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Alzheimers Disease Pt.2

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Participants: Paula Eakins, Curtis Eakins


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Program Code: AL00137C

00:01 Well, look at that, the finished product,
00:02 this is the enchilada casserole all done up.
00:05 It looks marvelous darling,
00:06 it looks marvelous. Got the beans,
00:08 you can see the beans on the side there,
00:10 real good nutritious dish. You're tempting
00:12 all the camera crew here honey.
00:13 Good, good, good, good.. And they're ready
00:15 to go ahead. They have napkins around
00:17 their neck and fork in hand ready to go.
00:19 Now you have more opts and information,
00:20 we were asking question about the Chinese herb,
00:23 right, and that is, that the Chinese herb does
00:25 not have any side effects I want to hear
00:26 say it right. Yes, correct, over a 100,000 Chinese
00:31 have used this herb very successfully with
00:34 Alzheimer's disease in China, and so just the
00:36 matter of that information being
00:38 over here in United States.
00:39 So its already like I said before passed phase I.
00:43 Alright, okay. Dealing with the doses its side
00:45 effects there was none recorded. Phase II
00:48 is going on as we speak and phase III
00:50 will be over 1000 individuals.
00:52 There is no doubt that we will get the same
00:54 results as they have received over the years
00:56 we just need to have it in this country in
00:58 clinical journal so you will see in here more about
01:01 this as time goes on. I think that this is an
01:04 appropriate time there is lot of people
01:05 who were suffering from Alzheimer's disease
01:08 as well as individuals, who are caretakers
01:10 of individuals who have Alzheimer's,
01:11 so let's lift them up in prayer. Okay,
01:14 let's do that, honey. Alright.
01:15 Thank you Father, so much for all your doing
01:17 in our lives and we ask that you would be the
01:19 caretakers and those individuals that might be
01:21 suffering from Alzheimer's, Lord, we know
01:23 there is gonna come a time we won't have to
01:24 worry about any of this anymore.
01:26 We are asking You just to be with us in a
01:27 special way, be with each and everyone,
01:29 be with 3ABN and bless us continuously as we pray
01:32 in Jesus name and for his sake. Amen, amen.
01:35 Alright, this has been a wonderful program
01:37 and we feel very excited about this program
01:40 because it has reached epidemic proportions,
01:42 of course any celebrity have disease of course
01:46 it's gonna to reach center stage, of course
01:50 Ronald Reagan with that disease so that's
01:52 why we've decide to have this program in two parts.
01:54 We just couldn't get it all in one part.
01:56 So we must close but as always John 10:10,
02:00 Jesus said, I come that they might have life
02:04 and have it more abundantly.


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