 chop that onion up for me, the onion,
10:01 it's gonna go in there as well. And this is
10:05 one of the recipes that's really good,
10:06 now we also have seasonings, but if you
10:08 notice once again we had talked about the
10:10 different kind of seasonings that's going
10:11 to go on this, and we're using onion and
10:13 garlic powder and also Curtis is doing the
10:17 chopped onions I am looking at, okay.
10:19 McKay's Beef-style seasoning which is not
10:22 really beef it's actually a mock beef that
10:24 we're actually using in this particular product
10:27 okay. You can find it, it's put out by a
10:29 company called McKay's and also there is
10:31 another couple of companies out there
10:33 too that does it as well, but these,
10:34 I understand they also put out chicken style
10:36 seasoning that's right, yeah chicken style
10:37 as well. And that's does not have any chicken,
10:39 no chicken in it whatsoever, okay, alright.
10:41 And I'm gonna go ahead on and get my
10:43 skillet ready to go by just putting in a little
10:45 bit of my olive oil or you can use canola oil
10:48 because we're gonna actually take and make
10:50 steaks out of this. And let's stir this up and
10:54 usually what I like to do is let it sit for a
10:55 little bit, so that it can mash up,
10:58 get mixed in real well and turn into the kind
11:02 of soft steaks that I actually want to make,
11:08 okay. Now Curtis when we put these
11:09 onions in, I can go ahead and cut these
11:11 onions there, right here with this,
11:12 okay yes. And, see if we got the,
11:15 I guess I can use this. No, no, okay,
11:23 that's the go ahead, put that there, okay.
11:26 I was kind of fast on the draw huh.
11:28 You was, you was moving rather,
11:29 you was moving, but that's okay.
11:30 I guess it's just been fun of me that's okay
11:32 like guess what. Just put those in there,
11:34 what we're gonna do is we're gonna give
11:37 these onions to this steak, so this is not,
11:40 this is something you don't want to do,
11:42 yeah, yeah if you saw that scratch it,
11:44 just scratch it, that's not if we want to,
11:46 that's not we want to portray,
11:47 we're gonna keep the cameras rolling but
11:48 just don't do that. Okay, okay, alright-y,
11:51 we got a couple more here. Now, there is
11:54 something goes in here I don't know what?
11:57 Burgers are gonna go with it, the burgers,
11:59 okay, so go ahead and move that around
12:00 in your pan. It's a good thing your in this
12:02 kitchen with me, honey, usually what I
12:03 do is I actually put it like I said, the instant
12:06 oats help to give us the texture we need to
12:08 have so this can stick together, and if you
12:11 find that when you're making it up there
12:13 is still not enough liquid in it. We also add
12:17 just a little bit of water we can put in
12:19 because we have the seasonings in there
12:20 also and I'm gonna tell you right now I usually
12:22 let this sit for awhile Curtis before I make
12:24 these up, but because we're on television we
12:26 don't have the time, let it gel or something
12:28 or what, not gel but it will actually stick
12:30 together, the instant oats will actually
12:33 make a gel like a texture like egg white, okay,
12:35 and it will help that burgers to stick together,
12:37 stick together, okay. And normally once again
12:39 those have been watching Abundant Living
12:41 know that we make these steaks up that
12:43 we do not just make a patty we just actually
12:47 scoop it okay. So what we're gonna do is
12:49 we're gonna take some of the patty mix
12:53 and we're gonna put it right here in the pan,
12:56 will you turn it up for me, okay, alright,
13:00 about 350 that's fine and what's gonna
13:03 happen is as they cook they're gonna stick
13:06 together, okay, got that up high,
13:11 and I hear the sizzling, you hear that sizzling
13:13 sound, I heard the sizzling. And don't be
13:16 alarmed if you think that it's not gonna
13:17 stick because I'm gonna tell you right now
13:19 it really is, there's two things you can do
13:21 with this, number one is you can put your
13:22 lid on top and that will help it to cook on the
13:27 inside, but there is something else that
13:29 we're gonna be doing with this also as well
13:31 that is after we finish everything we're gonna
13:33 put it inside, inside the oven and we're
13:36 gonna put the sauce, the sauce, if you will
13:38 let them see that we're gonna put that sauce,
13:40 which is right here, the mushroom soup,
13:42 right okay. And we're gonna put that
13:43 sauce over top of it in the oven.
13:45 Not right now, no, no, do not put that on
13:47 top of that Mr. Eakins. Yes, Mrs. Eakins,
13:49 you are excited right now I could tell,
13:51 I'm just really kind of pumped up here.
13:54 As it, as it cooks, so this is gonna actually
13:57 stay together here, it's gonna stay together.
13:58 You're gonna just take and move them
14:00 together okay. Now this is again in your
14:04 latest cookbook Global Vegetarian?
14:06 No, this is actually in our Revised; oh!
14:08 So in your Revised the first book has been
14:10 revised, the first book, okay.
14:13 Make the nice big, big burgers okay.
14:17 Now what we're gonna to do is I like to
14:21 serve this up now once again we're gonna
14:24 let this get done, I usually put the lid on
14:25 top of it, and let it simmer a little bit and
14:27 the instant oats and the old fashioned oats
14:30 along with the liquid that's in it, it's gonna
14:32 causes the form into a patty, a soft patty then
14:35 when a patty is done because it's not gonna
14:37 be done all the way through you just wanna
14:38 have that brown on both sides,
14:40 then you're gonna just put it inside of a
14:41 casserole dish and it's a 9x13 casserole dish
14:44 and what I usually do is take this,
14:46 by the way I said mushroom soup.
14:47 Now lot of, you know that most of mushroom
14:49 soups on the market have a lot of sodium
14:50 in it. So I really buy those mushroom soups
14:53 that actually have they say less salt or they
14:56 have different ones called healthy choice
14:57 they don't have any salt in it whatsoever
14:59 and I use that, now we're gonna put some
15:01 water in with it, so that it's not quite as thick
15:05 and we're gonna stir it up a little bit,
15:06 now also by the way in our Global Vegetarian
15:09 Cookbook, we have our own mushroom sauce
15:12 that we make from scratch okay, okay.
15:14 For those of who are concerned about that,
15:16 now shall we put the lid on this now?
15:18 We're gonna do, I gonna move into the next
15:19 recipe and then we're gonna put the lid on
15:21 it and what will happen is then we'll get a
15:22 chance to see this product at the end of
15:25 our program okay. But while we doing that
15:27 let me just check on our collard greens
15:29 and see how things were going,
15:31 check on the collard greens, alright.
15:32 Oh! Wow! They have cooked this down,
15:35 okay, cooked down a whole lot, where they were,
15:37 you cook these for what about maybe 40
15:39 minutes, 45 minutes 45 minutes and if the
15:42 water begins to drain out what you want to
15:44 do is you want to add little bit more water,
15:45 you want to add hot water however.
15:47 Hot water to it, not cold water, at this point
15:49 I'm gonna go ahead on and pour in
15:51 remember now I did not do my Braggs yet. I
15:53 want to go ahead and put the Bragg's liquid on
15:55 top. Now that will give the seasoning,
15:58 the hickory taste okay, hickory flavor
16:00 right. And I'm to put in for aesthetics
16:02 just to make it look like it has meat in it
16:04 we're gonna put a little bit of the soy baco
16:06 bits in it and then I'm gonna use a rest of
16:08 the for garnish okay so this is small amount.
16:11 That's purchase that you need at any major
16:13 food store, that's right that's right,
16:15 doesn't that look good, yes, okay, okay, okay.
16:17 Now, that's cooking we're gonna put a lid
16:20 on top of our mushrooms and we're gonna
16:22 go to the other part of this which is
16:24 actually our dessert for this, this evening
16:26 this program today. And that is let's look at
16:29 those ingredients. Well, it's called a
16:31 No-Bake Banana Pudding and it calls for,
16:34 2 boxes of Mori -Nu Tofu, soft,
16:37 2 tbsp of honey
16:38 1 tsp of vanilla flavoring
16:40 1 tsp of Banana flavoring.
16:43 2 pkg of Mori-Nu vanilla pudding mix
16:46 2 Bananas and 1 pkg vanilla wafers.


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